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There is nothing that engenders quite the level of enthusiasm around BKA as our discussions and — let’s face it — heated debates about our sports team faves. As sports fans, we know how important it is to win the game in your marketing strategy. With over a decade of sports content writing experience, we’ve got one piece of coaching advice: To score goals in brand-building, traffic, and sales, you need high-quality sports content.

Achieving high-ranking content that hits home with your prospective and current fans requires a cohesive strategy with effective moves. But what good are those moves without showing off your team’s personality? Fortunately, BKA knows how to combine the latest SEO maneuvers with your brand’s unique voice to produce the informative and compelling sports content you need to get noticed.

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Sports content writing moves you from a bench warmer to a star player!

Let us show you how we get it done.

SEO Sports Content

Google and other search engines use algorithms to understand what searchers want when they look for sports content online. We carefully track search engine optimization practices to stay on top of our game. Our team optimizes your sports product writing with trending keywords placed naturally throughout the content to make Google and your readers happy.

Sports Content Writing Expertise

We know the sports industry, and we create content that turns your prospective customers into avid fans. Our content writing for sports puts you ahead of the competition as leading experts in the arena. We help you develop your brand’s reputation as a trusted source for sports-related products or services.

Traffic-Generating Content

Our sports content optimization can improve your search engine results page rankings and increase your discoverability. As you move up the rankings, more of your target audience will take notice, generating more clicks and increased traffic for your business.

Brand Authority

As you post engage in blog writing on sports topics, your customers will begin to count on you as a trusted authority in your niche. The more awesome content you post, the more recognition you gain. Don’t worry; you can leave the sports content writing to us while you focus on building your business.

We’ve been helping the sports industry generate winning sports content since 2009.

We know what it takes to put you out in front of the pack.

Types of Sports Content Writing Services We Provide

Sports Articles

SEO Sports Content

Sports Blog Writing

Sports Landing Pages

Sports Social Media Posts

Sports eBooks

Video Scripts For Sports Products

Sports Product Descriptions

Additional Custom Sports Content

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Why Hire BKA Content for Your Sports Content Writing Needs?

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We Have Expert Sports Content Blog Writers

BKA’s sports content writers are as enthusiastic about their writing as they are about their favorite teams! They create blog posts that generate buzz and keep readers coming back for more. We know how to engage an audience. We give our sports blog writers the information they’re looking for in a format that also produces great SEO results, moving your business up in the rankings and putting you in front of more potential customers.

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We Create Captivating Sports Content


At BKA, we stay on top of best SEO practices and content trends. We know what the crowds want from their sports writing content, and we work hard to deliver. We are experts in creating a wide range of content, including webpages, blog writing on sports, video scripts, eBooks, and social media posts. When you want content that hits it out of the ballpark every time, you can count on BKA to provide it.

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You Have a Personal Account Manager in Your Corner

Account managers are at the center of BKA’s writing hub. They coordinate orders, answer customer questions, and address any issues. If you sign up for our managed writing services, you have a dedicated personal account manager who works with you to develop and implement your sports blog content writing strategies. You won’t find a more reliable, honest, trustworthy, and hard-working group anywhere. Oh, and they’re also fun to work with!

We Have Experience in Sports Content Writing

BKA has been providing content creation services since 2009. We’ve partnered with a wide range of companies in various industries. In the years we’ve been in business, we’ve gained a wealth of knowledge about producing stand-out content. We have experience writing sports content from all angles and for any size of company. Our managers, writers, and editors are dedicated to creating high-quality content that is well-researched and optimized for search engine visibility.

You Receive Top-Notch Customer Service

At BKA, our customers are family, and we’ve worked with many of them for years! When you partner with BKA, you can count on us for attentive, friendly, and responsive customer service. We exist to help you crush your sports content writing goals. A real person manages your order from start to finish. We are a content creation company and pride ourselves on providing superior customer service.

