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When we aren’t spending our time browsing local listings for hidden gems, we’re spending time writing about real estate. As experts in the industry, we’re here to help you build your home on the internet by creating web pages, articles, blogs, social media content, product descriptions and any other type of real estate writing you need to build your company’s online empire.

Just as your real estate listings rely on catchy wording and high-quality images to get noticed, so do your website and social media profiles. The real estate writers at BKA Content are ready to help you increase traffic, boost your brand and build client loyalty.

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Get ahead in the online housing market with

professional and engaging real estate content writing.

Increased Real Estate SEO

Using content written by a professional real estate content writer that understands the proper use of SEO can help you jump the ranks on Google and make your way to the top of the search engine results pages.

Lead Generation

Traffic increases as you begin to climb Google’s rankings. As more people visit your website and social media profiles, the content from your real estate blog writer will increase the number of leads and sales you receive

Industry Expertise

BKA Content’s real estate blog writing service paints you as an expert in your industry. Potential clients will see that you know your stuff when it comes to buying and selling homes or commercial properties and will be more comfortable doing business with you.

Brand Recognition

You want content for your real estate website that not only optimizes SEO keywords but also speaks to your audience in an engaging way. The best real estate content creation is able to rank AND catch the attention and loyalty of potential customers.

We’ve been writing high-quality real estate content for almost 15 years. In that time, we’ve learned how to keep up with trends in the industry.


Types of SEO Real Estate Writing Services We Provide

Real Estate SEO Website Content

SEO Real Estate Articles

Real Estate Blog Writing

Real Estate Landing Pages

Real Estate Social Media Posts

Real Estate eBooks

Real Estate Video Scripts

Real Estate Product Descriptions

Custom SEO Real Estate Content

Let’s start by choosing the real estate blog writing service that meets your needs.

Why Hire BKA Content for Your Real Estate Copywriting Needs?

real estate content writers

Experts in the Real Estate Industry

Every real estate copywriter we choose has an expansive background in the housing market. This ensures your content is engaging, relevant and original. We love the people who write for us, and you will, too!

real estate blog writers

A Personal Account Manager

We can provide extra help by pairing you with a personal account manager when you choose our managed SEO writing services plan. An account manager helps you decide which type of content will best meet your company’s needs. They also assign you a real estate blog writer who consistently produces high-quality work on time. We can’t wait to work with you!

real estate content creation

Nearly 15 Years of Experience

We’ve been writing real estate content since 2009. That’s nearly 15 years of creating blogs, web pages, social media posts and more for businesses like yours. While you’re helping people find their dream homes, our real estate content writers are helping you create your dream online presence.

The Best Customer Service

When you work with BKA Content, you become part of the family. We take pride in having personal relationships with all of our clients. In fact, we become so close that many real estate clients work with us for years. All you need to do to see the proof is check out our testimonials.

Real Estate Content Without the Fluff

We know that you need to be succinct and professional on the internet. The real estate content writer assigned to your project avoids fluff and focuses on creating blogs, social media posts and more based on the message you need to send to your client. We put thought, effort and care into all the copy we provide for your company.

Real Estate Content Writing Options That Meet Your Needs

Every real estate company needs content. We offer three content writing service options to ensure that you find what you need at BKA Content. Choose from self-service, managed writing services and monthly SEO real estate blog writing options.


Results-Oriented Content

Our focus is on results. We spend a lot of time perfecting how we create real estate content. Our well-written SEO and engaging writing ensure you receive collateral that’s engaging enough to keep clients on your website.

Real Estate Blog Writing That

Gets Results

We take pride in our real estate content writing. Every piece we create for you presents you as an expert in the industry and helps you get results.

  • Careful research to ensure relevance to the industry
  • Strategically placed keywords to help you climb Google rankings
  • Improved real estate SEO with meta-tags and descriptions
  • Engaging titles that bring in clicks
  • Proper use of H1 and H2 headings
real estate writers
real estate blog writing services

We provide a wide range of professional real estate content writing services:

  • Web pages
  • Real estate articles for blogs
  • Social media posts
  • Newsletters
  • Email marketing
  • Home descriptions
  • Commercial property descriptions
  • E-books

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Sounds Great, But I Have Some Questions…

How do I work with BKA Content?

