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Monthly Blog Writing Plans

Results-driven, organic content marketing plans for those looking for a hands-off solution.

Managed Writing Services

White-labeled custom content solutions for businesses and agencies.


This option if perfect if you have small projects and would like to order content à la carte.

Monthly Blog Writing Plans


High-level blog posts written by expert writers. This level of writing is perfect for any business, but a must-have for more technical industries such as legal, financial, medical or B2B.

4 blogs/month

8 blogs/month

12 blogs/month


Mid-level blog posts written by standard writers. Can be a great fit for non-technical businesses that are easy to understand. Meant for a general audience.

4 blogs/month

8 blogs/month

12 blogs/month

Managed Writing Services

Services Start At $1,500/mo.

If you are an agency or a business with large or custom content needs, this service is for you!

Our managed services offer unlimited ordering flexibility and organization for complex projects, high-volume needs and integrated processes.

Talk with one of our experts today to get started!

*Monthly payment goes toward content 

Self-Serve Options

Blog Posts

Monthly Blog Writing Plans

Blog Posts written and delivered monthly that are strategy-based and SEO-optimized.

From $499/month

Standard Blog Post

Mid-level writing meant for topics that require general research.

7.5 cents/word

Pro Blog Post

High-level writing meant for topics that require in-depth research.

13 cents/word

Web Pages

Standard Web Page

Mid-level writing meant for non-technical industries.

10.5 cents/word

Pro Web Page

High-level writing for more complicated industries.

15.5 cents/word

Location Page

A web page created with GEO location keywords in mind.

15.5 cents/word


Standard Product Descriptions

7.5 cents/word

Standard Category Descriptions

7.5 cents/word

Pro Product Descriptions

13 cents/word

Pro Category Descriptions

13 cents/word

Custom Products

Social Media Posts

From $5.00

Meta Descriptions

From $4.00

Standalone Editing

3 cents/word

Press Release

15.5 cents/word

Here are More Services to Choose From

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White Papers


Content Curation


Video Scripts

Photo Descriptions

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