We Provide Winning Sports Content Without the Fluff

BKA’s team is dedicated to producing high-performing blog writing on sports, from the expert manager who handles your order to the sports content writer who crafts your products. We put in the time and effort to research topics and SEO trends relevant to the sporting industry. We then create fresh and engaging sports blogs, webpages, and other content optimized to make your brand stand out from the crowd.


You Choose Your Plan

We’re all about helping you create a sports content writing strategy that works for your company. BKA gives you multiple options, whether you are a small outfitter just starting out in the biz or a featured Fortune 500 sporting goods company. You can hire our sports copywriters to create one new webpage or an ongoing supply of monthly blog writing on sports. Whatever your needs are, we have options for you.

Sports Blog Writing That Actually

Gets Results

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BKA Has a Pro Team of Sports Content Writers Who Are Also Avid Sports Fans.

Our Writers Know How To Slam-Dunk Blog Content and Turn You Into an Online Sports Authority!

  • Winning, click-worthy titles
  • Deep dives into the research for relevant sports topics
  • Headings that score major SEO points
  • Keyword-placement strategies to make Google’s crawlers take notice
  • Social media posts for any platform
  • Metadata optimization to boost SERP rankings

The Sports Industry Is a Wide-Open Field With Nearly Endless Potential for Blog Writing on Sports Topics.

Here Is a Small Sampling of Sporting Coverage From Our Team:

  • Clothing, Equipment, and Gear Reviews
  • Season Recaps for Any Sport
  • College or Pro Events
  • Sports Fitness and Nutrition
  • Sports Medicine and Health
  • Officiating and Rules
  • Current Events Impacting Sports
  • Children’s Sports

Ready To See a Sports Blog Post?

Sounds Great, But I Have Some Questions…

What is BKA’s sports content writing game plan?

BKA offers flexible options for sports industry content. We understand that our customers’ needs vary, so we make sure to have something for everyone. Whether you want us to pinch-hit for you on occasion or need a first-string all-star player you can count on to produce a pool of monthly blog writing pieces on sports, we’ve got a plan for you.

Plan 1—Self-Service: Our self-service option allows you to order sports content writing as needed. If you have a marketing campaign requiring more content than your team typically handles, we can step in to provide some extra support. This plan is also good if you want to try us out to see if we’re a good match for your company.

Plan 2—SEO Monthly Blog Writing Service: Blogs are powerhouses in the world of sports content. Fans, industry experts, and participants seek the information they crave from reliable, relevant, and engaging blog posts. With a monthly SEO blog plan, you can count on sports blog content that hits the mark for your audience and is optimized with trending keywords for search engine visibility.

Plan 3—Managed Services: This plan gives you full support for your sports content writing needs with a dedicated team and a personal manager. It’s ideal for businesses looking to increase visibility and credibility with regular and consistent content posts. Our sports writers can help you bulk up your SEO strategies with a variety of content, from social media posts to long-form blogs. Your business qualifies for our managed services if you spend more than $1500-3K per month on our sports content writing services.

Which of these plans provides the best support for your sports content writing needs?

How does BKA ensure relevant sports content when you aren’t in the industry?

BKA managers, editors, and freelance sports writers are a talented and professional team of players. You can count on us to deliver products that speak to sports industry readers. We are adamant about producing high-quality work and conducting in-depth research to ensure we provide credible information using best SEO practices at each stage of our services.

We also choose copywriters who understand sports. We have writers who are die-hard football, basketball, and baseball fans — of course — but we also have cycling, running, soccer (or football for all you sports people outside of the U.S.), volleyball, rugby, tennis, and gymnastics enthusiasts. Whatever sport is at the center of your business, we likely have freelance writers just as passionate as you are about it to create great content for you!

How much does it cost for sports content writing from BKA?

