The 13 Most Crucial Types of SEO Writing Services

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When many companies first launch their content marketing campaigns, they focus on blogging and website content creation. While both types of content are crucial elements of any successful online marketing strategy, content marketing is so much more than blogging — way more. SEO writing services can extend to ebooks, newsletters, press releases, video scripts and much more. Before we get into the types of SEO writing services there are available, though, let’s talk about why to invest in them in the first place.


The Why: Top 5 Reasons To Invest in SEO Writing Services

SEO writing services

Back when you first heard the phrase “content is king,” you may have rolled your eyes and thought that SEO writing services were a passing trend. However, instead of feeling inundated with the increasing amounts of online content, consumers not only crave more but also prefer content over advertisements. Below are five stats that prove it:

1. Content marketing gets 3x more leads per dollar.

For the longest time, paid search was touted as the be-all and end-all of content marketing. However, recent data tells us just how untrue that sentiment is today. Content marketing not only costs 62% less up front than paid ads but also generates three times as many leads as PPC.

2. Ad overload has lead to ad blocking.

In 1984, the average consumer saw 2,000 ads per day. Two decades later, that number more than doubled. The result? Now, more than 200 million people use ad blockers, meaning the chances of your ads getting seen by your target audience are minimal.

3. Small businesses with blogs see more growth.

Small businesses that use blogging alone see 126% more leads than those that don’t. What’s more is that 77% of users read blogs, and 61% make purchases based on a blog post’s recommendations.

4. SEO content writing drives more traffic.

Websites that utilize consistent SEO writing services have, on average, 434% more indexed pages than those that don’t. More indexed pages means more site traffic. Just how much more? Businesses that push out at least 16 blogs/articles per month see 3.5 times more traffic than those that publish between zero and four articles.

5. Content writing is 6x more powerful than other marketing methods.

Content marketing drives six times more leads and is six times more likely to convert leads into paying customers than traditional marketing.

seo writing service

As the stats show, consistent SEO content writing is necessary to achieving and sustaining online success. However, because efforts must be consistent, as many as 73% of major brands across the globe pay SEO writing services to help scale and regulate their campaigns. These brands understand that content is a necessary business investment that yields a substantial ROI.

According to @CMIContent, content marketing not only costs 62% less up front than paid ads but also generates three times as many leads as PPC. 🤯 #ContentMarketing #Marketing Click To Tweet


The What: Top Types of SEO Writing Services To Invest In

Whether you’re launching your website, getting started with your content marketing strategy or looking to expand your content marketing efforts, there are key pieces of content that can help you achieve your marketing goals, or even exceed them. According to content marketing experts, any business that wants to stay competitive online should grow its campaigns to include these 13 critical SEO writing services.


1. Webpage Writing Services

What is a website without webpages? Though many brands today use the sleek and seamless one-page website, you still want to have the standard static pages. Those include a “Services,” “About Us” and “Contact” page. How many pages your website needs depends on the number and complexity of your service offerings, as well as how in-depth you want to get regarding everything from your approach to company overview.

That said, webpages, unlike most other forms of SEO content, should not be overly wordy. The goal with website pages is to generate as much impact in as few words as possible. The ideal webpage length is 300 words, though you should break that up into short, hard-hitting snippets.

web page writing services

If you provide too much information in large blocks, you risk losing your audience’s attention. However, provide too little information — and/or information that provides little to no value — and you risk leaving visitors wanting more. And visitors who are left wanting often go elsewhere.

How to Work With Webpage Writing Services

When working with a webpage writing service, you’ll want to make sure the company goes through a proper discovery session with your brand. This can happen over the phone, email interview, or an official form. The purpose is to create a client profile for their SEO writing team to make sure they understand your mission statement, style, tone, product/service offerings, awards, community involvement, certifications and anything else makes you stand out from the competition.

