How To Integrate YouTube Into Your Content Marketing Strategy

by | Jun 7, 2016 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

How To Integrate YouTube Into Your Content Marketing Strategy

by | Jun 7, 2016 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

Content Marketing today is nothing like it was 20 years ago. Marketers now have to manage multiple social media presences, blogs, apps, email lists and more. While this may seem overwhelming, there are also huge advertising benefits that can be found in each outlet you utilize. One very important tool to use is YouTube. While the site is home to thousands of viral sensations, any company can build a successful YouTube content campaign to grow their business with a few simple strategies.

Why YouTube?

While video advertising seems to lend itself naturally to some industries, there are other types of businesses that may seem less likely to benefit from this type of marketing. The fact is, though, that almost every company can grow their audience and create excitement about their product with YouTube. It may take a little creativity at first, but once you get the hang of it, the video ideas can seem to naturally expand and snowball from each other. Also, videos allow you to convey emotion and experience that is impossible to create in any other marketing medium. Some users prefer to watch and listen to information rather than reading it, and a visual setting can allow you to explain and demonstrate things that are confusing in the written word.

Create Quality Content

YouTube content is just like any other form of marketing and the basic rules apply here as well: your content has to be good. Well-thought out, fully-developed, targeted material will hold and attract viewers, while weak content will discourage them. Most marketers now realize that posting free content online is an effective way to create value for your clients and potential customers, so don’t be afraid to give away some good information for free. Doing so will not only set you apart as an authority, but it’s also required in order to stay vital in the YouTube world.

Optimize Keywords

When you think of titles for your video, don’t forget to apply keyword optimization on this site just as you do in your normal SEO content strategy. The right keyword will allow users to search and find your video amongst the thousands of segments already on the site. Here are the steps for finding the best keywords for your title:

  • Create multiple keyword titles. Think broad and cover all the bases that your video could be about to make it more searchable. For example, “Kindergarten Number Games to Improve Your Child’s Confidence” includes many different possible keywords to make it appear in several searches.
  • Include the year. Often, when people search for something, they want time relevant information, so including the year will give you a better chance at being found by those searching for recent videos.
  • Add more descriptive words. Don’t just say, “Ninja vs. Blendtec,” say, “Comparison of Ninja vs. Blendtec for Best Kitchen Blender of 2015.” Many users will include these words in searches so you should have them in your title. “How To…” and “Top Three…” are also other options you could use depending on the content of your video.

You can also use general keyword search tools to find out important words that can be worked into your titles to make your video show up in general Google searches as well.

Encourage Subscriptions

One of the best ways to get your product’s name out there and keep it fresh in viewers’ minds is to get each user to subscribe and be notified of new videos every time you post. Some companies offer incentives, such as special coupon codes for subscribing or contests once a certain number of subscriptions is reached. Having a user follow you will greatly increase the chance that they will see new content and remember your business when they need it, making the extra effort to gain subscriptions worth your time.

Ideas for Content

The most difficult, yet fun, part of the process can be the video creation. Before you begin, define exact objectives and what you want to achieve. The goals you determine will have a huge influence on what kind of videos you produce. Here are some possibilities to consider:

  • How-to’s: Some of the most popular clips on YouTube are how-to segments. Things that are difficult to understand on paper may make more sense when someone visually shows you how to do something. This can apply to almost any business, but may require you to think outside the box.
  • Webinars: Advances in technology have made it possible to have an interactive session with your audience via a webinar. This can be incredibly useful in finding out what your followers really care about and how you can improve their experience.
  • Special Guests: Inviting a special guest can benefit you in two ways. First, there’s a new face to look at and different opinions to hear. Second, if you choose a guest who already has a large following, you’ll have exposure to an entirely new group of users.
  • Backstage and sneak peeks: If you have an upcoming product promotion, giving your audience exclusive information and footage can create a sense of intimacy and loyalty as well as build excitement.

There are thousands of ways you can use videos in your content marketing strategy. Another way to generate ideas is to take a look at competitor’s YouTube channels to see what types of clips are working within your industry.

As you create content for your audience, keep in mind that the information needs to be relevant, useful, entertaining, unique and valuable in order for viewers to stay interested. Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to YouTube content that can grow your presence as well as your company.

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