We have three choices for sports content writing services, each of which has various pricing levels, so you can choose one that is a good match for your needs. The breakdown of our prices is as follows:

Self-Service Plans: Our self-service plans follow a per-word pricing structure. We charge between 7.5 and 15.5 cents per word. Your rate depends on what you want your sports content writer to produce (such as a web page, blog, or video script) and your specific requirements for each piece you order.   

SEO Monthly Blog Writing Service: These plans include SEO research on trending keywords for sports content topics. This hands-off option is a customer favorite. When you choose this game plan, you get to turn your attention to other aspects of your business while we take care of the sports blog writing to ensure you have content that scores. Our subscription plans cost between $195 and $1,269 per month.

Managed Plans: When you choose managed services, we provide you with an entire BKA sports content writing team. Costs for managed plans vary according to your requirements, but they start at $1500-3K per month.

What can I expect after I place my first sports content order?

Whichever plan you choose, we aim to return finished products quickly while ensuring you receive high-quality sports content. Any time you order through our online self-service option, the turnaround time should be about 7-10 days.

After you place your first order using our monthly blog writing services, you can expect to hear back from one of our sports content managers within 24 hours. The manager will review your sports content goals with you to ensure we are all using the same playbook. Once both of you iron out the details, the manager will turn the articles over to our writers, and you should see your content returned within approximately two weeks.

When you select our managed services, we pull together a dedicated team to fulfill your requirements for custom sports content solutions. Your personal manager works with you to develop a strategy to meet your company’s goals. Total turnaround times for your first order depend on your specific requirements. However, you can expect to get products back within 10 business days after they go to the writers.

Who writes BKA’s sports content?

We work with a crew of passionate, dedicated, and talented sports content writers from all over the country. Though they come from diverse backgrounds, they all have a team-player ethic and a drive to produce the best sports writing content for our customers. Many of our sports copywriters have unique experiences that add context, depth, and nuance to their writing.

At BKA, our process for choosing sports blog writers to join our team ensures we only get the best among the pool of recruits, then train them. While our writers are talented, we want to arm them with the tools and skills they need to achieve our company’s high standards. When you partner with us for your sports content, you can count on us to deliver impeccable content every time.

Does BKA maintain ownership of the content?

After we deliver your sports content products to you, you have full ownership. You can choose how and when you use it, whether you want to post it immediately or add it to a cache of sports articles to dole out over the month.


How do I know my products contain original writing?

BKA is adamant about the originality and authenticity of the sports content our writers produce. Every writer must sign a “No Plagiarism” agreement before they work with us. We also check for plagiarism regularly. You can trust us to produce fresh content for every item we write for you.

Can I choose the sports content writer I want?

We know how critical it is to select team players who are a good fit. BKA’s managers know our freelance sports writers well, and they match the right players for each team. You can be confident that our sports content writers know their stuff and will craft compelling and engaging content for you.

At BKA, we strive to make your sports content world worry-free. After more than a decade of putting out great content for our customers, we’ve learned what it takes to deliver results you can count on.

How can BKA help me stand out from the competition?

When it comes to sports content writing services, BKA approaches our strategies with the same fervor as the most avid football fans choose their brackets for the playoffs. We conduct in-depth research on hot topics and trending keywords. We stay on top of Google’s ever-changing rules of the SEO game. Our research can tell us how your competitors perform, giving us insight into what your audience wants.

In the 12+ years we’ve been writing content, we’ve learned how Google operates and continue to stay abreast of changes in the search engine giant’s algorithms. We combine our experience and expertise in sports content writing with your brand’s unique qualities to produce products that set you apart from your competition.

Our approach to writing provides compelling content. We also optimize it to attract search engine crawlers. We are pros at creating sports content that stands out.

What sports topics has BKA covered in the past?

As diverse as the sports industry is, so is BKA’s blog writing on sports topics. We’ve covered a wide range of topics and in varying lengths. We can as easily write a 250-word product description for sports equipment as we can 3,500 words on fueling an athlete’s body for performance.

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