You’ll Never Believe This One Trick to Catchy Titles

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Are you as sick of hearing about what “You’ll Never Believe” as we are? We’ve seen too many blogs getting out of hand with misleading titles lately. A blog title can be catchy, descriptive, and engaging without being misleading or frivolous. Obviously catchy titles are an important part of your blog, but they shouldn’t undermine the quality of your content by making you seem spammy or disingenuous.


The Many Degrees of Blog Titles

Blogging is a great way to keep your content fresh and to give your users new and relevant information about your business. However, blogs come in all shapes and sizes and getting people to read them can be the real challenge. One of the best ways to get more clicks on your blog is to create eye-catching, witty and interesting titles; but how do you know which titles work and which ones don’t?


How to Create Catchy Titles

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There are many types of interesting titles that writers employ for blogs, which means comparing them can be difficult. However, there are some definite distinctions that can be made between the different types of titles. We’ve discussed in the past how to create attention grabbing titles, but let’s take another look at some ways to make catchy titles:

To Question or Not to Question: That Is the Question – Typically using a question can be a lot more interesting when it comes to blogging. People often relate to catchy questions because if it’s a topic they’re interested in, then it’s likely they have asked that same question before.

Use Specific or Broad Topics – Although specific topics can draw a targeted audience, when it comes to blogging, you want to draw as large an audience as possible. By choosing broader topics, you widen the possible audience you can attract.

Unique vs. Common Adjectives – By using adjectives that aren’t as common, your blog tends to stand out more from the crowd. A boring title can become a catchy title with a few, well-placed adjectives.

Ask a Question or Tease Exclusive Information – While asking a question can be better than just answering one, offering exciting or exclusive information in your blog title can really grab people’s attention.

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It’s All About You…Or Is it Me? – We all like to focus on ourselves and on the things that are important to us, and your audience is the same. That’s why focusing your blog titles on the reader and what’s important to them is more effective than focusing on what’s important to you.

Start Big or End Big? – Give the reader what they’re looking for up front instead of making them wait till the end or the middle. Nothing is more frustrating than wading through paragraphs of content trying to find an answer to the catchy title you created. Not to mention that torturing your reader using this method is a fast way to lose any brand loyalty you’ve built up in your reader-base.

Using Numbers vs. No Numbers – Using numbers in your witty blog post titles can be an effective tool to inform your readers of what to expect as far as the length of your post is concerned. Plus, if they are in a hurry, they can be prepared to scan over your list quickly.

Be Vague or Be Clear? – While it’s good to go broad, you don’t want to go too far. If it’s too vague then you might not get enough interest. Go broad, but still be clear enough to let them know what they’re getting.

Unique or Common Descriptions – How you describe your content is key. Blog posts featuring tips and guidelines are all over the Internet. However, offering a unique description can pique readers’ interest and be the makings of a really catchy title.

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Let’s Get Serious…or Should We Laugh? – Laughter is usually the best medicine and being light-hearted or humorous can often get users to read more.

Value Proposition vs. Content – Many times bloggers want to fit too much information into a blog post title. The problem is this can confuse readers. It’s better to keep things as simple as possible.


Your Catchy Blog Title Matters

Blogging is important, as are the titles you choose. The title of a blog post is the first thing a potential reader will see, and will likely be the deciding factor for whether or not they look at your post. Because of this, focus on creating witty, catchy titles to make the most of your SEO content creation endeavors.

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