How To White Label SEO Content Writing Services

by | Mar 7, 2023 | Content Marketing

If you are an SEO agency or digital marketer, you already understand the importance of SEO content writing. However, most digital marketing agencies and enterprise companies have major problems when it comes to creating content consistently. They also may have a hard time doing enough content writing to move the needle on the SERPs for themselves or their clients.

There are two main reasons for this. One is because many companies try to create in-house teams to write SEO content. This can be difficult to streamline, manage and set up correctly. The second is that many companies try to manage content writing on their own with hand-picked freelance writers. These methods can be extremely expensive, time-consuming and are nearly impossible to scale quickly. The cheaper and better option is to find SEO content writing services that allow you to white label SEO content writing.

What Does It Mean To “White Label” SEO Content Writing Services?

Before we get down the rabbit hole of why it’s beneficial to white label a content writing agency, it’s probably important that we define the white label SEO meaning. According to Wikipedia, the term white labeling derives from a white, or blank, label placed on packaging that can then be filled in with any marketer or company name to sell it under.


white label content writing agency


So in business, white labeling usually means to take a product or service that’s produced by one company and then rebrand it as your own. This happens all the time in multiple industries and includes items like electronics, supermarket items, software and other consumer products.

In the SEO industry, many companies will offer their products under a “white label” so other companies can sell it as their own. This is especially true with digital marketing agencies that want to scale. Rather than reinvent the wheel internally, a marketing agency can offer multiple products to their clients but outsource the creation of it under a white label agreement.

This is one of the best ways to service lots of clients and increase your bandwidth without increasing your overhead. White labeling a content writing agency is definitely a smart move for online marketers.


White Labeling an SEO Content Writing Company Is Cheaper

It’s no secret that posting more content more frequently makes a difference when it comes to traffic. According to Hubspot, here is what they discovered about the correlation between blog post frequency and inbound traffic:

seo content writing services

From the chart, it’s clear that companies that put out 16 or more blog posts each month saw almost 3 times more inbound traffic compared to those that didn’t.

If you are an SEO agency with 30 clients, for example, you potentially would need to create 480 blog posts per month according to the research from Hubspot to give your clients the best chance to see higher inbound traffic. That’s a lot of SEO content writing to take on when it’s only one portion of your SEO product offering!

Think of all of the freelance writers and editors you would have to interview, hire, train, manage and pay in order to create this much SEO content. If you are an even larger SEO agency or digital marketing operation with larger content needs, it’s easy to see how expensive managing your own in-house SEO content writing services can become.

3rd party SEO content writing services, however, have already spent the time and money to create large SEO writing teams that are ready and waiting to write your content. White labeling to a content writing agency such as this allows you to focus on the part of your business you do best while also having the security of knowing you’ll have SEO content to fuel your campaigns.

So How Exactly Is White Labeling SEO Writing Companies More Affordable?

The main reason why you can save money using SEO writing companies is that you pay for content per piece instead of paying hourly rates or the salaries of in-house people.

Paying per piece, and only paying for content when you need it, can save you a lot of money as opposed to paying people hourly to write content.

In fact, content writing agencies can save enterprises an average of 36% annually when outsourcing content writing vs creating it in-house.


Annual Savings

White Labeling SEO Content Writing Services Saves Time

We’ve already established that using a white label SEO content writing service can save you money, but it also saves you tons of time. A content writing agency focuses on a single part of the SEO process (content writing). Because of this, they develop specific methods for vetting freelance writing talent, managing those writers effectively and rating their talent level, among other things.

This can be a huge aid to digital marketing agencies. They can have the SEO writing services create the content for their customers without getting into the work of creating processes in-house.

When it comes to business, time is money. SEO content writing services can help you scale a project much faster than if you went out and contracted with SEO writers on your own. Let’s break down some of the main benefits of white labeling content marketing through a content writing agency.


1. Eliminates the Time/Costs Associated With Hiring Freelance Writers

Most people don’t consider all the time and money that is required to create an in-house writing team. To do it right, it’s not nearly as simple as you might think. Here are some of the things that must be done when vetting and hiring freelance content writers.


