Benefits of an Ebook Writing Service

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Have you thought about hiring a reliable ebook writing service to craft custom publications for your business? When ebook readers first hit the consumer market in the late 1990s, they seemed like a niche product. Today, however, we know better.

Ebook readership has tripled on mobile phones since 2016.

In 2019, the American Association of Publishers reported that ebooks made up more than 14% of revenue among their members. When we account for independent publishers, ebooks have an estimated 20% of the market share. The Pew Research Center reported that ebook readership has tripled on mobile phones and doubled on tablets since 2016, so your readers will literally have your content in their pockets.

So how do you create quality content and boost brand authority? Explore the benefits of delving into the world of ebooks and consider hiring a professional ebook writing service to maximize your marketing success.


Using a Professional Ebook Writing Service Can Expand Your Marketing Toolbox

Ebooks create a win-win situation for your business and your potential clients. When you offer an ebook either in exchange for an email address or at a nominal cost, you benefit from the profit and the contact. Similarly, the prospect benefits from the valuable information in your publication. An ebook writing service can help you create this kind of lead-driving content.


of readers feel connected to a company after reading their content

After all, prospective clients are visiting your website because of an interest in your subject matter. In addition, the Content Marketing Institute reports that 78% of readers feel connected to a company after reading their content. Here are the key avenues that ebooks can benefit your business.


Position Yourself as an Authority

Why are ebooks such a smart marketing strategy across all industries? Statistics have shown that publishing a comprehensive title on any topic quickly makes you an authority within that area.

While your marketing team probably uses social media and video to build your product and brand identity, ebooks provide the ideal format to go deep on complex topics. Long-form content that includes engaging, attractive images and organized, comprehensive information supports the credibility of your company.

Ebooks also offer an opportunity to promote your business’s products and services without being too “sales-y.” For example, you can use real-world case studies, research and anecdotal evidence from your company to illustrate the well-researched content in your ebook.

A great ebook writing service will be able to seamlessly weave this information in a way that bolsters the reader’s trust in your brand.


Support Your Content Marketing Strategy With Ebook Writing

If you have yet to delve into content marketing for your business, it’s important to understand the value of original, engaging multimedia online collateral for your business. Even if you already have a blog for your firm, ebooks can serve as a cornerstone for a full slate of powerful content.

benefits of an ebook writing service

Image from https://www.demandmetric.com/content/content-marketing-infographic


According to statistics from DemandMetric, companies that prioritize content marketing report three times as many leads as they get with traditional marketing, at just 38% of the cost. In addition, the Content Marketing Institute reports that 92% of business-to-business firms rely on content marketing, including ebooks. A content writing service can be a vital part of your content marketing strategy.

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Ebooks Provide Value to Your Clients

According to Copyblogger, ebooks create a stronger source of revenue than possible with website traffic alone because of their high value. Most ebooks cost less than $10. The client will perceive the price as a bargain if you offer actionable information and detailed, engaging content about your business. This low price point creates a low barrier of entry that helps you convert visitors to repeat customers.

Consumers also appreciate the convenience of an ebook. You can send it through email as a PDF file or use one of the widely available ebook formats.


Gather Warm Leads

Offering a free ebook in exchange for an email address can help drive conversion. This is a valuable incentive for your clients and provides you a direct link to a person who has already expressed interest in your product.

ebook writer

When you charge a few dollars for content expertly written by an ebook writing service, you can create a subscriber list of existing buyers. This is even more beneficial than an interest list! After all, clients are more likely to do business with you when the company has exceeded expectations already.

In addition, email marketing is one of the most valuable tools when it comes to consumer engagement. In a 2020 HubSpot survey, 80% of marketers reported an increase in client email engagement in the past 12 months.


Writing Ebooks Helps Create a Passive Income Stream

After an ebook is written, published and made available for free or at a small cost on your website, it can drive income in perpetuity. The ebook should have a dedicated landing page to collect information from interested parties.

Social media and email marketing can be used to alert your followers and subscribers about the ebook.

