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**There must be an existing page for us to rewrite/refresh. Source material must be within 100 words above the minimum word count you select


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Product Description

Our Location Page product is perfect for any website that wants to re-connect with its audience and the search engines by refreshing the existing information for a new GEO location.


Here are some of the features of a Location Page:

  • Content is completely unique and original (passes Copyscape)
  • Page is rewritten from a source URL
  • Can be optimized for SEO and GEO locations
  • All rights will be transferred to buyer when the product is delivered
  • Orders of 25 pages or less are typically turned around in 7-10 business days
  • **Source material must be within 100 words above the minimum word size you select.

How is it used in the SEO process?

Websites that have stale or boilerplate content across multiple GEO location pages are taking a beating with each new algorithm update.  Updating your geo-location pages to be unique and original is essential in order to avoid duplication penalties as well as maximize your online real estate with fresh, engaging, SEO-optimized content.

Many companies add “City Pages” to their websites, targeting different locations that they offer the same products and services too.  In order to get the most SEO value out of these pages, each page should be completely rewritten to be unique and original for each separate Geo-location.

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