The last thing you want to do when hiring SEO writing services to create webpages for you is for them to misrepresent your brand on your core site pages. Do your part to get whatever information your webpage writing service would need in order to accurately position your brand in a favorable light online.


2. Blog Writing Services

If you’re already engaging with blog writing services on an ongoing basis, give yourself a high-five and move onto content type number three. If you’ve yet to start a blog, or if you post sporadically, refer to content marketing benefit numbers one through five.

The overwhelming majority of SEO writing services available online have a blog writing offering. This is because a blog is the very foundation of your content marketing strategy. A blog not only helps you drive more traffic and increase conversions but also provides you with an invaluable opportunity to engage with your visitors, provide them with relevant and helpful information and position yourself as an industry leader.

Blogging also happens to be one of the most accessible types of SEO content writing. Though you should still hire a writer or invest in ongoing SEO blog writing services to get the quality and quantity of content you need to really succeed online, you can always count on blogging services to be within your budget and to yield the ROI you desire.

One of the primary reasons to invest in blog writing services is the nature of how blogs are used in content marketing. Blogging is the primary avenue most businesses can take in order to expand their organic reach through targeting multiple industry-specific keywords. Each blog can focus on a different keyword and potentially help to bring in more traffic. Because of that, the more blogs you have out there focusing on different keyword phrases, the more traffic you can get online. On top of that, Google also prioritizes NEW content over old, outdated content, so there is a need to continually create blog content month in and out.

How to Work with Blog Writing Services

Writing a few blog posts here or there isn’t going to cut it. You need a blog writing service that can help you maintain the online traffic you’ve already gained as well as help with the content marketing strategy to help you rank for more keywords. One great avenue of engaging with SEO blog writing services is to sign up for a blog writing subscription. This allows you to continually get blogs every single month without you having to take time out of your normal job duties to find keywords, topics and blog writers to help.

blog writing services


3. Infographic Writing Services

Use of visual content is growing at a rapid rate, with infographics leading the way. As of this year, 65% of brands are using infographics in their content, and for good reason:

  • Infographics can help boost website traffic by as much as 12%.
  • Infographics receive three times more shares than any other type of content on social media.
  • Infographics are 30 times more likely to be read in their entirety than a blog post.

Infographics are fun, visually appealing and jam-packed with information, making them a type of SEO content users are more than happy to devour. However, don’t just stop with the infographic. Pair it with your blog content. SEO writing that contain infographics receive 72% more views and 178% more links than articles that don’t.

According to @Venngage, articles that contain infographics receive 72% more views and 178% more links than articles that don’t. 😲 #ContentMarketing #Infographics Click To Tweet

How to Work With Infographic Writing Services

One of the key reasons to work with an SEO writing service that specializes in infographic writing is to make sure your sharable images provide real value. Content marketing experts warn against just plopping random info into cool looking flow charts. Because infographics are increasing in popularity, users expect more. For an infographic to be considered shareable today, it should tell a story and provide practical value, be well structured and take the eyes on a predefined journey, provide a new angle to a possibly tired topic, send a single key message and be visually appealing. As for the copy itself? It should be kept short and sweet.

An infographic writing service will have experience writing the content behind the images. Coming up with the impressive data points and formatting of the message of the infographic is usually always done at the SEO writing stage before being moved to design.

Examples of Great SEO Writing in Infographics

This Typography and Fonts infographic does a great job of providing a new angle, sending a single message and doing so in a beautiful manner.

SEO writing services

Want to know more about Feng Shui and how to achieve it in your home? Use this visual.

Or, you can learn more about climate change via this invigorating color story.


4. Guide Writing Services

Guides are longer, more in-depth and more aesthetically pleasing forms of SEO writing than the traditional blog post. Because guides are so long, they must be on topics that your audience really wants to learn about. There also needs to be enough information on the given topic to make the guide interesting from start to finish.

Readability is a huge factor in how well your guide performs. In addition to strong design and simple layout, your guide should be characterized by strong writing. While many copywriters are adept at creating blog posts, social media content and website content, not many can tackle a project as extensive as a guide and produce top-tier content from start to finish.

