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Here at BKA, we know the importance of digital marketing, and more importantly, how content writing for digital marketing can deliver results. We’ve written hundreds of thousands of articles for digital marketing agencies over the past 10+ years and pride ourselves in our ability to be a fantastic content creation partner to marketing agencies. 

We are passionate about marketing and marketing content! We are constantly staying on top of Google’s latest algorithm changes and new approaches to SEO or digital marketing strategies. When you hire us as a content creation partner, you get a team of dedicated marketing content writers who want nothing more than to see your agency succeed.

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We help you capture your audience’s attention and keep them interested with engaging, relevant, and optimized marketing content!

Marketing Content Optimization

Optimization is the key to getting marketing content in front of your target audience (or your clients’ respective audiences). Our talented team understands all things SEO, from researching keywords to best placement practices. We do the work to move you and your clients up in Google’s SERP rankings.

Content Expertise in Marketing

You want a good return on your investment when utilizing content writing for marketing. We provide it. Your BKA manager and marketing content writers understand the industry and know what it takes to produce pages that help you move prospects down the sales funnel.

Lead-Generating Content

As your SERP rankings improve, you receive higher click-through rates, giving you increased traffic. More traffic means more leads, and more leads translate to higher conversions. High-quality digital marketing content writing has the power to turn candidates into customers. We’ve partnered with many digital marketing agencies to help them (and their clients) get more leads!

Recognition for Your Brand

Our expertise in marketing content writing enhances your company’s credibility, relatability, and discoverability. We help you boost your traffic so you can focus on delivering powerful marketing strategies for your business and to your customers.

We’ve been around since 2009, helping digital marketing agencies grow their businesses.

We know businesses thrive with strategic content creation that speaks to their audience!


Types of Content Writing For Marketing That We Provide

Marketing Articles

SEO Digital Marketing Content

Marketing Blog Writing

Marketing Landing Pages

Content Writing For Affiliate Marketing

Marketing eBooks

Content Creation For Marketing Agencies

Content Marketing Writing

Additional Custom Marketing Content

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Why Hire BKA Content to do your Content Writing For Digital Marketing?

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We Are Experts in Blog Writing for the Marketing Industry

Our freelance marketing writers know all about creating compelling content. Our blogs answer your customers’ pain points, providing helpful information that is relatable and engaging, with absolutely no filler. BKA blogs are also SEO-optimized to improve your rankings.

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We Write Marketing Content That Gets Results

BKA Content creates blogs, webpages, social media posts, eBooks, and more. We carefully research industry trends and SEO practices to ensure our marketing content meets our high standards for engaging writing optimized for improved search engine rankings. When you order from us, we deliver results.

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You Work With a Personal Account Manager

When you choose our managed services, you get a dedicated account manager who understands your industry as well as marketing content writing. Your manager is your go-to for all things content and works closely with you to ensure your content strategy succeeds. We have the best managers. They are honest, personable, approachable, fun, and trained to provide an incredible BKA experience.

We Have Years of Content Marketing Experience

BKA opened its virtual doors for business in 2009, providing companies with well-researched, high-quality content creation from dedicated and passionate marketing content writers, editors, and managers. We’ve provided content marketing content from the beginning, and we make sure we stay abreast of evolving industry standards to continue to offer products that deliver.

You Receive Unparalleled Customer Service

You can count on friendly, prompt customer service from knowledgeable and experienced BKA managers. Our customers are the backbone of our business, and we foster long-term relationships with them. When you partner with us for your digital marketing content writing, you become part of the close-knit BKA family!

We Deliver Top-Notch Content Writing For Agencies

From the manager who works closely with you to the marketing content writer who crafts the piece, you can count on BKA to deliver top-notch products and services. We’re here to help you develop a high-performing marketing strategy and create high-quality writing without the filler.


You Have Choices

No matter your company’s marketing content needs, BKA has an option that fits. We work with companies and marketing agencies of all sizes, from sole proprietors to Fortune 500 businesses. We provide three different content creation services to meet your company’s content requirements.

Digital Marketing Content Writing That Actually

Gets Results

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We Know the Industry, and We’re Experts in Content Writing For Digital Marketing.

We Produce Engaging and Relevant Blogs That Establish Your Business as a Marketing Authority.

  • Titles that encourage clicks
  • Industry-relevant and carefully researched topics
  • Headings formatted for readability and SEO
  • Keyword placement strategy that suits Google’s algorithm
  • Multi-platform social media posts
  • Optimized metadata for improved SERP rankings
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content writing for digital marketing agencies

Need Ideas for Marketing Content Writing? Here Are a Few Examples of Digital Marketing Content Writing Topics We Write About:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Sales Funnels
  • Growth Marketing Strategies
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Marketing Goals and Objectives
  • Social Media Algorithms
  • Customer Retention Strategies
  • Branding Strategies
  • Content Marketing Writing

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Sounds Great, But I Have Some Questions…

How does BKA marketing content work?

We know that our marketing industry customers have varying goals. We provide options that give you the flexibility to choose a marketing content plan that meets your needs. Which of the following three options works for you?

