Blog Writing Services: Why BKA Content Is Right for You

by | Apr 10, 2020 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

Blog Writing Services: Why BKA Content Is Right for You

by | Apr 10, 2020 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

SEO and blogs are the new way to publicize. This blog post from Content Marketing Institute colorfully explains how the world of marketing and selling has changed. It also demonstrates the importance of powerful, well-written blogs to any company, large or small. Great blogs that boost your business take time, energy, and skill.

If you cannot dedicate yourself to researching, writing, and publishing posts regularly, it may be time for you to consider outsourcing this work. Many successful professionals do so, and blog writing services have become a vital part of today’s business-scape.


Blog Writing Matters, so Outsource With Care

Hiring out blog writing is a big decision. Blogs published in your name should reflect your personality and overall company philosophy and mission. Powerful blogs strengthen your business in a variety of ways:

  • Bolster your online presence — A good blog gets your name before the eyes of the public and, if crafted with strong writing and SEO best practices in mind, can earn you higher search engine rankings and valuable backlinks from reputable sources.
  • Build a digital persona — An important part of marketing is setting your products or services apart from the competition. A well-written blog helps you establish an individual online personality that people will come to know through regularly published posts.
  • Establish yourself as an expert in your niche — Research is important for effective blog writing because you can set yourself up as an industry expert. Provide unique, fresh information that gives readers genuine value for their time. People will begin to consider you a reliable source of helpful data.
  • Form connections with current and potential customers — Blogs give readers the chance to comment directly on your content. Responding to comments from people, whether current customers or potential buyers, is an effective way to build bridges with consumers and create the sense of a relationship. Personal investment is an important part of succeeding in the modern digital marketing environment.

With so much at stake, you want to be sure your blog posts are in the hands of people just as committed to what they do as you are to your business. You want to work with people who maintain schedules, fulfill delivery times, understand SEO, produce outstanding original material, and provide honest business services.


The Art of Blogging


Copywriting Services

Creating a sparkling yet useful blog that brings long-term benefits is more than just another item on your to-do list. A good blog post must be crafted carefully to blend statistics and facts with wordplay and lilting prose. Blogs that work are carefully sculpted from research and talent.

Blogs are complicated. Including the right elements and using best practices can greatly amplify your blog’s positive impacts on potential customers. Internet marketing guru Neil Patel says you should measure various aspects involved in creating and writing a good blog, including how much you know about your relevant subjects and where your strongest skills lie. You also need to consider what your customers and potential clients want to know.

Whether you are new to SEO blog writing services, lack the time to create a strong online presence, or simply prefer to outsource blog writing to a dedicated content company, BKA Content can help.

We have been crafting quality content and blog writing services since 2009, so we understand how the digital market has evolved. We also believe in providing excellent customer service in individualized ways, because each company and client has specific needs that a one-size-fits-all service cannot meet. BKA Content’s unique approach to company operations and content creation makes us the right choice for outsourcing your blogs and other content.


Flexible Ordering

Options are good. BKA Content gives you multiple ways to order custom content:

  • Self-service — Our self-service ordering is ideal for small-scale projects and companies that do not require large numbers of content. We make ordering online quick and easy. You choose the items you need and send us the directions for your content, and we provide a fast turnaround on quality, original copy. Everything on your task list should be this easy.
  • Managed services — Our managed ordering process offers solid benefits to agencies, businesses ordering large numbers of content, and companies with a need for high-volume ecommerce product descriptions. We offer volume discounts and tailored turnaround times, all arranged through an account manager. You’ll also get a dedicated team of writers assigned to your projects.

When you outsource blog writing, the process should be efficient and transparent. With BKA Content, we understand how business works, and we make our ordering process fast and easy. We state our prices up front so you know what your customized content will cost, and when you place an order for blog writing services, we will get right to work.


Dedicated Account Managers To Guide SEO Blog Writing Services


Account Managers

In today’s fast-paced business climate, time is money. Poorly managed digital marketing strategies can waste needless hours. When you outsource blog writing, you save time and are freed to use your expertise to build up other aspects of your business.

Many companies and individuals offer managed services, but do some research before making a purchase. Just like with any other aspect of business, when you purchase blog writing services, you want a good return on your investment.

BKA Content has dedicated account managers, so you will have a human point of contact within the company. The manager with whom you’ll interact will lead a team of writers she or he knows well, making it easy for us to set customized deadlines on bulk orders and to provide solid scalability. Your account manager works with you on orders and deliveries. We make SEO blog writing services accessible, affordable, and efficient.