How to Work With Guide Writing Services

When shopping around for SEO writing services to help create guides, make sure they have the capacity to produce the research necessary for your guides. Depending on the industry you’re in and how specialized the content might be, the number of writers that can actually tackle the subject matter may be limited. Be sure to procure some good examples of content that already exists within your industry so the Guide Writing Services you’re looking into can accurately vet their writing teams using that as a quality barometer.

Ultimately, doing a discounted trial order with an SEO writing service that specializes in guides is a great way to get your feet wet and make sure they will be a good fit.


5. Case Study Writing Services

Today’s consumer is informed, and user-generated SEO content, such as reviews, has just as much sway as blog posts and website pages. Case studies are a mix of reviews and webpages in that they’re not user generated, but they do communicate real results.

Case studies are a way for you to boast about your company’s success stories in the most objective and compelling manner possible. They also help to establish thought leadership, are highly shareable and are wholly unique because, well, they tell your stories based off your own data.

case study SEO writing service

The structure of a case study is fairly simple: You begin with a summary of the study, explain the issue or hypothesis you were assessing, identify your solution and then detail your results. Close strong with a brief summary of why those results matter.

SEO content writing services

How to Work With Case Study Writing Services

Though simple, it’s so easy to use case studies in the wrong way, especially if the SEO writing service you’re using doesn’t have a lot of experience writing these. One common mistake with the case study is to just report the results and nothing else. These types of case studies not only are boring but also fail to convey why users should care. Case studies are also not actionable, as users have no idea what to do with, say, “65% increase in traffic.”

A case study, like a blog post, should use storytelling elements and focus on the “how” and “why.” Using the right SEO writing services to help you craft your case study can help you to drive that point home. A good case study writing service will have template ideas for the flow of the case study, be able to take the interview information you’ve provided and put it all together into a compelling piece of marketing material.


6. White Paper Writing Services

As many as 61% of content marketers say that they’ve made white papers an integral part of their overall content marketing strategy. The majority of those companies cite them as being “effective,” while 41% say they’re “very effective.”

White papers are information-dense pieces of SEO content that focus on single, specific problems and that promise to provide real solutions. White papers are much more detailed than blogs and even guides and offer an exceptional way to build thought leadership.

How to Work With White Paper Writing Services

Because white papers are so information heavy, they take quite a while to research and write. This means that SEO writing services are more likely to charge more for them to produce. However, the investment is well worth it, as nearly three-quarters of brands that use white papers say they’re successful in driving traffic.

Also, because they are so long (think pages, not paragraphs), format plays a crucial role in their effectiveness. SEO white paper writers, designers and company leaders should work together to create a finished product that contains an introduction, distinct paragraphs and a conclusion. When a white paper exceeds more than two pages in length, it should also include a table of contents.


7. Ebook Writing Services

An ebook is essentially a really long guide that’s packaged differently — usually as a downloadable PDF rather than an easily accessible webpage. Marketers generally use ebooks as a way to entice leads to take action, such as join their mailing list. The purpose of the ebook is to help brands establish authority within their industries and to share specialized knowledge.

SEO content services

When ebooks first hit the content marketing scene, marketers placed a ton of emphasis on them, and for a while, that emphasis generated a lot of demand for this type of SEO writing service. However, as with most great things, ebooks became overdone and underwhelming. Many marketers started to generate ebooks on tired topics and without providing any new information or insight. While ebooks still hold some value over blog posts, marketers should be more careful in how they use them.

