SEO Content Guidelines: 5 Tips for Creating High-Quality Content

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I get asked all of the time about the things that writers can do to help their SEO content writing stand out from the saturated internet content landscape.  While I can think of several things, I thought I would come up with a “readers digest” version of a few tips that writers can use to make their content really stand out.  Again, this isn’t an end-all list, but doing the following things will help the search engines, as well as the readers, to pick your content out from a crowd.


1. Write for a Reader, not for an Algorithm

In my day to day responsibilities, I’m continually shocked by potential clients that call and ask if we “spin” content or “keyword stuff” here at BKA.  While the majority of the SEO community knows that these things get you nowhere, there apparently is a large majority of the industry that hasn’t come to grips with the change that has happened post Panda and Penguin.  While it is important to have some keyword usage within your writing, don’t make the mistake of focusing the entire writing of your content around a search algorithm.  Instead, focus your writing around the person who will be reading it.

The main reason for this is that you will get much more SEO benefit from a content piece that people enjoy and share.  I know that many SEO agencies are continuing to have a hard time shifting into this new SEO paradigm, but the sooner you accept the fact that Google is trying to single out more user-friendly content, the sooner you will start seeing much more SEO content success.


2. Build Authority

While random SEO content pieces can still provide value, it is important to also give your company a voice of authority.  This means that you should give yourself credit on content pieces using the “rel=author” tag to link with the author’s Google+ account. By building authority, it can create a following of readers who are interested in what a specific author has to say.

Many companies are scared to this because they don’t want to be judged for their work, but one indicator of high-quality content is that the author stands by their writing whether people agree with them or not.  Having authors who genuinely take credit for their work is a great way to increase the quality of the content that is written.

3. Eliminate Writing Mistakes

Nothing turns off a reader more than bad spelling and grammar.  When these types of mistakes exist in content, it tells the reader that the author didn’t read through it, thus the author didn’t feel like it was very worth while to share.

Now I know people make mistakes, but there is a difference between a typo or two in a piece of SEO content, and multiple serious grammar mistakes within an article.  Double check your content, run a spell checker, and get a second pair of eyes to read it over before you share it with the world.


4. Come up With Something New

New ideas, or new ways to think about something are a great way to show your audience that you truly gave your content subject matter some thought.

If a reader knows that you thought about something for a long time in order to present information in a new way, they will be more apt to give your content the attention that it deserves.

5. Interact With Your Content

I absolutely hate it when I see a piece of popular content on the internet that garners hundreds of comments from readers, but not one response from the author.  If you truly value your content, you should interact with those that object or agree with it.  If you have a piece of content that gets a response from your reader base, do the world a favor and interact with a simple comment.

Now I know that there are many other factors to take into consideration when trying to write high-quality SEO content, but these 5 tips are a great start.  What are some tips that you consider should be used in order to produce high-quality content?  Share in the comment section below.

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