Specialized Writing Teams

When you choose blog writing services at BKA Content, your order gets individualized treatment from our trained writers. We have an organized company structure, and our writers work on specialized teams that focus on producing specific types of content.

BKA Content is on the front lines of the new team mindset as the approach to 21st century business operations. You will not deal directly with our writers, but rest assured that a skilled, experienced individual will write your pieces based on your needs and requirements.


Experienced American Writers

When you outsource blog writing to BKA Content, we’ll do everything we can to give you content you’re happy with. We carefully check writers before they are ever allowed to accept any assignments, and we do not source foreign writers — all of our writers are American.

This is an important point, because your business deserves individualized attention and the best quality. Not everyone can produce a blog that will give you profitable long-term results. Even if someone is a good writer, that does not mean she or he can produce good blog posts. Efficacious blogs must be well-written, certainly, but they have to offer real value or nobody will read or share them.

Blog writing is an invaluable part of your overall SEO strategy, which should include producing evergreen content and refreshing previously published posts for use on multiple platforms.

In turn, these platforms can produce valuable publicity, brand awareness, and backlinks for you. With SEO blog writing services from native, expert language speakers and users, you get not only quality writing but thoughtful inclusion of keywords surrounded by meaningful information that adds true worth to your content for consumers and search engines.


Important Resources

BKA Content takes good content and business seriously. We offer important resources to help you make informed content decisions. Are you unsure about outsourcing? Check out our thought-provoking guide on whether you should use an in-house writer or outsource the work. Do you need product descriptions? We are ecommerce experts. Are your keywords falling flat? We partner with SEMrush to make annual memberships affordable.

Blog Writing Resources

Our blog is also a helpful source of information on subjects ranging from SEO marketing advice to news to grammar refreshers. You can order blog writing services from many sources, but not everyone provides professional tools and guides that demystify the process of acquiring the solid content you need to grow your business.


Dedicated Service When You Outsource Blog Writing to Us

BKA Content does nothing but content creation. Whether you need product descriptions, articles, websites, or blogs, we’ll write it. Our blog writing services can help you build your company’s online reputation. You can specify what keywords you want included, how you want them used, and any other special instructions to meet your needs.

Our dedication to our industry also expands into our community, where we sponsor and participate in a variety of programs and events to benefit others. When you outsource SEO blog writing services, it is good to work with content specialists who are as passionate about quality and commitment as you are. This is where BKA Content shines.


Maximized SEO Strategies

A company blog is more than something you publish on your website just because all your competitors have one. There are specific ways you can capitalize on your blog. One of the most important ways is using SEO well and wisely.

If you do not enjoy research or if you lack the time to seek out information above and beyond your experiential knowledge of digital marketing, consider outsourcing professional blog writing services to a reliable content creation firm.

Company blogs, if written well using SEO best practices and if published regularly, are an excellent opportunity to amplify the earning capabilities of your current marketing strategies and to reach additional consumers.

BKA Content can be your marketing partner, providing SEO blog writing services and other types of material. We have done it for big-name companies, and we can do it for you.


Transparent Copyright Jurisdictions

Outsourcing SEO blog writing does not mean you sacrifice the rights to material published on your blog. Pay attention to agreements from potential blog authors, including freelancers. Copyright jurisdictions should be clearly stated before any work begins.

If you outsource blog writing services, you want to buy content classified as “work for hire.” This means that you, not the person who wrote the content, are legally considered to be the author. BKA Content sells original material cataloged as “work for hire,” so you can rest easy knowing that you’ll pay one low price for customized content that is yours. Period.


Benefits of Partnering With a Blog Writing Company

If you choose to hire blog services from individual freelance writers, be prepared to spend time checking references and talking to candidates before hiring anyone. After all, your business blog is an essential part of your digital marketing plans, and you should be careful about who writes it.

You will need to set deadlines and stay in touch with writers to make sure your content is delivered on time. You will also have to manage quality, as well as review and possibly edit all material before you publish it.

To be effective, you need to publish fresh, original posts offering genuine value regularly. Your blog posts also should be lengthy. Neil Patel explains why posts 3000 words and longer get more views than shorter posts.

blog writing services

On the other hand, working with a fully managed and experienced content creation firm such as BKA Content frees you from the onus of making sure that outsourced blog posts meet your schedule and your exacting standards. You can quickly and easily order small numbers of blog posts yourself or work with a knowledgeable account manager to order large quantities of content.

