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Ten Free Word Count Tools

Word counts may be the last thing you’re thinking about as a writer but are a necessary part of the writing process. Editors often value writers who take the time to submit work with the correct amount of words.If the article is submitted over or under word count, the...

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The 12 Days of BKA

One of the things we love most about BKA Content is our tight-knit company culture. Even with team members spread out all over the country, it still feels like one big, happy virtual family. To bring everyone together and find fun ways to show our gratitude, we...

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Cookie Jokes for Extra Holiday Pun

From Medieval pun competitions and Shakespearean word duels to dedicated websites and viral memes, the pun has been around for centuries. In fact, nearly every culture around the world has their own way of appreciating this form of humor and it's been that way since...

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