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When you need to get your company news out to the public, a Press Release is one of the best ways to do it.  An expertly written press release can help your company to build credibility, release vital information and increase online traffic. Our professional writers have experience crafting quality releases that get circulated and picked up by national media outlets.  Not only that, we can create them for a fraction of the price that large online Press Release firms are charging.

Remember, a Press Release should be an announcement, not an advertisement, about your company.  Make sure that you are announcing information that is timely, unique and important.  Some of the main reasons to create a Press Release include:

  1. Announcing a new product, service or feature
  2. Winning an award, reaching an organizational milestone or getting involved with a charity
  3. Announcing a new company officer, executive or promotion
  4. Sharing survey results or launching a new partnership

While we don’t actually distribute Press Releases, we do create our Press Releases to fit the guidelines of the largest Press Release distribution platforms on the internet.  This means that you’ll have all of the functionality of a headline, summary, dateline and lead, body and boilerplate, with the added bonus of SEO optimization with up to 2 keywords per 500 word release.

Press Releases are written by our most experienced writers in order to give them a professional and newsworthy feel.


Here are some of the basic components of a Press Release:

  • Content is original and unique (passes Copyscape)
  • The release is written from the information you provide in the “Press Release Request Form”
  • Professionally written, attention grabbing and SEO optimized
  • May include quotes, statistics and company / industry-specific jargon
  • Can include up to 2 keywords per release; we’ll highlight the keywords in red to allow for easy backlinking during distribution
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee. Will revise if necessary
  • Perfect for use with 3rd party online press release distribution
  • All rights transferred to purchaser on delivery
  • Orders of 10 releases or less are typically turned around in 5-7 business days

How is it used in the SEO process?

The main purpose of a Press Release is for branding and increasing overall exposure to the public.  Press Releases are usually picked up by reputable news sources, thus making your company more of an authority in its respective industry.  That being said, Press Releases can also provide some significant back link benefits.  Many online Press Release distribution platforms allow 1-4 links within a press release.  With the mass distribution and pickup potential that these releases have, there is the chance that your release could be placed on highly ranked sites with lots of link juice pointing back to your site.

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Jansenn Photography releasing new series, “Bella Cavalli,” to benefit racehorse rescue Take The Lead

Jansenn Photography, a leader in producing images of nature, is pleased to announce that it is releasing a new series titled “Bella Cavalli.” The series focuses on the beauty of horses, presenting common and rare breeds alike, and shows them in their natural surroundings as well as in a range of occupations. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to racehorse rescue Take The Lead.

Carmel, Calif., (Date) – A new photographic series of horses, titled “Bella Cavalli,” is being released by Jansenn Photography. The studio states that its intent is to highlight the important role that horses hold around the globe and show their value to mankind. Those who purchase the images will not only have a beautiful photograph to display, but will also be supporting Take The Lead, a nonprofit that rescues former racehorses from slaughter.

Down through the centuries, horses have been connected to the success of mankind; they have served in a range of capacities from carrying soldiers into battle to pulling a cart of children. “Bella Cavalli” celebrates the importance of the horse in the modern world. Images in the new series include the following:
• A New York City police horse engaged in crowd control
• A Belgian draft horse pulling a downed tree in Yugoslavia
• A Quarter Horse in Texas working on a cattle ranch
• A Lipizzaner stallion performing the capriole before a crowd at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria
• A herd of Camargue horses in France roaming their native marshlands
• An Oldenburg stallion competing in a show jumping competition in Ireland

Additional images show carriage horses, including those that pull the carriage of Queen Elizabeth II, trail horses, polo horses and horses in the entertainment industry.

Jansenn Photography will be donating 30 percent of the proceeds from “Bella Cavalli” to Take The Lead. Photographer Hans Jansenn states: “As an avid horseman, I am delighted to share my love of this magnificent creature with others. I am also honored to be able to partner with Take The Lead, which works to rescue discarded racehorses from slaughterhouses and find them new homes and careers.”
To view the images now on display, please visit

About Jansenn Photography

Hans Jansenn has spent his entire life preserving the beauty of nature in photographic art. He is the recipient of several honors, and he is known for his devotion to the preservation of natural habitats and endangered species. To learn more about his work, please visit