Info About Scam BKA Content Job Postings


We’ve become aware that a person or persons have been using our company name and some of our employees’ names to run a scam on various hiring platforms (such as FindTutors), as well as popular messaging apps such as Telegram, Instagram Messenger, and Facebook Messenger. 

We are working with the platforms on which these conversations are taking place and are doing everything within our power to shut this activity down.

If you are not communicating with us directly through our Write for BKA Page, it’s a scam.

About The Scam

We were recently contacted by individuals not affiliated with BKA Content who fell victim to scam job postings on various hiring sites (such as FindTutors) and messaging platforms, including Telegram, Instagram Messenger, and Facebook Messenger. The scam involved the following steps:

  1. An imposter is using the names of real BKA Content employees (such as Liz Houtz, etc.) and reaching out via Telegram, Instagram Messenger, and Facebook Messenger offering a content writing job translating a book, etc.
  2. They will offer to pay you for the content once complete.
  3. Once you finish the content and request payment, the scammers are asking you for money ($150-$300) to set up a payment account to get paid.
  4. No money is sent to the writer for the work and communication is banned.

Tips for Staying Safe

  • If someone claiming to be from our company reaches out using Telegram, Instagram Messenger or Facebook Messenger, STOP communicating with this individual and report them on the platform you are using. 
  • DO NOT write any content for them.
  • NEVER pay them money if they ask for it.


Here at BKA Content, we will NEVER reach out to contractors using mediums like Telegram, Instagram Messenger, or Facebook Messenger.