Creating Writing Ads

For starters, you have to spend time and resources putting ads out to find good content writers. Things to consider would be:

  • Which job networks do I use to recruit freelance/in-house writers?
  • How much do each of the ads cost?
  • How long do each of the ads run?
  • What are the parameters/expectations of the writing job?


Interviewing/Vetting Freelance Writers

Once you’ve established what the writing job position is and how to market it to potential writers, you then have to develop a process for getting good writers. This process needs to be able to identify the level of writers you want without creating too much extra work. This leads to more questions that need to be asked:

  • Can you pre-qualify writers and editors somehow?
  • Once you have people interested, do you hold interviews?
  • What questions do you ask?
  • Do you pair writing samples with grammar tests/quizzes?
  • What quality level of writing are you looking for and how do you consistently judge it?
  • Who looks through the samples and what’s your grading rubric?

Creating an in-house writing team at the very least requires attention from someone currently on your staff. It would be their responsibility to develop the plan, run it and then edit and rate the work of the content writing that comes in. When you white label content writing through a content writing agency, you can skip all of that.

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2. SEO Content Writing Agencies Give You Access to Experts

This is true both in terms of the people writing and editing your clients’ work, but also in the fact that the people in the background of SEO writing companies that bring on the talent are experts in how to sniff it out.


Writing Experts

As far as writers, when you white label a content writing agency, you now have access to their entire team of pre-vetted writers. This could amount to hundreds (or thousands) of people who love writing who may have experience in the industries you’re looking to fulfill content for. You also get the diversity of having writers from all over the world to help with localizing and making content more geo-specific.


Writing Management Experts

As far as expert staff, since SEO writing companies ONLY deal with writing, they have writing experts on their management teams. They’ve hired people to specifically identify writing talent, train writers and manage them much more effectively than someone who is asked to do that on the side. In the end, these experts can help to turn out a much better writing product than the local college intern you hired to help create and manage a writing team from scratch.


3. SEO Writing Companies Manage Freelance Writers

Once you’ve found some writers through your own efforts, expect a long list of expenses in order to train, on-board and manage them within your company. If you’ve decided to bring them in-house then you’ll be providing contracts, equipment, email addresses, phones, etc. for them to be able to do their jobs. As was mentioned before, someone will also need to be assigned as a supervisor over them which takes time away from their previous responsibilities.

From a payroll perspective, you also have to incur the cost of taxes, withholdings, insurance etc. Are you wincing yet? Here’s a small graph showing employee tax breakdowns in three larger markets:


Certain SEO content writing agencies (like us!) provide account management as a part of our SEO content writing services.  This means we do all of the writer/editor management for you. Clients simply work with a single dedicated account manager that manages the day-to-day needs/questions/assigning associated with content writing projects. This frees up time for content managers on your end to spend more time doing what they do best.


4. SEO Content Writing Services Provide Content at Scale

When bringing on content writers in-house, you can only bring on as many writers as you have employees to hire and manage them. If you get a large content project that comes in above and beyond what you’re currently capable of, you have two options. You can either spend the extra money to hire and train a lot of new writers all at once, or your project will just take a lot longer to do using your existing resources at your current bandwidth.

White labeling content creation through a SEO content writing agency allows you to speed up your content projects. On top of that, you’ll do it without bearing the cost of hiring, training and managing large teams of freelance writers and editors. This is especially great for large orders of white label guest posts, blog posts, ecommerce product description projects, among others.


Outsourcing to a Content Writing Agency Allows You To Focus on Your Business

By outsourcing your content writing to an SEO writing agency, you don’t have to deal with any of these things! That’s a ton of time and cost instantly removed from you, which allows you to spend more time on the strategy of content marketing.

Why spend all of the time building a content writing engine, when you can just plug an existing and already efficient content writing engine into your company?