Explain exactly what you need, and BKA Content’s writers get to work straightaway, freeing you to use your experience to run your company. We save you time, money, and energy. We make getting the content you need easy and even fun, which lessens professional tension and makes expanding your business that much easier.

Content over 3,000 words in length 📝 gets on average over 5,500 shares 📬 and 11+ domain links⛓. Generally speaking, the longer your content, the more valuable it is. #ContentMarketing Click To Tweet


Quantifying a Blog’s Effectiveness

You must be able to measure how much your blog is helping your company. To determine the true worth of your blog, consider it as a long-term investment rather than a quick way to boost sales. You now have access to many tools to help you determine blog metrics, but you need to set clear goals before publishing your first post to be able to truly measure a blog’s efficacy in your overall marketing plan. Here’s how:

  • Be responsive — If you want to pull in new readers and form relationships with current customers, watch for the numbers of readers, followers, and blog page views. Respond in a timely manner to new comments on your posts. One response can put a personal touch on your entire company in the minds of current and potential customers. It is a simple act that can build bridges.
  • Know the numbers — If your goal is to raise brand awareness through your blog, examine the number of email signups, RSS feed subscribers, page views, and media links on a regular basis, such as weekly or monthly.
  • Watch click throughs — If you desire increased sales from your blog, study the number of click throughs to your website.

Your blog’s worth to you is ultimately determined by how well it helps you reach your specific goals. Professional writing services from BKA Content ease professional pressure because you can set your targets, tell us what you need, and go back to work. We deliver your unique content on time with no hidden costs or surprising contract clauses.


The Importance of Strong Blog Writing

As the focus in marketing shifts from seller-driven paid advertising to personalized, consumer-focused information sharing, the importance of a strong blog grows exponentially every quarter, if not each month.

Statistics show that companies focusing on blogging as their main marketing element are about 13 times more likely to have a positive ROI. Both established corporations and entrepreneurial startups are choosing to outsource writing due to the growing importance of relevant, well-written blog posts in overall company success.

outsource your blog for results


Quality Concerns About Outsourced Writing

If you have never outsourced content creation before, the entire procedure might seem mysterious, and you may have concerns about receiving poor-quality work.

BKA Content has proven controls in place to ensure the content you receive is of the highest quality and is based upon your individual specifications.

Ordering with us is easy, whether you want to do it yourself or work with an account manager on a large batch. We are dedicated professionals, and your content is our only focus.


Keep Operations Running Smoothly

If you are trying to make the decision about whether to outsource content, do not wait until your company is struggling or you are in a professional predicament.

Set clear goals for your entire marketing plan and build a company blog into it from the beginning, then talk to BKA Content. Let us do the research and writing for you.

Working with content professionals shows you understand time management well and know how to delegate tasks, all in the interests of strengthening your professional position.


Experienced Blog Writers Are the Right Choice

Choosing BKA Content to write your blog and other digital material is a good choice for many reasons. We are experienced professionals dedicated to producing great content. That is what we do. We vet our American writers carefully and train them. We also have strict in-house quality control from detail-oriented editors. This means the work you receive from us is not only rich in significant information but also grammatically correct.

Once you place your order with us, we systematically distribute assignments. Account managers set internal deadlines and keep in touch with writers. We handle all of the logistics of content creation, freeing you to concentrate on what you do best.


Make the Most of Your Blog Content

An effective way to get the most out of your blog posts is to ensure they are evergreen. When you order from BKA Content, you can specify that the content be optimized for search engines and written to stay fresh over a long period of time. You content can be crafted in ways to keep it from growing dated quickly. When you tell us you want evergreen content, we give it to you.

Evergreen Blog Content

To keep older evergreen content fresh for re-publishing, we can add relevant new information based on recent developments in your industry. There are many great ways to energize older material. You can add videos, how-to advice, and tips, as well as rework the content into a popular format known as a listicle.

In addition to delivering evergreen copy, BKA Content can also help you with refreshing older posts. Tell us what you want when you order, and we will rewrite your content to create something meaningful and new. We are here to make your life simpler by delivering high-quality content when you need it.


Great Blog Writing Services Without the Stress

Outsourcing your blog to BKA Content is a sound business decision. It leaves you free to flex your professional muscles and carry out important daily tasks for your company while we write your content, which is our strength.

We take the guesswork and worry out of making the most of your marketing plan by publishing an outstanding blog, because we deliver unique copy to you on time. We can help you build a striking online image that earns attention and prompts click throughs, one blog post at a time.

Contact BKA Content today to discuss your needs and what we can do to help you achieve your goals through our blog writing services.

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