Is It Time To Outsource Blog Writing? 10 FAQs You Should Ask

by | Jan 17, 2020 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

Is It Time To Outsource Blog Writing? 10 FAQs You Should Ask

by | Jan 17, 2020 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

Running a business is a big undertaking. Managing every facet of operations can be daunting, especially in areas out of your professional comfort zone. Digital marketing plans are imperative in this internet age, and blogs have become a huge part of these strategies. As the digital world revolves faster each day, it may be time for your company to outsource blog writing to professionals.




The Far-Reaching Impact of Good Blog Writing

A succinct, analytical definition of a blog describes it as an internet document set up in the form of an ongoing diary with the most recent entries listed first. However, its role is far more complicated and important than that makes it seem. Digital marketing guru Neil Patel describes blogging as a long-term relationship that, if constantly maintained, can yield rewards—lots of them:


Blogs increase brand awareness. When you post quality content regularly—at a minimum weekly—your brand becomes more recognizable to potential customers. Blogs are prime areas for using SEO tactics such as including strong keywords to boost your rankings in Search Engine Results Pages. The higher you are ranked, the easier it is for search engine users to find you in the busy world of the internet.

You can use blog posts to explain your product or service, describe how it works, and offer suggestions for the best ways to utilize it. The more people know about your brand and what it offers, the more likely they will be to remember it and think of it the next time they are ready to make a purchase.


Blogs help build an online persona. A blog allows you to set yourself up as a knowledgeable expert in your specific niche. Craft your posts well and keep them rich with details and unique information that readers will not find from other sources. Give your audience value and a reason to keep coming back, reading the content you publish, and sharing that content with others. Be sure to respond in a timely manner to comments, questions, and complaints. When people feel they are considered important and their communication matters to you, they are more likely to develop a sense of loyalty to you and your brand.


Blogs aid in promoting products and services. Customers and potential new clients enjoy unique and interesting ways to interact with you, such as contests, games, and special promotions. They also appreciate informative events such as question-and-answer sessions. Your blog can be the perfect platform for this back-and forth by including links to contests and promotions and providing space for comments and discussion.

Consider posting interviews you conduct with experts in your specialized area or do regular posts of FAQs you get from customers and answer these common inquiries for everyone. These sorts of posts offer readers added value and can help build an audience and expand the one you may already have.


Blogs drive traffic to other pages on your website. Blogs can provide a natural segway to other areas of your website. The longer visitors stay on your website, commonly called the Average Session Length, the more successfully you are engaging them. Interested people may return to your website, which is another sign of success. These people also may share your website with others and eventually become customers. A good blog provides a great way to tell people what they will find on your website and make it easy for them to reach areas that interest them with relevant links.


Blogs can help build backlinks from external sites. For this to work to your benefit, you need to communicate with other website owners who offer services or products related to your own. Build a relationship with them and ask them to link back to your website from theirs. A link of this sort is called a backlink. When a successful website owner links back to your site, this helps your search engine rankings and can lead to increased traffic and potentially to new sales.



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Why Outsource Blog Writing?

Business managers and owners make an effort to bring in dedicated content professionals because they understand some of the points discussed above. Bottom line: high-quality blog posts published regularly bring the best results. If you are not experienced with current best practices, or if you do not have time for producing well-written, thought-provoking, search-engine-optimized pieces, it may be time to contract this work out.

Hiring an individual or content company with writing and search engine optimization expertise to produce blog material for you can be an important part of a sound business plan. Content veterans with time to research and carefully craft pieces in line with your business persona can help you achieve important sales goals without demanding more of your time.



10 FAQ's to ask when outsourcing blog writing

10 FAQ’s To Ask When Outsourcing Blog Writing

Setting up and maintaining a quality blog that is an asset to your business takes time, skill, and focused expertise. If you do not know a backlink from a browser, you may want to outsource blog content. Here are 10 of the most important questions to ask before you do:


1. How much does a blog post cost?

The cost of outsourcing blog content varies greatly. The axiom “you get what you pay for” generally holds true here. Frequently, the less money you spend, the poorer the quality of writing you will get. Opting for the cheapest you might find –$5 per blog post, for example– means that you risk the chance of poorly researched, quickly crafted content. This is especially common if you work with writers whose first language is not English.

On the other hand, you could also spend as much as $2,000 per post. For this amount, you would expect extremely high quality articles customized to your site and brand voice. The posts should include information based upon time-consuming research and perhaps interviews, and will be focused on helping you achieve your specific business goals.

Fortunately, however, the norm often falls somewhere between these extremes. If you outsource work to a reputable content company that vets and trains their writers effectively, you can generally expect to get great individual blog posts for between $20 and $125, depending upon the post length and information depth you desire.


2. How do I hire a blog writer?

When you outsource blog writing, it is essential to find a skilled person to produce your content. You want to work with someone who has a style you like and who understands what you are trying to achieve. Neil Patel describes three important steps for hiring contract blog writers.

  • Set clear, reachable goals
  • Advertise your need and find potential applicants
  • Interview applicants and choose the most qualified individuals

Locating the best contract professionals for your needs is a vital part of outsourcing blog content. It also takes a lot of time and effort. An experienced content writing company employs many writers, making it more likely for you to find someone whose style fits your goals and preferences in a timely manner.


