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When we aren’t in the gym setting PR’s, we are helping companies like yours by writing about the latest trends and products and educating the world about fitness. We are passionate about health and fitness content writing and love building the “muscle” of health and fitness companies like yours.

Just as your muscles need nutrients and training to grow, your website needs quality fitness content to attract customers to your products and services. Build up your brand, increase traffic and build customer loyalty by hiring us to do what we do best – write fitness content that is engaging and informative.

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We’ll show you how to stand out in the fitness industry

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Increased SEO

Google’s job is to connect your website to the customers who want your products or services. As you create high-quality fitness content optimized with keywords, you will start to rank higher on Google’s search results.

health and fitness content writer

Industry Expertise

Writing awesome fitness content shows the industry and your potential customers that when it comes to information on fitness products and services, you are the almighty expert. People do business with companies they trust.

Lead Generation

As you start to climb higher in rankings, your traffic will increase. When your traffic increases, the number of leads and sales will follow suit. That is the power of what high-quality health and fitness content writing can do for your business.

Brand Recognition

When you publish fitness content, you are adding to your library of assets that establish your brand. When users read your fitness content, you are exposing them to your awesome brand and becoming more recognizable.

We’ve written health and fitness content for over 12 years.


What have we learned?

Being healthy will always be in style! 


Types of Health and Fitness Content Writing We Provide

Fitness Articles

SEO Fitness Content

Health and Fitness Blog Writing

Fitness Landing Pages

Fitness Social Media Posts

Health and Fitness eBooks

Video Scripts

Product Descriptions

Custom Fitness Content

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Why Hire BKA Content for Your Fitness Content Writing Needs?

Health and Fitness Blog Writing Experts

With hundreds of diverse writers from all over the United States, we guarantee your fitness content will be written on time and with originality. We love our BKA fitness writers and know you will, too!

We're Focused on Results.

We have spent a lot of time perfecting website content. We offer well-written SEO fitness content that is both engaging and optimized for search engines. With any type of content you buy, you can count on high-quality writing with every piece.

Your Own Personal Account Manager

When it comes to writing fitness articles, it’s nice to have an expert by your side. If you choose our managed services, you will have access to an account manager. Their purpose is to help you and your fitness content succeed! You’ll work closely with your manager to ensure your health and fitness content writing projects are exactly what you need them to be. Our managers are fun, honest, and hard-working people, and they can’t wait to work with you!

More Than a Decade of Experience

We have been blog writing on health and fitness and creating other forms of fitness content since 2009. That’s over a decade of helping companies grow their businesses through the power of SEO-optimized writing. So while you help your customers grow their muscles, we’ll help you grow your business!

#1 Customer Service Hands Down

When you partner with us, you’re part of the BKA family. We create personal relationships with each one of our clients. Many of our clients stay with us for several years! Check out what some of our customers have to say about us here.

Fitness Content With a Strategy and No Filler

Our fitness content strategy isn’t just throwing out words to meet a quota. Behind the scenes, lots of thought and effort goes into writing fitness blogs and other forms of fitness content. Using our secret sauce of high-quality content creation and optimization, we will show you how to stand out in the fitness industry.


Options To Meet The Needs of Every Company

No company is too big or too small to need content. We fit the needs of just about every kind of fitness company. With BKA Content, there are 3 different options to choose from: A hands-off monthly blog writing service, a self-serve a la carte option, or a managed service option for companies spending $3K/month or more.

Health and Fitness Blog Writing That Actually

Gets Results

We Are Pros at Health and Fitness Blog Writing.

Each Piece of Fitness Content Gives You Value and Establishes You as the Expert in Your Industry.

  • Engaging title to bring clicks
  • Carefully researched subject matter relevant to your industry
  • Proper use of H1 and H2 heading tags
  • Researched keywords are strategically placed to enhance Google search results
  • Meta-tags and descriptions that improve SEO

Here Are a Few Ideas for types of Health and Fitness Content Writing We Can Provide:

  • Fitness equipment
  • Supplements
  • Gyms and clubs
  • Agencies who work with the fitness industry
  • Programs, plans and routines
  • Books and recipes
  • Fitness apparel
  • Software and apps

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Sounds Great, But…

How does it work?

When partnering with BKA Content, there are three options for you to choose from.

Option 1: Managed Services: If you have a large number of health and fitness content writing projects (blogs, web pages, eBooks, etc.) or if you are an agency, our managed service option is right up your alley. If you are spending over $3K per month in services, you will also qualify for this level of service.