Option 1: Monthly SEO Blog Writing Plans: This option is great for small- to medium-sized marketing businesses that want a hands-off solution to boosting traffic and conversions for either themselves or their clients. Our monthly blog plans give you a steady stream of content to improve your SERP rankings and put your brand in front of your target audience.

Options 2: Managed Services: Our managed digital content writing services provide a full-service approach to marketing content writing. This option is ideal for agencies or businesses that want to incorporate a variety of marketing content into the company’s strategies for either themselves or their clients. You qualify for our top-tier plan if you spend $1500-3K or more on our monthly services.

Option 3: Self-Service: If you want to see what a marketing content writer can do for you, our self-service plan can be a great place to start. This option is also a good choice if you need a one-time project or piece rather than regularly scheduled content.

No matter your digital marketing content needs, we’re happy to help you find a plan that fits.

What experience does BKA have writing marketing content?

BKA has been writing marketing content since 2009! Marketing is at the heart of what we do. We know the industry because we gear every product we produce to enhance our customers’ marketing efforts. We got where we are today because we made it a point to understand marketing, and we know how crucial content writing is to a successful marketing business.

At every stage of the process, we conduct in-depth research to ensure we remain on top of developments in the marketing industry. We also have many writers with experience in the industry and in writing excellent marketing content for our customers.

How much does BKA charge for marketing content writing services?

Our rates vary by product order and service plan. We have options to fit a wide range of needs. You can choose a plan from one of the following categories:

Monthly SEO Blog Writing Plans: This is one of our most popular options for how it allows our marketing customers to focus on other aspects of their businesses. Our hands-off subscription plan pricing ranges from $195 to $1,269 per month, depending on your chosen plan and the number of blogs you order. This can be ordered for your own business, or for the marketing needs of your clients if you are a digital marketing agency.

Self-Service Plans: We charge per word for orders placed through our self-service plans. The price ranges from 7.5 cents to 15.5 cents per word, depending on the type of content you order and your specific requirements.

Managed Plans: If you intend to allocate at least $1500-3K per month to your marketing content writing, you are eligible for our top-level managed plan services. We service many digital writing agencies using this service, as it allows us to customize plans/products and strategies to exactly what your digital agency needs.

What happens after I place my order?

The process for moving your product from order to delivery depends on how you create your order. If you submit it using our online self-service plan, you can expect us to deliver your finished product within 7-10 business days.

If you sign on for our monthly blog writing service, one of our managers will contact you within 24 hours to set up a meeting. You and the manager will review your marketing content goals before turning your order over to our marketing content writers.

When you place an order through our managed services, we put together a special team dedicated to creating custom solutions based on your company’s requirements and goals. This is why this option is one of the best content creation services for digital marketing agencies. Whichever route you choose, you can be sure we will provide excellent customer service and high-quality marketing content.

Who writes the marketing content for BKA?

Our marketing industry writers come from every corner of the country. They have diverse backgrounds and unique experiences, contributing to a rich culture here at BKA.

No matter where they come from, they all have one thing in common: They are passionate about writing and marketing content. We may be a little biased, but we don’t think you’ll find a better team of marketing content writers than those who write for BKA.

We set a high bar for our marketing writers; we don’t let just anyone write for our marketing content team. We curate each writing team and make sure each writer receives the training they need to give our customers content that helps drive traffic and conversions.

Do I own the finished product?

Yes! Once we turn your order over to you, it’s all yours. You own the product and are free to use it as you please. We’ve found that some marketing companies like to stock up on content for the month, while many prefer to post within one to five days of receiving it.


Do you guarantee original marketing content?

Absolutely. BKA has a strict “No Plagiarism” policy. Every marketing writer must sign an agreement before working with our company, and we regularly check marketing content for plagiarism. You can be sure that every piece of content we produce is original and authentic.

Do I get to choose who writes my content?

At BKA, we understand the importance of pairing the right talent with each product we produce. We have a close relationship with our writers and know what their superpowers are! We will assign your product to a writer or team of writers who are talented marketing content creators.

Our goal is to make the process as seamless and worry-free as possible. You can count on our marketing content team to produce high-quality products that drive results.

How does BKA help my marketing agency stand out from the crowd?

We stay on top of current content and SEO trends to ensure our marketing content is always cutting-edge, fresh, and relevant. We also write content that matches your brand’s voice and personality (or the voice and personality of your agency clients), so your posts are 100% authentic. We offer content products that combine our expertise in content writing with your brand’s unique style. There’s no better way to stand out from your competitors!

BKA takes pride in producing results. We’ve garnered more than a decade of experience in understanding how Google works. A search engine’s job is to ensure searchers find what they are looking for, while our job is to make sure our writing contains all the right ingredients to satisfy search engine spiders.

We know exactly what it takes to make your brand stand out in the marketing industry! We have a long history of partnering with digital marketing agencies and helping to take them to the next level.

What content marketing topics has BKA written about in the past?

Whether you want us to write 3,000 words on social media marketing or 500 words on Google’s latest algorithm changes, we can deliver. We’ve covered a wide range of marketing topics in formats ranging from short explainers to lengthy guides. We’ve done content writing for affiliate marketing, content writing for digital marketing, content marketing writing and much more.

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