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Though actually prowling the catwalk may not be our forte, our team has mastered the art of helping fashionistas strut their stuff via fashion copywriting. We have a dedicated team of passionate fashion writers who are ready to build hype over your brand with their words, wit and whimsy.

Quality fashion blog writing is as critical to your brand’s success as the materials you use in your creations. The right words — complemented by the right form and structure — have the power to increase brand awareness, boost website traffic and attract new customers and investors.

Though our freelance fashion writers aren’t divas themselves, they have the talent to create content that shines. Whether you’re looking more for an accessory-sized snippet or a whole ensemble of an order, you can have confidence that we’ll button up your request to your utmost satisfaction.

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Help Your Brand Trend in the SERPs With Quality Fashion Copywriting

Improve SEO

Fashion trends come and go. Likewise, websites that lack relevant SEO may as well be obsolete. High-quality fashion content writing boosts SEO to raise your site’s searchability, help it trend in Google Search and position you as an industry leader.

Establish Your Expertise

In any industry, consumers do business with brands they trust. Through strong fashion copywriting, you can build your brand into a trusted source of fashion information and one with which fashionistas want to do business.

Connect With Quality Leads

You can’t get leads without traffic, and you can’t get traffic without SEO content. Fashion blog writing improves SEO, which increases visibility in the SERPs. Increased visibility means more opportunities to connect with quality leads and boost sales.

Boost Brand Recognition

Consistent, relevant and quality fashion content doesn’t just increase visibility — it also helps you establish a voice. As you expose your audience to more branded content, you increase your recognizability in the process.

For More Than a Decade, BKA Has Been a Go-To Source for Fashion Content Writing

In That Time, We’ve Learned That Quality Content Never Goes Out of Style


Examples of Fashion Copywriting We Provide

Fashion Articles

SEO Fashion Content

Fashion and Apparel Blog Writing

Fashion Landing Pages

Fashion Social Media Posts

Fashion eBooks

Video Scripts For Apparel

Copywriting For Clothing Brands

Additional Custom Fashion Content

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Why Hire BKA Content for Your Fashion Writing Needs?

Freelance Fashion Content Writers With Extensive Experience

When you entrust your fashion blog writing needs to BKA, we ensure an experienced fashion writer takes on the assignment and spins it into a work of art. We love our freelance writers for their reliability, timeliness and attention to detail, and we know you will, too.

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Fashion Content Writing That Gets Results

After more than a decade in the business, our team of fashion writers has perfected the art of creating engaging and effective website content. When you want fashion content that yields real results, look to a writing team that has a reputation for exceeding clients’ expectations time and again.

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A Dedicated Account Manager for Every Client

When bringing your fashion content marketing strategy to life, it’s useful to have a dedicated account manager to advise and support you through the process. When you choose our managed services option, a devoted expert will work closely with you to help your fashion content writing succeed.

More Than 10 Years of Experience

Founded in 2009, BKA has grown from a WordPress site with a simple order form into a trusted SEO content writing agency that caters to companies across the globe. We attribute our success to our ability to help brands grow their businesses through powerful fashion content.

Strategic, No-Fluff Fashion Content

Our fashion content writers don’t just throw words on a page to meet a word count. Rather, they continually meet, if not exceed, the standards our managers and clients set for them by delivering content that is zero fluff, all value.

Superior Customer Service

BKA prides itself on delivering superior customer service at all touchpoints and on building personal relationships with every client we onboard. Because of our approach — and the quality of our fashion content writing — many of our clients become like family.


Packages for Every Need and Budget

Our various offerings and the size of our team enable us to take on projects for companies both big and small. Whether you’re looking for copywriting for a clothing brand or want to develop a large-scale and ongoing content strategy, BKA Content can meet your needs.

Fashion Blog Writing That Actually

Gets Results

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Brands Across the Globe Have Trusted BKA With Their Fashion Content Writing Needs for Over a Decade.

Boost Your Brand’s Visibility and Staying Power When You Do the Same.

  • Generate more clicks with an engaging title.
  • Benefit from carefully researched and industry-relevant subject matter.
  • Trust that each piece of fashion content contains sufficient and proper use of H1 and H2 heading tags.
  • Know that targeted keywords have been researched and strategically placed to enhance ratings.
  • Benefit from SEO-boosting meta-tags and descriptions.
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The Types of Fashion Copywriting We Provide Are as Varied as the Styles Through the Decades:

  • Fashion design and manufacturing
  • Textile design and production
  • Apparel retailing
  • Fashion marketing
  • Merchandising
  • Mixed media
  • Fashion shows
  • Fashion accessories

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How does fashion content writing work?

At BKA Content, we strive to make content marketing as stress-free for your fashion brand as possible. To accomplish this objective, we offer three scalable solutions:

Option 1: Managed Services: If you plan to order a substantial amount of fashion content writing over a long-term basis, our managed services option may be right for you. With this plan, you receive a dedicated account manager who can help advise and implement your apparel content strategy. This plan is best for brands that plan to spend $1500-3K or more on content writing each month.

Option 2: Monthly SEO Blog Writing Plan: Our middle-of-the-road option, the monthly SEO blog subscription service is ideal for small- to medium-sized businesses that hope to invest in a steady flow of fashion blog writing. Via our blog subscription service, brands achieve a noticeable boost in traffic and search engine rankings. Though cheaper than the managed service option, our fashion blog writing service allows you to take a hands-off approach, as our team will do everything from devising your SEO strategy to creating and publishing your fashion content.