How to Work With Ebook Writing Services

So, what makes an ebook great? Though the strength of an e-book depends on the quality of writing and relevancy of information shared, an effective ebook typically contains important elements. A good ebook writing service will work to collect information from you in order to create the following:

  1. An innovative and engaging topic
  2. A strong title
  3. Strong organization, design and formatting
  4. Input from industry leaders

There is no standard ebook length. There are some very powerful pieces floating around that are just five pages long, and many others that exceed 30 pages. However, the common denominator between each of these types of SEO content is value. If your ebook doesn’t address a real pain point and offer a real solution, you won’t convert readers — rather, you’ll irritate them and possibly deter them from interacting with your brand in the future. The right SEO writing services can help you to navigate creating an ebook and make sure it goes off without a hitch.


8. Press Release Writing Services

The press release is one of the oldest forms of media that found its place online. A press release is a short and sweet news story that provides a select audience with specific details regarding an upcoming event, product launch, circumstance or other happening. A press release should contain all the essential elements of a story, including the who, what, where, when, why and how.

press release seo writing service

How to Work With a Press Release Writing Service

This type of SEO content should read like a news story, meaning it should be written in third person, contain standard press information and cite quotes and sources. Not many SEO writing services have the writers or know-how to produce strong press releases, so you’ll want to find one that has experience. Because of the nature of press release formatting, the best press release writing services will have a template that you can fill out to provide all the relevant information they need to write the post. This typically includes things like:

  • Company name and address
  • Boilerplate info
  • Quotes from high-ranking individuals close to the situation
  • All the details surrounding the event/announcement


9. Product Description Writing Services

This type of SEO content should be a no-brainer if you sell physical products online. However, the product description today is not what it used to be.

Once upon a time, the product name, color and dimensions were sufficient to sell an item online. Today, however, shoppers want extreme detail — as in 300 to 400 words worth of detail. According to the CMO of Visiture, the ideal product length is between 305 and 400 words — or however long is necessary to convey the main features of the product and its benefit to the end user.

SEO product description writing service

How to Work With Product Description Writing Services

A strong product description should be written with the user in mind, use a clear tone of voice and tell a story. The best SEO writing services for product description creation will want some specific information in order to create the description effectively. For instance, you may be asked to provide the following:

  • Product name
  • URL to existing product description
  • Product category
  • Brand name
  • Keywords being targeted
  • Features/Benefits

While communicating the features (size, material, instructions, use, etc.) is a must, benefits have much more persuasive power. While you could go the traditional route and spell out the benefits, strong SEO writing services are able to paint a picture and sell the product as an essential element of a desirable lifestyle.

SEO writing services for ecommerce

Finally, strong product descriptions not only sell your product but also contribute to your SEO. For these reasons, you should hire SEO writing services to create your product descriptions, not attempt to write them yourself.


10. Landing Page Writing Services

A landing page is a single, standalone webpage created for a specific marketing or advertising purpose, such as introducing a product or service, capturing leads, getting visitors to click through to another page or showcasing your company in a special light. Because a landing page serves as an SEO tool to accomplish some of your most important online marketing goals, optimizing them for search, conversions and usability is essential.

landing page SEO writing services

How to Work With Landing Page Writing Services

You should focus on optimizing existing landing pages and find an SEO writing services company to create more for you. Approximately 61% of companies have five or fewer landing pages. However, those with 40 or more landing pages generate 12 times more leads than those with between one and five.

It’s also worth noting that longer landing pages historically generate 220% more leads than those with only above-the-fold CTAs, which goes against a lot of web design best practices.

best SEO writing services

However, like with any type of SEO content, it’s worth your while to test what works best for you and then give your landing page writing service the guidelines you’ve created.


11. Service Description Writing Services

Too many service providers assume that the nature of what they do is evident in their brand name or homepage content. This is often not the case, and even if it is, consumers want more information than they can glean from a few short blurbs.

Your service descriptions should be as detailed as possible. Like with product descriptions, they should cover all the details and go into the benefits for the client. Bonus points if you can provide examples of jobs you’ve completed in the past or results you’ve helped clients obtain, such as through case studies or galleries. Provide as much information as you believe to be valuable to your end user and to help them make informed decisions.

