Why You Should Use Professional Ghostwriting Services

by | Dec 8, 2019 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

Why You Should Use Professional Ghostwriting Services

by | Dec 8, 2019 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

Most businesses cringe when they think about all of the content they need to create to be able to compete online. Thankfully, there are solutions such as using a professional ghostwriter that can make content creation extremely hands-off and easy.

But how do you know if you should use a professional ghostwriting services for your content creation needs?

Creating Different Types of Content

One of the easiest ways to know if you could benefit from using a ghostwriting service is by determining how many different types of content you need created. Some examples of content that ghostwriting services can provide include:

  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • Landing Pages
  • White Papers
  • Press Releases
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Title Tags
  • Product Descriptions
  • Amazon Descriptions
  • Web Pages
  • Other Online Writing

Did you see any content types on the list that you need? Maybe you need a some help creating thousands of product descriptions for your catalog of skus. Or maybe you’re looking for a white paper ghostwriter to help build out some high-level explanations of products or services you offer. No matter what your content writing needs are, you could absolutely benefit from using a ghostwriting company.

What is a Ghostwriter?

So what is the actual ghostwriter meaning? If you ask any kid that grew up watching tv in the 90’s they’ll tell you it’s a literal ghost who communicates to teenagers through words and letters to help them solve crimes, mysteries and capers.  For everyone else, the definition is much more believable and useful.

According to Wikipedia, a ghostwriter is someone who is hired to write texts, literary works of journalistic pieces where the official author credit is given to someone else. While you may be familiar with the term in relation to celebrities, politicians and executives needing a ghostwriter to help write an autobiography, speech or script, ghostwriters are found in nearly every part of business and almost every industry. Few business owners have the time or literary skill to craft the amount of content they need to market their business online effectively. This is where getting help from

Why Use a Ghostwriter?

Save Time

Coming up with keywords, topic ideas, and a content schedule takes enough of a content marketer’s time, which leaves very little for the actual writing of the content. Most content marketers just don’t have any extra time to give to content writing, on top of their other marketing campaigns, which is why most companies struggle with putting out enough content.

By using a professional ghostwriter, you can offload all of the writing responsibility to someone else, thus giving you more time to strategize while also getting a lot of content written in order to feed your campaigns.

Save Money

When you think about the salaries and benefits you pay your employees, having to add more employees to handle your content gets really expensive really fast.

By outsourcing content to a writing service, you can avoid all of those extra costs by just being able to pay for the content when you need it. We’ve conducted research and written a white paper on the savings of outsourcing content creation vs keeping it in-house. Take a look at the savings of using ghostwriting services when weighing the ghost writer cost versus in-house writer costs based on different content volume needs:

Cost benefit of ghostwriting services

Outsourcing is the Best Way to Scale

If you need any type of consistent volume when it comes to content creation, outsourcing writing to a ghostwriting service really is the only way to create a lot of content while also staying within budget.

Not only do you save money by not having to hire hundreds of employees, but by utilizing an outsourced army of writers, you can get large amounts of content written within very short periods of time. What might have taken you and a few employees weeks and months to create can take mere days by utilizing a content creation service.

Outsourcing also makes volume fluctuations extremely easy. If you were to hire in-house writers, you have to keep them on the payroll even if you have nothing for them to do. With an outsourced writing service, you can order large or little amounts of content, which is perfect for companies that see seasonal fluctuations in their content creation campaigns.

Professional Ghostwriting Services Have Other Benefits

SEO Optimization

A good ghostwriter understands SEO best practices and will incorporate them into the content. Making sure that keywords flow naturally, headers are concise and that the content provides value will help your content to rank in the major search engines, thus increasing potential traffic to your site.

Full Rights to the Content

When you hire a ghostwriter, they give you full rights to the content meaning that you can publish the content under your name. This is extremely valuable especially if you are using the content for branding or for business purposes so that you can have full control of how the content is used.

Fresh Writing Perspectives

The longer you work in an industry, the harder it gets to think of fresh ideas and perspectives on certain topics. Having access to hundreds of ghostwriters helps to eliminate this problem since each writer can bring a new approach to a seemingly old subject.

Efficient Production

Since writing is a ghostwriter’s life, their ability to create high-quality content quickly is how they make money. This means that you can get much better production from a professional ghostwriter than you can with a full-time employee.

When You Shouldn’t Use A Professional Ghostwriter

If you work in a very specific niche, such as mechanical engineering or genome development, finding a ghostwriter who is competent in these areas of expertise is going to be nearly impossible.

Expecting a ghostwriter to be able to write about intensely complex industries or processes is unrealistic and is one reason why having an in-house specialist write the content makes sense.

However, for everything else, hiring a content creation service with competent professional ghostwriters should be more than adequate to get you the high-quality content that you need in order to boost your content marketing campaigns.

How Much Does A Ghostwriter Cost?

This can absolutely depend on the method you choose to find a professional ghostwriter. The main methods for finding a ghostwriter includes trying:

  • Freelance Work Sites
  • Content Creation Services
  • Individual Advertising

Most ghostwriters typically list their rates as cent per word, which can also be higher or lower per word based on the type of content needing to be written. Depending on where you look, ghostwriting rates per word may be anywhere from 1 cent to a dollar per word! Thankfully, there are content creation services that can help you to avoid the hassle and negotiation of independent freelance writers by giving you access to their network of professional ghost writers and categorizing different content writing levels.

Pros of Using A Content Creation Service

While not all content creation services are created equal, they can make the hiring of a professional ghostwriter much easier. The way they do this is by vetting and hand selecting ghostwriters that meet their requirements in order to create a base quality standard. This saves you time from having to hand select a freelance writer and then hope that they will meet your quality standards.

If the content creation service offers account management, this can simplify your life even further as you only need to talk to your account manager about your project, and then they will create a team of writers to fulfill your project. This is the best way to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to using professional ghostwriters.

Cons of Not Using A Content Creation Service

While you are saving yourself some actual writing time, you do have to spend a good chunk of time sifting through the credentials of different freelance writers, communicating with each writer individually, negotiating pricing for each project and then managing all of the writers, turn times and projects simultaneously.

We Have the Professional Ghostwriters You Are Looking For!

So if you’re still wondering, “Should I hire a ghostwriter?”, the answer is it can’t hurt to try! Here at BKA Content, we know that we have some of the best ghostwriters around. We hand select each of our writers who then go through our rigorous testing and training process to ensure that they meet our high-quality standards. At BKA, we have a 99.84% content approval rating, meaning that we get content right the first time!

On top of having amazing teams of writers, we also offer account management free of charge to make the ordering and delivery process as simple as possible. This means that you will have one point of contact for all of your content needs, thus eliminating the need to speak to freelance writers individually. This saves you a ton of time so that you can use your time to strategize, research and carry out your online marketing campaigns. Try our professional ghostwriting services today!

If you are a writer, and are interested in writing for us here at BKA, learn how to apply!

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