In addition to marketing your ebook to your existing prospects, you can also publish it as an available download on Amazon, eBay and other sites that offer ebooks for sale. This strategy will create ongoing income from content you already published while introducing your brand to a largely new audience. Working with an ebook writing service can make it a lot easier to push out this type of content, which also increases your customer reach.


Ebooks Drive Interaction With Your Brand

ebooks drive interaction

Because of their electronic format, ebooks can keep your prospects engaged across your marketing channels. The call-to-action ideas for an ebook are almost endless, from clickable checklists and resources to video links to free recipe and coupon downloads.

These interactions not only enhance the consumer’s perception of value but also create engagement with your online and social pages. You can even promote these extras as premium bonus content to encourage visitors to download your ebook.

This strategy also provides an effortless way to track the return on investment you receive from your ebook compared to other marketing avenues.


Using an Ebook Writing Service Can Preserve Resources

If your company prints paper marketing materials, ebooks offer an excellent opportunity to go green. Not only are you taking steps to improve the sustainability of your business, but you’ll also save money when you compare the cost of traditional and electronic printing. Hiring an ebook writer with the help of an ebook writing service can help keep writing costs competitive and scalable.


Improve Your Long-Form Content Game

According to data from Neil Patel, evergreen content of at least 2,000 to 3,000 words performs exceptionally well on Google. This kind of content also satisfies the audience’s need for information. Because most blog posts are shorter than 500 words, long-form, detailed ebooks stand out in a crowded landscape.

Keep in mind that the enhanced SEO impact of long-form content is most pronounced for the top 20 ranking spots and then levels off.

longform ebook content ranks

In addition, long-form content like writing an ebook generates more backlinks from other websites than shorter content does. This increases both your natural visibility and your SEO rankings.


But Who’s Going To Write the Ebook?

You don’t have to be Shakespeare to harness the power of an ebook for your business. When you work with an ebook writing service, you get all the benefits of good writing. The ebook writers and professional editors can transform your raw knowledge and skill into a high-quality product. You will be proud to share this type of quality content with your current and potential clients. Neil Patel reports that 62% of business-to-business firms with a successful content marketing strategy outsource writing to an ebook writing service.

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Save Time and Effort With an Ebook Ghostwriter

As a business owner, content development specialist or marketing guru, you need to optimize your time by dedicating resources to your core goals. If you work with an ebook writing service to develop your content, you can avoid the time-consuming, labor-intensive process of writing it yourself.

In addition, the digital format allows you to produce an ebook in several weeks compared to the months or years required for production of traditional print material.

In general, a successful content marketing strategy requires 32 hours each month to write about 8,000 words. A 16,000-word ebook would require you to dedicate at least 64 hours of your valuable time. Instead, spend those hours where you really need them and put your ebook content in professional writing hands.


Repurpose Crafted Content With A Professional Ebook Writing Service

Publishing an ebook with the help of an ebook writing service can drive your other content strategy areas and vice versa. For example, an ebook writer can use simplified versions of each chapter as blog posts that provide client value while encouraging them to purchase the complete download.

Create YouTube videos that can stand alone or serve as a multimedia appendix to your ebook.

Whitepapers adapted from ebooks are another avenue. Your ebook ghostwriter or white paper writer can also break your ebook into several smaller whitepapers. Distribute these on social media and to your email list, or start with the whitepapers and publish a compilation as an ebook download.

By the same token, you can hire a content writer to create an ebook from your company’s existing blogs, brochures and online collateral. Though a thorough ebook will require more research by your white paper writer to add value, you can save money on this product by taking advantage of content you’ve already produced and published to create original work.


of marketers repurpose content between two and five times

Patel also reports that about 60% of content marketers, ebook writers and white paper writers repurpose a piece of content between two and five times. However, Google’s ranking algorithm penalizes pages that are too similar to one another. You need an ebook writer who can make something completely new from your existing collateral and resources.

repurpose content with ebook writing service

This is one of the benefits of collaborating with an ebook writing service to get a handful of writers with unique perspectives. This strategy also provides a healthy balance of long-form and short-form content, another factor that influences Google’s rankings.


