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From luxury vegan skincare recommendations to honest cosmetics reviews, the beauty content writing team at BKA Content knows how to speak to your target audience and make every word count. We are passionate about generating unique content in the ever-expanding beauty industry and love to help companies create an online presence that will stand out among the competition.

Just as a successful eyeshadow palette needs pigment, a successful beauty website needs quality content to attract consumers looking for exactly what you have to offer. Our role is to help you build your brand, increase website traffic, and entice customer loyalty with informative beauty copywriting.

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Make Your Mark in the Beauty Industry

Hint: Write amazing beauty content

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Boost SEO

Keyword-optimized beauty content helps Google connect you with your target audience online to ensure the people who see your website want to buy your products. With high-quality content writing for beauty products and appropriate keyword usage, you can expect to rank higher in search results.

Portray Industry Expertise

People buy from companies they can trust. Providing carefully crafted beauty content shows consumers you took the time to consider what they want or need and created a product or service just for them. Great content writing for beauty products displays your expertise without bragging.

Generate Leads and Retention

The result of brand recognition, industry expertise, and boosted SEO is increased online traffic. More traffic means more leads and an increase in sales. High-quality beauty content writing can help you draw them in, where your great products or services can build retention.

Brand Recognition

Quality beauty content benefits your brand by showing consumers who you are, what you offer, and how you are unique in the industry. Branding helps you create a niche in the industry, and beauty copywriting designed to cater specifically to your brand will make you fresh and memorable, and ultimately lead to more sales.

We’ve written beauty content since 2009, adjusting our style to stay on top of the latest industry trends. 



Types of Beauty Content Writing We Provide

Beauty Articles

SEO Beauty Content

Health and Beauty Blog Writing

Beauty Landing Pages

Beauty Copywriting

Health and Beauty eBooks

Beauty Video Scripts

Beauty Product Descriptions

Additional Custom Beauty Content

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Why Hire BKA Content for Your Beauty Writing Needs?

Industry Writing

You'll Receive Beauty Content Writing From Experts

With hundreds of freelance beauty content writers all over the country, you can expect to receive quality work, written with originality and produced on schedule. At BKA Content, we love and appreciate our freelance beauty copywriters, and it reflects in their work. We know you will love them, too!

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We Always Keep the Focus on Results

Our commitment is to provide content writing for beauty products that is engaging, informative and optimized to perform well in Google rankings. Anytime you purchase content from BKA Content, our beauty content writing team will carefully craft each piece to generate traffic to your website and provide traceable results you can use to boost your beauty marketing strategies.

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You'll Have a Personal Account Manager

We offer a direct, expert contact to handle your account when you choose managed services. Our managers are honest, kind, and hard-working people who want to see your beauty content project succeed. They are always available from start to finish and take pride in the work they produce. They’ll help to curate the right freelance beauty copywriters to push your brand forward.

We Offer Decades of Beauty Writing Experience

Since establishing in 2009, we’ve spent over a decade working with companies to create top-value beauty content. We know the power of SEO-driven writing in creating company growth. While you focus on helping your customers feel good about themselves, we’ll make sure you reach as many people as possible.

We Value Our Customers

At BKA Content, we treat our clients and writers like family. We get to know you and form a personal relationship to better cater our beauty content writing to meet your company’s specific needs. Many current clients have been with us for years! Click here to read what some of them have to say about us.

Our Beauty Writers Produce High-Quality Content

Quality beauty copywriting requires the intention to produce results. We make every word count by creating strategically written beauty blogs and web pages designed to optimize your online appearance and help you outshine other companies in the beauty industry. The key is having beauty writers well-versed in the industry.


You Can Access Options To Meet Your Needs

Companies of every size can find an option from BKA that suits their beauty content writing needs. We offer a self-serve option with custom products, blogs, e-commerce, and web page options. You could also choose a monthly blog writing service or a managed service, available for companies spending $3,000 or more per month.

Beauty Copywriting That Actually

Gets Results

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Use Beauty Copywriting To Show Your Expertise and Create Value for Your Company.

  • Catchy title to boost the clickthrough rate
  • Thorough research to produce relevant subject matter
  • Professionally formatted H1 and H2 heading tags
  • Strategic keyword strategy to enhance Google rankings
  • Meta-tags, descriptions, and social media posts to boost SEO
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freelance beauty copywriter

Here Are a Few Beauty Copywriting Topic Examples:

  • Perfume reviews and top picks
  • Nail art trends and suggestions
  • Hair styling and coloring trends
  • Skincare tips and products
  • Fitness routines
  • Beauty Supplement reviews and top picks
  • Makeup picks and dupes
  • Wishlists for skincare, makeup, or perfume

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Sounds Great, But I Have Some Questions…

How do I order beauty copywriting from you?