Outsourcing SEO Writing Services Increase Profits and Secures More Business

The best part is that your clients don’t even know that a third party writing agency are the ones creating the content. Since you are white labeling writing services, you can charge your clients in line with your other product offerings and take a margin off of the top. It can be a revenue generator instead of just an expense. Clients will still technically receive their finished content from you, but you didn’t have to do any of the work to create it.

This type of SEO content writing solution allows online marketing agencies and enterprises to focus on securing more business.  It also allows them to save the money and resources they would’ve devoted to building a team of SEO writers. The content writing agency handles the entirety of building of teams of SEO writers on their end. It’s a win-win solution that is hard to beat!


seo content writing services


How Do You Start the Process of White Labeling a Content Writing Agency?

It’s not as hard as you think. As far as the “white labeling” part of it, you need only find a content writing company that gives you full copyright to the content once you’ve purchased and received it. At that point you can slap anyone’s byline on the content and attribute it to them.

This is important, because there are some content writing agencies that only give you rights to use the content, but not actually white label it. You need a content writing service that transfers the copyright. Once you’ve found a writing agency you like, the next part is to collect some data.


Collect SEO Writing Project Requirements

The first steps to interacting with and using a content writing agency at scale are just to identify a few things on your end:

  • The different kinds of content you’re needing (i.e. blog posts, web pages, product descriptions, guest posts, ebooks, etc.)
  • SEO guidelines and/or style guide for that content (i.e. any unique keywords insertion best-practices, formatting guidelines, linking instructions, etc.)
  • The projected word count ranges for each type of content
  • The number of pieces of each type of content per day, week, month (whichever applies)
  • Content topics or keywords to focus on
  • Some examples of the quality and style of content that appeals to you or or your client – this gives the writer an idea of your expectations
  • Company URL, company name and contact data for the company or companies you need writing done for


Get a Quote and Start a Trial Order

Once you’ve got your content project requirements in hand, the next step is to get a quote from the writing agency. Some content writing agencies (like us) give discounts for volume and order consistency.  From there, it’s important to do a small trial order of no more than 5-10 pieces to see if the writing meets the quality level you need. If the process is streamlined enough to work with your current business operations you can then finalize pricing and turn time estimates.

Expert Tip: It’s sometimes smart to do a couple rounds of “Trial Orders”. Or, in other words, do a few small batches with your SEO writing service to see if you’re getting closer to the end product you want/need for your clients. You likely won’t get a perfect piece of content the first round while instructions are being refined, so this can help you to take a more grounded approach to see if the content writing agency can realistically get close to your expectations.

Once you’ve gone through the trial order process and given feedback on the content, the next step is to finalize the onboarding. Here at BKA Content that means signing a Statement of Work (SOW) with the parameters we finalized during the trial order process, introduce you to a dedicated account manager and then work to scale up the content creation to your desired volume.


Create A Consistent Ordering System

Consistency is key here. If you do too much white label content writing too fast, without any feedback loops or QA checks, you’re likely to find issues. We prefer a steadier approach to SEO content writing services to make sure we have the right writers, editors and guidelines to make the writing project consistently successful.

How Do White Label SEO Content Writing Services Work?

It’s important to note that not all content writing agencies are the same, but here at BKA Content, we’ve made white labeling SEO content writing easier than anyone else. Whether you need to white label guest posts, blog posts, location pages, product descriptions, or anything else, BKA Content is here to help. We offer SEO content writing services for your company without you having to take the time to build it from scratch. ​

Here’s how white label content writing works:


1. Custom Pricing

We go over your content needs and provide you custom pricing so you always know what you’ll pay per piece, no matter how much content you order.

2. Dedicated Teams

We’ll create a scalable and dedicated team of SEO content writers to handle current and future content volume.

3. Fully Managed

We’ll provide you with a dedicated account manager to handle your white label article ordering and delivery and train our content writers on your projects.

4. Grow Your Business

Since we handle the SEO content writing side of your business, you can focus your time on getting more clients. All while knowing that you have a scalable content writing solution that we manage completely.

So now that you know there’s a better way to manage SEO content writing services, what are you waiting for? Ask us about our white label content marketing services and hire SEO content writers today.

Want to White Label Our Writing Services?

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