Option 2: Monthly SEO Blog Writing Subscription: If you are a small business and you are looking for a steady flow of blog content written for your business while at the same time getting a sweet SEO and traffic boost, then our blog subscription service is what you need. It’s a hands-free option where we do all the work for you, from determining your SEO strategy to writing the fitness content you want.

Option 3: Self-Service: If you have a one-time piece or content project or just want to try us out, then our self-service option is for you. With this option, you choose your keywords and word count and provide any additional details needed. All self-service products are purchased through our online content shop.

Which category do you fall under?

How can you write effectively for the fitness industry when you are not in the fitness industry?

We’ve been in business for over a decade – since 2009 to be exact! Health and fitness content writing is kind of our thing. We have partnered with and written fitness content for small businesses as well as for Fortune 500 companies, and we’ve learned a lot along the way. You can see some of our clients on our homepage.

For each piece of fitness content, we make sure to do thorough and sufficient research. Not only that, many of our writers specialize in certain verticals, so we have many who have fantastic experience writing fitness articles and fitness content for the industry.

How much does your health and fitness content writing service cost?

Our pricing depends on which product and plans you choose. We have monthly options, pricing per word, and even a custom managed-service option. See details below:

Subscription Plans: Pricing for our hands-free monthly blogging service ranges from $195 to $1,269 per month depending on your desired plan and how many blogs you need each month. Pricing for our subscription plans can be found here.

Self-Service Plans: Our self-service plans are priced on a per-word basis. We charge anywhere from 7.5 cents to 15.5 cents per word based on the type of content and client requirements. Pricing for our Self-Service option can be found on our content shop page here.

Managed Plans: Clients are eligible for our managed-service plans if they spend $3K or more per month with us.

What can I expect when I order content?

When you purchase fitness content through our content shop online, you can expect your content to be delivered to your inbox within 7-10 business days. The content will be high-quality, thorough, and on-brand.

If you’ve signed up for our monthly blog writing subscription service, you can expect an email from one of our dedicated account managers within 24 hours to set up a time to review your goals and help get you started.

When you start with our managed services, you can expect BKA Content to build an entire team around you and your company to provide you with all the custom solutions we have to offer.

Who are your fitness content writers?

We have a great mix of writers here at BKA Content who come from diverse backgrounds and live in different parts of the United States. We choose our fitness content writers based on their level of skill in writing, comprehension, and flow.

We don’t let just anyone jump in and start writing fitness articles. Our standards for becoming a writer here at BKA are competitive and the training process is quite rigorous. In short, we select the best of the best.

One more thing, our fitness writers must be passionate about fitness! And our fitness team writers are just that. We have cross-fitters, powerlifters, gym rats, and even a few marathoners.

Who owns the finished health and fitness content?

You do. Once the content has been delivered to you, it is yours to do with as you please and when you please. We have found that most successful companies post their content within 1-3 days of receiving it so they don’t get behind.


What about plagiarism?

We have a strict “No Plagiarism” policy here at BKA Content that each of our writers must agree to before working with us. You can be assured that BKA Content is working to create original content.

Can I pick the writers?

We have set up our service to be as seamless as possible. Nobody knows our writers better than we do, so we will assign a specific writer or team of writers, depending on how big your project is, to your company. But don’t worry, our health and fitness writing team is dedicated to giving you top-quality content so your website can thrive.

You focus on your business and gym goals; we’ll focus on your fitness content goals.

How does your writing help set me apart from other companies?

We approach every piece of fitness content with a strategy and we are results-driven. Writing a piece of content is like following a recipe. Each ingredient must be present and in the right amount for it to taste good.

Over the years, we have gone to great lengths to learn what our good friends at Google care about when it comes to content and how to rank higher with fitness content. You can rest assured that we will implement those practices as we create your content. You can reap the benefits of having a steady stream of quality content published on your site.

What’s the secret sauce we provide? We know how to make you stand out in the fitness industry!

What type of fitness content have you written in the past?

We have written health and fitness content for many different companies. For example, we have written for ICON Fitness and many of their sub-brands such as NordicTrack, Pro-Form and Weider, just to name a few. Just like a wide-grip bench press, our experience is wide (and deep) when it comes to blog writing on health and fitness.

We are experts at writing fitness articles, health and fitness blogs, web pages and product descriptions. There really isn’t anything we can’t write about when it comes to fitness!

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