Option 3: A La Carte: When you have a small budget or are not yet sure of the direction you wish to go, give our self-service option a try. Through our self-serve page, you can order single pieces of fashion content at your desired word count. You can also choose the type of content you wish to order, identify target keywords and provide other details you think our fashion writers may need.

Ultimately, we offer an option for everyone. Explore each to see which is right for you.

How can fashion brands trust you to deliver authentic-sounding fashion content?

Having been in the writing business for over a decade, BKA Content has written for dozens of fashion brands, ranging from budding design firms to runway staples. With each of these clients, we have learned a lot about everything from industry lingo to marketing best practices. As a result, we confidently create content that reads as if it was created by veteran fashionistas and that positions brands as trusted industry leaders.

We’re not all talk, either. To see what we can do, check out our homepage to view our client roster.

Our freelance fashion copywriters are successful for two reasons. For one, a number of them have extensive fashion writing backgrounds. Two, we hold our fashion writers to the highest of standards and ask that, whenever they take on an assignment, they always familiarize themselves with the style guide, client voice and client expectations.

How much does your fashion content writing service cost?

The cost of our content writing service for fashion articles depends on several factors, including the package you choose, the amount and type of content you order, word count, level of writer expertise and editing requirements. For a general idea of what you can expect to pay, consider the following:

  • Monthly Blog Writing Plans: Our stress-free monthly blogging service ranges from $195 to $1,410 per month. The price depends on how many fashion blogs you need each month, whether you want pro or standard-level writing, and whether you order on a month-to-month, three-month or six-month basis.
  • Self-Service Plans: When you order a la carte, you will pay for content on a per cent basis. We charge between 7.5 cents and 15.5 cents per word, depending on the level of expertise you require your fashion content writer to have.
  • Managed Services: If you spend $3K or more per month, you qualify for our managed services The cost of our managed services depends on whether you order as an agency, business or e-commerce site.

What can I expect when I order fashion content?

When you sign up for any one of our fashion writing services, you can anticipate an email from one of our account managers within 24 hours. The purpose of the email is to set up a time during which we can review the goals for your content and strategize a way to help you meet them.

Once you give us the go-ahead to write, you can anticipate the content hitting your inbox within seven to 10 business days — unless, of course, you request a rush order. Our editors and account managers will ensure that each piece is branded, thorough and on-point before sending it your way.

Who are your fashion content writers?

Our writers at BKA come from a variety of backgrounds and locations across the United States. They also bring to the table a wealth of knowledge and experience from across multiple industries, including fashion. We select all our writers, including our fashion content writers, based on their abilities to write, research, and master particular tones and voices.

Our onboarding process for writers and editors at BKA Content is extensive and rigorous. Before we hire writers, we make sure they can meet our arduous standards on a consistent basis. We also make sure they can uphold our company’s values, one of which is to deliver content that is of the quality we promise by the agreed-upon deadline.

Who has the rights to the final fashion content writing product?

The great thing about ordering content from BKA as opposed to another fashion writing service is that, once we deliver your content, we hand over the rights to it. At no point will we demand more money in exchange for continued rights, ask you to include our writers’ bylines or tell you to take the content down. Once it hits your inbox, it is yours to do with as you please. Though we’re not trying to be divas about it, we are proud to report that most clients post their content within one to three days of receiving it.


Have you ever had problems with plagiarism?

At BKA Content, we maintain a strict no-plagiarism policy, a policy to which our freelance fashion writers must agree before we onboard them. If we discover that a fashion content writer failed to deliver 100% original content, we immediately terminate the relationship. Given this, you can have peace of mind that all content you receive from BKA Content will be 100% original.

Can I pick my fashion content writer?

When we designed our services, we did so with the goal of making them as seamless for our clients as possible. A part of doing this entails familiarizing ourselves with our writers’ strengths so that we can assign the best person possible to your project. This approach has not failed us yet, and our fashion writers consistently deliver top-notch content that unfailingly exceeds clients’ expectations.

How can your fashion content writing help differentiate me from my competitors?

Like a perfectly put-together outfit, an effective piece of content contains specific elements and follows a strict formula. Over the past decade, we have studied what works and what doesn’t and, from the insight we’ve gleaned, developed a blueprint that dots all the I’s and crosses all the T’s of Google-approved content. We ask that our fashion copywriters follow this blueprint, all while incorporating the unique voices of the clients for which they write.

When your website consists of high-quality, keyword-optimized and engaging content that adheres to our blueprint, your website will start to climb in the SERPs. Once it does, you will quickly notice an uptick in traffic and quality leads. Best of all, your brand will gain recognition as a leader in the fashion industry.

What kind of fashion content have you written before?

Our fashion writers have created content for several fashion brands, both big and small. Though not an exhaustive list, some fashion copywriting examples include items from our more notable clients include Target, Amazon, Walmart, Revival Jewelry and Perfume.com. Like the fashion tastes of various generations, cultures and individuals, our experience is vast and varied when it comes to fashion content writing.

Whether you want to invest in monthly fashion blog writing, product descriptions, a website content overhaul or all of the above, you can entrust your content needs to our expert fashion content writers. When it comes to fashion content, there is little our writers can’t do.

Whenever you’re ready to strut your stuff on the digital runway that is the world wide web, let us help. Schedule a consultation today.

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