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Our Team

Greg Secrist


Greg Secrist has worked in the SEO and content creation industry since 2009. Greg is also a passionate tech geek, web designer, marketing pro and SEO Jedi.

Matt Secrist


As a co-founder and the VP of Business Development, Matt is passionate about writing quality content, watching NBA basketball, going backpacking and taking midday naps.

Drew Allen

VP of Sales Strategy

When he’s not wow-ing you with his knowledge of all things content related, he’s probably out practicing his finger dancing moves or trying to improve his golf game.

Jon Bingham

VP of Marketing

Jon is the Marketing Director at BKA Content. When he’s not crafting compelling marketing material, he likes to build Legos, buy sneakers, stare at sports cars and watch the Utah Jazz.

Cara Secrist

Managing Editor

Cara is our grammar queen. When she isn’t red-lining content, she can be found behind the pages of a fantasy novel, directing live theater or playing with grandchildren.

Phil Secrist


While numbers are Phil’s specialty, he is also passionate about music. Not only is he a locally renowned drummer, but he also builds beautiful hand-crafted guitars!

Melinda Rhodes

Account Supervisor

When she isn’t championing for her clients, she can be found hiking in the mountains, getting in a quick run or testing her movie trivia knowledge against others.

Katie Price

Account Manager

Katie embodies the heart and soul of BKA’s company culture with her humor and witty attitude. Where Katie is, Cherry Coke and candy are also.

Andra Stowe

Account Manager

Having worked in the customer service industry for years, Andra tackles everything with a smile. During her free time, Andra loves to spend time with family and to take pictures.

Liz Houtz

Account Manager

Order through the website and you’ll have the privilege of working with Liz. When she’s not managing orders, she enjoys being a mom, playing video games and “adult coloring”.

Caleb Shepherd

Account Manager

With eCommerce customer experience under his belt, Caleb does a fantastic job! When he’s not managing orders, he’s either saving the citizens of Hyrule or watching basketball.

Trevor Spencer


Known as “The Duke” of development, Trevor is the genius behind the BKA backend. When he’s not working on APIs or editing videos, you can find him out on the tennis court.

Amber Morris

Hiring Manager

Amber’s knack for bringing the best writers onto our teams is uncanny. When she isn’t reviewing writer samples, she loves vermicomposting and reading.

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