Keep Ebook Information Current

Don’t stress about your ebook becoming outdated. Instead, use an ebook ghostwriting service to periodically update the information so it remains current and accurate.

This also provides you an opportunity to reach out to people who have purchased your ebook to provide the refreshed version, giving a natural touch with your brand and reinforcing your position as an informed, trustworthy subject matter expert. As a bonus, search engines prioritize current material in their rankings so users can get the most up-to-the-minute, accurate content.


Improve Your SEO

Search engine optimization is a must if you want to take your ebook to its full potential. Professional content writing services are well-versed in the ranking algorithms used by Google and other popular search engines.

SEO content on Google

With high-quality, original writing and creative, unobtrusive use of your most important keywords, these ebook writing experts can help. They will ensure that your potential audience sees your content when they search for relevant terms.


Engage Your Target Audience

Buyer personas play a vital role in your ebook marketing strategy, as well as your overall content marketing plan. These biographical sketches provide demographic information about the potential clients for your company’s product or service.

If you have not already developed buyer personas, a professional ebook writer can help you create these outlines. Then, he or she can craft your ebook to directly reflect the needs and concerns of those buyer groups.

In addition, having a dedicated content and ebook writing service on your team helps you deliver content consistently when you don’t have time to do so. Frequent website updates, blogs and social media posts improve your firm’s online visibility.


Partner With a Specialized Ebook Writing Service

All content writers are not created equal. Many business owners hesitate to hire a content writer because they don’t think someone outside the industry can translate complex concepts and details. In reality, you can usually find a professional content writer with knowledge and experience in your niche.

Work with an ebook writing service to find those with the right expertise or experience. Whether or not they are well-versed in your industry, a good ebook writer will have exceptional research skills, so he or she can fill in the blanks when something in your collateral is unclear. What’s more, this type of writer can even translate technical material so it is digestible for an audience that may be unfamiliar with the subject matter.


Ebooks Should Maintain Reader Interest

The ideal ebook is easy to navigate, with a clear, simple structure and plenty of headers, bullet points and features to break up long walls of text. A professional ebook writer can transform your content into an elegant, useful document.

the power of ebooks

Your reader will both remain engaged throughout the experience and save the ebook as a reference for later use, keeping your brand in the forefront of his or her mind.


Stick to Your Style

If you already have a well-established brand voice, a professional content writing service will make sure that voice comes through in your ebook. When you are less sure about how to highlight your brand voice through content, ebook writers can help you brainstorm and maintain consistency across your content platforms.

In addition, the ebook writers you work with will become intimately familiar with your house writing style so it can be replicated in an authentic way that builds client trust.


See Your Content Through New Eyes

When your business content seems limited, repetitive or stale, a professional ebook writing service can shake things up and make it fresh. This is an important asset if you plan to repurpose existing blog posts or print collateral to create an ebook. You don’t want your readers to feel like they are always getting the “same old, same old” from your brand.


Lower Your Marketing Costs

In our research, we found that companies save an average of 36% when they outsource writing to an ebook writing service. When you hire an in-house ebook writer, you are also responsible for a full salary, payroll taxes and benefits for that person. In contrast, using a professional content writing company allows you to scale your content marketing program to your budget, size and needs.

On average, companies save 36% when outsourcing content vs. writing it in-house. #ContentMarketing Click To Tweet

Depending on the ebook writing service, you may pay by the piece of content, by the hour or by the word. Word prices generally range from 1 to 10 cents, with the exception of special projects or very technical material.


Work With an Ebook Writing Service Today

Collaborating with an ebook writing service can save you time, money and stress. You can start small with a single ebook and increase spending as you see your ROI rise, or jump in with both feet to develop a full content marketing platform. Get in touch with BKA Content today to learn more about how our process can help you launch your company’s first ebook.

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