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Does this sound familiar?

No Product Descriptions

Do you have hundreds or even thousands of SKUs without product descriptions?

Manufacturer Descriptions

Are you just reusing the manufacturer’s product descriptions for all or some of your products?

Old Product Descriptions

Have you used the same product descriptions for years without updating or optimizing them?

If so, you are missing out on:

Search Engine Rankings

Search engines like Google rank unique and original content that is optimized with relevant keywords. If your ecommerce content is old (or doesn’t exist) and hasn’t been optimized lately with more relevant keywords, it won’t come up in the results.

Also, if your product descriptions are copied from the manufacturer, no one will be finding your products since search engines are designed to filter duplicate content from their search results. You’ll have no edge over your competitors without your own unique content on each product page.

Both of these problems result in low rankings, if you are lucky enough to show up on the search engines at all.

product description problems
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Website Traffic

It’s pretty simple to understand that if you don’t have optimized product descriptions, it’s near impossible for anyone to organically find your products on the search engines.

Organic search is a huge source of traffic for eCommerce businesses and optimizing for it is a great way to get a competitive advantage. If you don’t utilize keywords, geo-locations and headers to get ahead on Google, you’ll lose traffic to those who do.

However, even if you’ve decided to go the paid advertisement route, you can still be missing out on valuable money-earning traffic. Poorly written product descriptions with a high bounce rate and low user engagement can limit your products being purchased and also limit the amount of times they are shared with other potential customers.


If your product pages aren’t coming up in the search engines, you aren’t getting website traffic. If you aren’t getting website traffic, your chances of converting customers to make a sale is next to none.

While just getting traffic to your product pages is incredibly important, if you don’t make the most of it once they get there, you are doing yourself (and your bottom line) a huge disservice. What a user reads about a product can heavily influence whether or not they will buy.

Product descriptions are the final point in the conversion funnel. Not having a conversion-ready description that really sizzles can severely undermine this final and critical point at which you can secure a customer’s purchase.


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We can help!

Let us upgrade and improve your product descriptions with the solutions below.

Unique & Original

Whether we are writing a new product description or refreshing an old one, ALL of our product descriptions are unique and original to help increase search engine ranking probability.


Our large team of trained writers can help you to upgrade hundreds or thousands of product descriptions quickly and efficiently.


Our affordable pricing makes it even easier to get all of your product descriptions upgraded. Outsourcing this task to us is usually much cheaper than putting people on your payroll.

We create awesome ecommerce descriptions

How exactly do we do this? We recommend creating product and category descriptions that:

Speak to your target market


Are optimized with keywords

Explain benefits & features clearly


Are updated & relevant


Read well with lists & formatting

Call the reader to action

See it in action!

Companies we’ve helped

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