5 Reasons Why You Need To Create Unique Product Descriptions

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It’s time we got down to the bottom of it. What is the point of a product description?

Some say that it is simply a way to inform customers about the key components of a particular product. Well, not exactly. While it describes and persuades consumers to buy a product, it has a much wider impact on businesses. For retailers that sell their products online, product descriptions have become so much more than just an explanation of the merchandise; they are something that can make a real difference in your overall business success.


What Makes a Good Product Description?

So here’s another question: what makes a good product description? Consumers now expect high-quality content on web pages, so first impressions are important. Quality content and persuasive writing make unique product descriptions stand out.

But with a poor description, you could lose customers right from the get-go as they leave your page to go somewhere with better details. If you don’t wow your customers with your words, how will they know how great your product is?

Additionally, search engine algorithms prefer unique product description writing, so they provide a boon to your organic traffic and page rankings. When you combine SEO practices with quality content, you create your best shot at getting recognized on Google. Not convinced? Here are six reasons why you should make the effort to create unique product descriptions that convert.


1. Stand Out From the Competition

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Unless you produce your own goods or have an exclusive contract, there are most likely several stores offering the same item for sale. Many companies rely on the standard manufacturer’s description on their page.

Unfortunately, many businesses don’t anticipate a customer’s keen ability to find what they’re looking for online. As consumers go from page to page to compare costs and other aspects of product descriptions, they get bored seeing the same old details about an item. They look for products that pique their interest and prove to them that the specific product or service can benefit their lives.

Imagine how much impact a unique product description can have during this process, especially if it is of a high caliber. Not many e-commerce stores take advantage of this, but if used wisely, unique content can be the pathway to more traffic and sales.

Create Unique Product Features

Creating your own product descriptions not only helps you to stand out; it also enhances the engagement with the consumer on an emotional level, which could play a significant role in the consumer’s ultimate decision of where to buy the product. Roughly 90 percent of purchasing decisions are made subconsciously, which are heavily influenced by emotions.

So how do you engage the emotions of customers? Convince them that they need your product. Add a personal side to buying the product or present the features of the product with the help of powerful, engaging words. If you compared the standard, boring description to one that speaks to a customer, the latter always wins. You want to tap into that to increase your business.


2. A Chance To Sell, Not Just Describe

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Instead of a standard description that merely tells customers things like the dimensions, size, color, and qualities of the product, you can describe the reason why people NEED your product.

In other words, you have a chance to tell a story.

Ecommerce marketing is all about storytelling. It’s how you convince buyers that your product will benefit their lives. So how do you do that in a short product description? It’s easy. Describe what problems the product solves or how it makes the consumer’s life better. Tell customers about the benefits of the product and the positive changes of owning the item.

You do not want to go over the top in your selling, however. Instead, utilize a conversational tone that tells consumers about the product in a similar way that you might tell a friend if you were recommending it to him or her.

How to Create a Need for a Product

You may be wondering what a product description should include. Here are a few things you can utilize to make your product descriptions more unique and persuasive:

  • Use bullet points to highlight features. You can include dimensions, specific ingredients and special features.
  • Focus on the benefits. Although you want to be conversational, don’t spend too much time creating a story. Instead, focus on why your product stands out.
  • Use action-provoking words to convince potential customers of the effectiveness of your product. Don’t play down your products but instead portray them in the best lighting.
  • Cut out fluff. Flowery words and phrases take up space, and most people can see right through them. Instead, use the space you have to describe features and persuade customers of the value of a product.

After writing your descriptions, take some time to review and edit. Be sure to check if each description is readable, persuasive and clear. If writing unique product content for each of your products takes too much time, consider using product description writing services to do the work for you.


3. Increased Organic Traffic and Search Engine Rankings

what makes a good product description

Whether or not you have a pay-per-click campaign running or some other paid advertisement campaign, organic traffic plays a significant role in the success of your business. When you create product descriptions, you have a chance to include more keywords in your online content. But why are keywords important to your product descriptions?

Like other online content that you publish, search engines use keywords to rank content and pull up answers to users’ search queries. When people search for specific products or services, Google can read the keywords and other SEO data from your website to pull up relevant content for users.

Use Keywords in Product Descriptions

Using keywords directly in the product description increases the chance of being found during an organic search. With each product page, you have the chance to include headers, meta tags, unique keywords and geo-locations to also help search engines find you rather than your competitors. If you want an increase in organic traffic and sales, don’t neglect these.

In addition to organic traffic, unique product descriptions improve your overall search engine rankings. Google is very clear in its preference for unique and original content. It uses this, along with keywords and optimization, to determine the rankings of sites. Descriptions that come straight from the manufacturer fall under duplicate content, which in turn hurt your page rankings. 


4. Reduced Bounce Rate

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Most people spend just 10-20 seconds on a page before determining whether or not to move on. Sometimes even less. So how do you keep them on your website longer? Most users will stay when they encounter engaging, valuable content.

When you have a bland product description, there is no real motivation for the consumer to stay unless your price point is significantly better than your competition. Engaging content keeps the consumer on the page for longer, reducing your bounce rate. Alternatively, low quality or even missing descriptions lead to a high bounce rate.

Your unique product descriptions can keep people interested. In addition to quality writing, make sure your e-commerce store is easy to navigate. Keep the display of your website attractive and professional to help potential customers feel more secure when looking through your products. With the touch of professionally written product descriptions, you’ll definitely score a point for your business.


5. More Conversions

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At the end of the day, you want to have a high conversion rate, as this is the most important part of the entire process of e-commerce marketing. It does not matter if you have a great advertising campaign, tons of social media followers, a high search engine ranking, great organic traffic rates or even a low bounce rate if no one actually buys anything on your site.

Therefore, you want to do what you can to convert leads. Your product descriptions help you do that by persuading consumers to buy from you. They are basically a way for you to sit down with a potential customer and say, “listen, this is the product you need.” Ecommerce marketing can be a challenge, which is why online content is a powerful tool.


Start Writing Unique Product Descriptions!

Product descriptions may be short compared to the other content on your website, but this type of content is by no means insignificant. Rather than skipping them entirely or saving time by simply regurgitating the manufacturer’s descriptions, make the effort to create unique product descriptions that convert.

If you haven’t touched your product descriptions for a while, it might be time to look back at them and update them. Use good grammar and persuasive writing to describe each service or product. For an even more powerful description, add a call to action that motivates people to act right away instead of shopping around more.

Unique product descriptions not only help you to capture potential consumers, it also helps you to have a better overall web presence. This, in turn, helps build your reputation and attract more customers to improve your bottom line. So get started!

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