You’ll have three options when you decide to work with BKA Content.

  • Monthly SEO Blog Writing Plans: One of our most popular real estate content options is the monthly blog writing plan. Small businesses especially benefit from this consistent way of climbing the Google ranks. This monthly organic SEO blogging package provides a steady flow of real estate blogs that boost traffic with high-quality SEO. This hands-free option leaves you free to work on other aspects of running your business.
  • Self-Service: If you only need content for one project or simply want to see real estate content writing examples before you commit, you can try our a la carte writing option. Choose your keywords and determine how long you want your content to be, and we’ll do the rest of the work. You can purchase self-service options through our online content shop.
  • Managed SEO Writing Services: If you need a large amount of SEO real estate content, such as several website pages or blogs, you will benefit from our managed services. This option gives you a personal account manager to get your projects done efficiently. This option is available for companies spending at least $1,500.

How can you write for the real estate industry if it's not the industry you're in?

We’ve been writing real estate content since 2009. In that time, our freelance real estate writers have learned a lot about real estate, how the industry works and what it takes to build your brand and increase your Google rankings. We’ve written for small businesses and large corporations, and it’s helped us fine-tune our blog writing based on your needs. Your real estate writer will thoroughly research your requests to ensure you have a fantastic experience with BKA Content and are up to date on the latest housing trends.

How much does it cost to receive real estate content?

We price our content depending on the services you need. We offer custom-managed services, pricing per word and monthly subscription options.

  • Monthly SEO Blog Writing Plans: Monthly subscription prices range from $375 to $1,499 and depend on how many real estate blogs you need each month.
  • Self-Service Plans: These plans are priced per word and cost 7.5 cents to 15.5 cents. The pricing depends on your requirements and the type of content you need. Pricing is available on our content shop page.
  • Managed SEO Writing Plans: These plans are available for companies that spend at least $1,500 per month with BKA.

What can I expect when I order real estate content from BKA

Typically, you’ll receive the content you order in 7 to 10 days. The content will be well-researched, well-written and on-brand for your company. If you sign up for our monthly real estate blog writing service, an account manager will reach out within 24 hours to review your content needs. If you sign up for our managed SEO writing services plan, you’ll get an entire team of real estate writers ready to provide you with the custom content you need.

Who are your real estate content writers?

Our real estate content writers have expansive industry knowledge, top researching abilities and strong comprehension skills.

Not anybody can write for BKA Content. Our real estate blog writers undergo a rigorous application and training process to ensure they’re up to the task. The process is competitive, and we take pride in hiring only the best of the best.

Finally, our real estate copywriters are passionate about the industry. That passion, combined with their skills, makes them the professionals you need.

Who owns the finished real estate content?

You purchased the content, so you own it. Once we deliver your real estate blogs, social media posts and other content, you can do what you want with it when you want to do it. We do find that our content is most successful when companies post it within three days, which helps ensure that it’s relevant and up-to-date.


Do I need to worry about plagiarism?

Not at all! We have a strict policy against plagiarism and take it very seriously. Each of our real estate writers signs an agreement that promises against copying sources. We always create original content.

Can I pick the real estate writers I work with?

Our goal is to create a seamless service for you. We know our real estate content writers well and assign a specific writer or team of writers to each project. Don’t worry, though. Our real estate writing team is always dedicated to providing you with original, high-quality content that helps your company thrive. You focus on selling property, and we’ll focus on your content writing goals.

How does BKA Content set my company apart from the competition?

Each time we approach a piece of real estate content, it’s with a results-driven strategy. We take great pride in writing collateral with everything you need for your company to thrive. We spend time understanding how Google uses keywords and phrases to ensure your content begins to climb the search results page rankings. We implement up-to-date SEO practices to create the quality real estate blog content you need to stand out — to both humans and search engines.

What type of real estate content have you written in the past?

We have written real estate content for a wide variety of companies. Our clients range from local, family-owned real estate companies to big, powerhouse law firms specializing in housing litigation. We are experts in writing real estate blogs, web pages, social media content and much more. There’s nothing we can’t do when it comes to real estate writing!

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