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Product Description

Standard Product Descriptions are meant for products that are more general in nature and require general research and are non-technical. Products that are more technical in nature, or that require more research to write about are better suited for our Pro Product Description option.

Product Descriptions are pretty self-explanatory – they describe a product in detail to your customers!  Product descriptions are typically found on retail sites, eCommerce sites, and pretty much any website that utilizes a shopping cart system.  They are meant to be an aid to consumers in making a purchasing decision.  If you are creating a new eCommerce site that is in need of new product descriptions, you’ve chosen the right service.

Because Product Descriptions are often ordered in bulk, and typically run between 50-200 words, we’ve created special pricing that is associated with smaller word ranges.  If you have product descriptions that need to be longer – never fear.  We also have options for larger word sizes as well.

As with everything else we write, Product Descriptions are written from scratch at the time of your order.  Our qualified writers will create a unique and informative product description based on the existing information that you provide.  Please be prepared to supply a URL or two of where our writers can go to get the information they need to create the description.

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Alloy Machined Wheels with Black Accents

Sporty yet sophisticated, our alloy machined wheels with black accents look as good on a Miata as they do on a Mercedes. Alloy wheels enhance the appearance of your ride and improve its handling by reducing unsprung weight. Less weight on the shocks and springs means faster acceleration when the rubber hits the road.

• Durable, single-piece cast construction.
• Includes center cap.
• Open lugs screw down.
• Available in 17-, 18-, 20- and 22-inch rim diameters to fit your car, SUV or truck.

Don’t let heavy OEM wheels slow you down. Our lightweight alloy wheels improve traction and handling. Order a set from XYZ Company with confidence, knowing your purchase is backed by our low price guarantee. We also offer free shipping within the continental United States.