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When It Comes to SEO Content Creation, You’ve Got Challenges

We’ve been in business since 2009. In the content creation world, that’s wise old man status. We’ve seen a few things and have been around the block a few times. Think of us like Gandalf, Dumbledore, or even Miyagi.
After working with thousands of SEO agencies, one thing is clear: Agencies are faced with some unique challenges when it comes to delivering high-quality content in bulk to their clients. Let’s look at a few challenges digital marketing agencies face:

Time Constraints

You’ve got things to care of like deadlines, client expectations, projects, and employees, just to name a few. Finding the time to write quality SEO content can be a significant challenge.

Keeping Up With SEO Trends

You need to be constantly up-to-date on the latest changes in search algorithms, content formats, and keyword optimization trends to produce SEO content that is relevant and effective.

Managing Multiple Writers

When you hire multiple freelance writers, you become the account manager. The SEO writers lean on you for timelines, a process, feedback, revisions and payment. It’s exhausting just thinking about it!

Overseeing Quality Control

Your clients expect high-quality, error-free content. This requires quality writing as well as editing, proofreading and great attention to detail.


Hiring SEO content writers is expensive! That’s why many agencies outsource their content. On average, digital agencies save 30% by outsourcing to BKA Content.

Lack of Variety

SEO agency clients often require a variety of content, from blog posts and articles to social media posts and email marketing campaigns. You need a team that can tackle it all.

“BKA Content feels like an extension of our company and works seamlessly with everyone on the team.”

-Nick D., iOVA Communications

Our SEO Content Services Include

Unlimited flexibility and organization for complex writing projects, high-volume needs, and integrated content creation processes. 



We have perfected the process of scaling writing teams to meet volume and turn-time demands.

Flexible Ordering

Order anything you need whenever you want to with our easy-to-use and flexible ordering process.

Custom Products

Need something outside of our Pro or Standard quality tiers? No problem! We can customize anything that you need.

Account Manager

Save time, effort, and money by having one point of contact that takes care of everything.


You can depend on us to get consistent high-quality SEO content and services without disruption.


We can integrate with your current processes, and even take some of them over to save you time and money.

High-Quality Writers

We hand-pick and vet all of our SEO writers and editors to ensure the highest quality. All writers are US based.

SEO Optimization

All content is SEO optimized according to current best practices to ensure maximum performance.


Writing in-house is expensive. We are an affordable option when it comes to SEO content creation.

Have a large, one-time project? Contact us for a quote.

blog articles for SEO


From legal to automotive and software to apparel, we’ve pretty much written about it all.

Your dedicated account manager will hand-select the SEO writing team members with the most experience in your specific vertical. We will have multiple touchpoints through the setup process to ensure we are nailing the tone, style, and industry verbiage, as well as any specific formatting/keyword guidelines you have.

With over 100 industries we’ve written for, we’ve most likely done work in your vertical. Give us a shout and let’s do a few test runs!

“We’ve tried many other SEO content writing companies and we’ve had the best experience with BKA Content.”

Sean M., Amplio Digital


The numbers don’t lie. Our writing teams will handle all of your SEO content creation and ensure you have a seamless experience so you can focus on other important things, like growing your digital marketing agency or business.

SEO Writing for Agencies


Our SEO content has a 99.7% acceptance rate from our clients. Quality is key!


All of our web page writers are based in the US and are native English speakers.


On average, our clients save 30% when outsourcing content creation to BKA Content.


We consistently write nearly one million words per week across a number of different SEO content types!

How Our Agency Writing Services Work


  • Determine monthly payment
  • Sign an SOW
  • Setup payment


  • Meet management team
  • Set up order sheet/integrations
  • Create SEO content products


  • Test products and expectations
  • Adjust to ensure consistency
  • Identify best method of communication
  • Finalize product pricing


  • Build writing team
  • Set continuous feedback loop
  • Managed Quality control

SEO Content Quality Options

We offer two different content quality options for you to choose from when ordering content writing:

Pro Content

High-level SEO content written by expert writers. This level of writing is perfect for any business, but a must-have for more technical industries such as legal, financial, medical or B2B.

Standard Content

Mid-level SEO content written by standard writers. Can be a great fit for non-technical businesses that are easy to understand. Meant for a general audience.

agency writing services



We have partnered with small agencies trying to scale as well as large fortune 500 companies. Each company has its own set of challenges and specific guidelines for SEO content creation and we are up to the task!

Each one of our agency clients receives a custom style guide to match tone, style, and brand.

The first month of working with us is a calibration phase where we ensure we’ve nailed the specifics. Once that is done, it’s go time!

"They feel like an extension of our company and work seamlessly with everyone on the team."

Vincent T.

Comp Digital

"Responsiveness, quality content, and receptive to feedback!"

Jaimie M.

Net Reputation

Easy to work with, high-quality writing and competetive pricing. One of best decisions we've made is to work with BKA Content."


Lorenzo P.

Edge-Up Marketing

"I've really enjoyed working with BKA and I've found the process to be very smooth."

Jessica S.


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Agency Writing Services FAQ

Do I own the content once it's delivered to me?

Yes! Once the content is delivered, you own all of the rights to that content.

Are there any topics you won't write about?

Yes. We DO NOT write content about adult content, sex, or violence.


Do I speak with the writers directly?

No. We provide an account manager to give you one point of contact for all of your content writing needs.


Do you publish the content?

We can! Typically, we send you the SEO content to publish yourself in any way that you see fit. However, we do offer custom posting solutions.

How do revisions work?

If there are multiple spelling/grammar errors, or the SEO article content is off base from initial instructions, we will provide a free revision. Other revisions are subject to a revision fee.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. After we’ve received written notice, a cancelation will go into effect following the end of the current billing cycle.

How is content delivered?

Typically, we will deliver SEO content via Google Docs through shared Google Folders. We can tailor this process to fit your needs.