BKA Content offers a few beauty content writing options to suit your specific needs.

Managed Writing Services: Do you intend to spend over $3,000 each month on generating online content? Do you have a large number of beauty content writing projects, such as web pages, blogs, eBooks, and more? Do you need a custom solution for your project? If the answer is yes, managed services would likely meet your content needs. This is an excellent option for brand building and high-traffic generation.

Monthly SEO Blog Writing Plans: Do you own a small business and want to boost your search engine performance to drive more traffic to your website? Our subscription option provides you with new beauty content through blogs using keyword optimization specific to your industry. We do all the work for you, including creating an SEO strategy and having an experienced beauty writer create effective blogs.

Self-Service OptionIf you want to give us a test run or only have a project or two in mind, you can purchase any of our individual content types through our online content shop. You choose the keywords and word count for the project and give us as many additional details as you’d like. Our freelance beauty writers will handle the rest!

Choose the option that works best for you, and remember, you can always adjust it as your beauty content needs change.

How do you write effective beauty content without working in the beauty industry?

We have over a decade of experience writing beauty content and working with companies of every size in the industry. We also have hundreds of freelance writers across the United States with specialties in certain verticals. Many of them have expert knowledge about the beauty industry and track the changing trends.

With every blog, web page, or piece of beauty content our freelance beauty copywriters create, we do our homework. Research is just as important as writing, and we take that into consideration when onboarding new writers as well. If you would like to see some of the companies we work with, check out our homepage.

What are the costs for each beauty content writing option?

Our pricing depends on your specific needs. For example, we offer per-word pricing, monthly subscriptions, and personalized managed services:

Self-Service Costs: When you order a piece with per-word pricing, you can choose services from 7.5 cents per word up to 15.5 cents per word depending on the beauty content you want and your specific requirements. You can find the specifics on self-service pricing on our content shop page.

Subscription Plans: Our hands-free monthly SEO blog subscriptions range in price from $195 to $1,269 per month. You can customize your plan to fit your needs and find specifics about pricing here.

Managed Services Plan: You can purchase a managed services plan with BKA if you intend to spend $1,500 or more per month. This plan allows increased flexibility and customization to fit your beauty content writing needs.

What will happen when I order content writing for beauty products?

Anytime you order through our online shop, you can expect delivery within seven to 10 business days. The order request will go through a team of professionals to ensure you get on-brand, top-quality, and well-researched beauty content.

When you sign up for a monthly SEO blog writing subscription plan, one of our dedicated account managers will email you within 24 hours to discuss your goals and get you set up for success.

If you qualify for managed services, BKA Content will create a freelance beauty content writing team customized to cater to your specific needs.

How do you identify a qualified beauty copywriter?

We’ve created a vast team of freelance beauty writers chosen for their writing qualifications, ability to comprehend the subject, and skills in creating original work that flows. Their backgrounds are diverse, making it possible for BKA Content to generate unique pieces for the beauty industry.

Freelance beauty writers also go through a strict application process and complete a rigorous training program before creating content for our clients. We only onboard the best of the best.

Most importantly, every beauty content writer in our family must have one essential characteristic, and that is a passion for the beauty industry! We have writers who specialize in everything from fitness to skincare.

Who owns completed beauty content?

You own it! You paid for the content and can do with it as you please as soon as you receive it. 


How do you handle plagiarism?

BKA Content has a strict zero-tolerance plagiarism policy. Each writer agrees to this policy during training, and we closely monitor work to ensure plagiarism is never an issue. Our hallmark is original content.

Can I choose the freelance writers who work on my beauty content?

We intentionally selected our beauty writers for the quality of their work and the knowledge they provide. To keep our service as streamlined as possible, we assign your project to a specific beauty copywriter or team of writers depending on the size and type of content you request. You have nothing to fear; our team of beauty writers provides top-quality content to ensure your website thrives! 

While you focus on building your beauty company, we focus on perfecting your projects.

How will beauty content writing separate me from the competition?content

Our approach to writing beauty content is strategic. Since our establishment in 2009, we’ve dedicated our skills to learning what makes particular content perform better in the Google ranking system than others. We used that information to create a recipe for online content that will generate results.

When you sign on to be part of the BKA family, you can rest easy knowing we put all of our SEO knowledge into every piece of original work we create. We did the work so you can reap the benefits of having a resource for quality content with which you can regularly update your website.

We know what it takes to make you stand out in the industry, and the proof is in your Google ranking.

Have you written beauty content in the past, and if so, what types?

Yes! BKA Content has been writing beauty content for over a decade. We have experience in content relevant to salon owners, estheticians, beauty gurus, fashion designers, hairstylists, skincare product manufacturers, and more.

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