3. Does a good blog really matter?

In short, yes. Blogs are excellent vehicles for SEO and backlinks, which can improve your search engine rankings. According to statistics from Hubspot, about 55% of business professionals rate blogging as their most important marketing tool. Orbit Media published findings from another enlightening survey showing that about 64% of business-to-business marketers contract their blogs out to professionals. If you decide to outsource your blog posts, you will be in good company.


4. Do I risk getting lower quality work by outsourcing?

Not necessarily. If you want to outsource blog content, be aware that not all freelance contractors are equal. There are specific ways you can ensure you find experienced, talented professionals to work with on creating your blog posts. When you partner with a high-quality content writing company as opposed to negotiating with an individual, you will be working with professionals who already have quality control methods in place to ensure writers focus on your goals and meet your requirements.

You need high-quality, original copy in your regular postings, but you can also refresh older posts and republish them. Many professionals have success with this strategy. To keep information in your blog relevant for longer, you can specifically order new posts that are “evergreen,” meaning they do not contain specific dates or information that becomes quickly outdated. You need to work with a writer who understands this tactic.


5. How long should a blog post be?

In addition to the frequency of your blog posts, another point to consider is the length of each post. Neil Patel points out that longer blog posts get better results. Today’s consumers are savvy and smart. They want useful information and helpful links, and they want them framed within blog posts of 2,500 words or longer. Writing high-quality long-form blog posts takes time, talent, and hard work. You must include interesting, pertinent information gleaned from research and your own experience and present it in an engaging way that keeps people reading. If you doubt whether you can carry out these quality-driven strategies on your own, consider contracting with a respected content writing firm to do them for you.


6. How do I know if the blogs are helping my business?

Blogs are an integral part of a content marketing campaign, which you undertake for long-term results rather than quick fixes. That being said, however, you can look at specific metrics to help you judge your outsourced blog’s performance. The aspects you examine depend upon what you want to measure.

  • Do you want to increase awareness? Look at page views, followers and readers, email and RSS feed signups, and media links.
  • Do you want to get more sales? Consider registrations and click throughs to your website.
  • Do you want to attract new readers and interact with your audience? Pay attention to page views, comments and discussions, likes, how long readers stay on your site, and how frequently readers share your posts.

Sharing is an important indicator of audience interest. When people share your blogs, you benefit in three important ways. First, you get an audience you might not normally reach yourself; secondly, you get free marketing, as it were; and finally, your voice increasingly becomes authoritative in your particular specialty, which boosts your reputation. Staying aware of the general reaction to your blog posts through tracking specific results can help you tweak your strategy to reach both short- and long-term goals.


7. Will I have legal rights to outsourced content?

You should, but you need to pay attention to what your agreement says. If you do not determine this detail ahead of time, you could run into trouble later, especially if working with individuals or a group of freelancers without a definite policy on copyright ownership.

When you outsource blog writing to a reputable content creation firm, however, such companies are often clear about copyright jurisdictions. You want to buy work categorized as “made for hire,” which considers you rather than the writer as the legal author.


8. Can outside content providers capture my professional personality?

Yes, if you are clear about your expectations and provide specific guidelines up front. When you decide to outsource blog posts, the more information you provide the freelance writer or the content company about how you want to appear to readers and what your goals are, the better the results you will get.

As the saying goes, “Nothing comes from nothing,” and this is true with outsourced blogs. If the writer has nothing to go on, the results may not be what you want. You are, after all, the expert on your company, brand, and product or service. Giving writers basic information is like laying the foundation for them. They can then creatively build upon this base to craft fresh content that entices readers.


9. When is the best time to start outsourcing blog posts?

Rather than waiting until you get in a bind or even teeter upon a crisis, consider outsourcing blog content as a tool you use to help your company grow stronger. Contracting your blog writing out to professionals frees up time and energy to let you focus on growing your business.

According to a study published on, about 90% of firms surveyed said outsourcing was vital to their growth. This is not a mere trend or a simple strategy that might help you get ahead. Contracting work out to skilled professionals is how business is done now.


10. Are there guidelines for quality blog writing?

There are best practices in the content writing industry, so familiarize yourself with the standards reputable freelancers should follow when you outsource blog posts to them.

However, if you work with a trustworthy content writing company, they have already set high standards, and the writers working for that company will adhere to its principles of excellence. Working with a reliable content firm to develop your blog removes stress—in this area, at least—and makes your life easier.


Managing the Outsourcing Process

If you work with individual freelancers privately when you outsource blog content, it is best to set up a team within your company to oversee them. This includes making sure deadlines are met and the content quality is consistently high. It is also important to put checks in place to prevent issues with plagiarism. Plagiarism can harm you in multiple ways, including hurting your search engine rankings, not to mention your company’s reputation.

Another plus of working with a strong content creation firm: This process is managed for you. Account managers will oversee assignment distribution, set deadlines, and keep in contact with writers working on your project. This lets you breathe easier and frees up your internal resources for other activities.


Great Content Without the Hassle

When you outsource blog posts, you free yourself and other employees to focus on areas of your business where your expertise can shine. Partnering with a highly regarded content creation firm means you can do what you know best and trust that knowledgeable writers will produce copy that meets and exceeds your expectations.

BKA Content carefully evaluates and thoroughly trains every writer in our ranks. We work hard to provide great content that helps you meet your business goals. Contact us for more information about how we can write blog posts that get you noticed in a good way.

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