How to Work With Service Description Writing Services

If you’re using an SEO writing service to help create the service description content, make sure you arm them with all of the important information to craft high-quality ecommerce descriptions.


12. “Contact Us” Content

Did you know there are SEO writing services that specialize in writing “Contact Us” pages? Because of how important this little blurb of content is in helping your business to produce leads, it’s imperative you get it right. Technically, the contact page belongs under the “webpage” category. However, because so many people treat this page as an afterthought, it’s worth highlighting separately. Your contact page serves as the final push to get your visitors to convert. While putting a contact form on this page is a no brainer, using only a form can seem cold and impersonal. Is that the final impression you want a potential customer to have of you?

How to Work With “Contact Us” Content Writing Services

Hire SEO writing services to show your contact page some love and to turn it into the ultimate call to action. HubSpot explains the steps you should take to create contact forms that convert:

  • Describe how you can solve the prospect’s problems.
  • Make your email address and phone number easy to find.
  • Include a short form, but follow it up with another CTA, in case the visitor wants to contact you in another way.
  • Showcase your company’s thought leadership, such as summarizing what your brand does, including a rotating reel of customer reviews or highlight recent blog posts beneath the fold.
  • Provide links to active social media accounts.

Examples of “Contact Us” Pages

Here’s a quick look at our “Contact Us” page. As you can see, we went the short and sweet route, but still included a secondary CTA and additional means through which prospects can contact us. We’ve also implemented different contact us pages (with different descriptions) based on the area of the site you’re in. That way, we can speak to the solution we offer based on the information the reader is taking in. You may also notice that we have a chat widget, which is an increasingly popular customer service tool.

types of SEO writing services

Atlas 1031 Exchange treats its contact page as a complete SEO webpage. This page briefly summarizes the company’s expertise and explains, in detail, what a person can expect once it reaches out to the company. The sidebars include contact details, a place where visitors can subscribe to the company’s email newsletter and links to recent blogs.

best webpage SEO writing services

Choice Screening offers a happy medium, with a brief description of why you should contact them and a secondary CTA, followed by an in-depth form.

best SEO article writing services

In addition to serving as a final way to entice visitors to contact you, your contact page also contributes to your SEO. The best SEO writing services can help you create engaging “Contact Us” copy that attracts more traffic and converts.


13. Employee Profile Writing Services

The people behind your company are just as important as your company itself, which is why “Meet the Team” pages are becoming increasingly popular. Often an extension of your “About Us” page, your “Team Profiles” page highlights your business’s strongest asset: your team. It also introduces visitors to who they could potentially be working with, offers transparency and provides that personal touch that is often lacking online. In an age when consumers desire a more intimate connection with the brands they choose to purchase from, these pages are a crucial content marketing asset and should be entrusted to professional SEO writing services.

On our “Our Team” page, you check out the people behind our article writing services, as well as an overview of our story, key values, awards and community volunteer efforts.

BKA SEO writing service

Th_nk uses animated photos of their team members. When you place your cursor over a photo, it spins to reveal unique information about each person.

SEO content writing services

Some brands dedicate whole pages to each team member. This may make more sense if you have a smaller team. Legal firms often use this type of structure, as lawyer bios are often charged with the heavy responsibility of developing trust. For instance, this attorney bio from Milbank gives visitors a brief overview of the lawyer’s primary focus, recent significant engagements, recognitions, and awards and publications.

quality SEO writing services

No matter what kind of team page look you’re going for, you can work with a high-quality SEO writing service to help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.


The How: Invest in SEO Writing Services

When it comes to creating and maintaining a robust content marketing strategy, your website and blog are just the tip of the iceberg. Whether you feel overwhelmed by the type and amount of content you need or you realize that in order to find true online success you need a bit of help, our professional SEO writing services can help. We specialize in each of the different types of SEO content writing listed above. Visit our content shop or contact us to see how we can strengthen your content marketing efforts today!

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