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​We’ve all had the same nightmare: Staring at an open Word document with nothing but the cursor blinking back at you. Or even worse, staring at a 1000-word blog post that you’ve written, and it just isn’t what you need it to be.

Everything about writing good blog content is difficult (which is why some businesses consider the benefits of a blog service). Some people struggle with even coming up with an original topic. However, what if you’ve done everything your content marketing plan has asked of you? You’ve done your keyword research. You’ve identified a niche. All that’s left is to write about an original, creative idea… and that’s the hardest part.

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Blog posts are important fixtures in any content marketing plan. The pressure to produce fresh and creative content is at an all-time high, especially with millions of blog posts flooding the internet each day. So what do you do when the creative well dries up?


How To Write Better Blog Posts

Because writer’s block is so common, it’s challenging to write a blog post that is engaging, funny and useful. Never fear, there are a few things you can do to improve the blogs you write and limit the mental block that so commonly hurts writers. Use these suggestions as a springboard for your own creative ideas and methods of blog writing. With that in mind, here are some ways to generate new ideas to build a better blog post from the very beginning.


1. Ideas are Everywhere—Take Note

Have you ever heard that saying good writers are good readers? Well, that has a lot to do with gleaning inspiration from the things we watch and read. Acquiring “content eyes” is a good way to find potential content everywhere you look. Maybe a documentary about aquatic life poses an unexplored question that is relevant to your content. Maybe a colleague makes a comment that jostles your creative mind. The point is that ideas are everywhere.

Because we consume so much media and content every day, try to be an active learner, even in your free time. Look for potential leads to write about, analyze the content you love and jump on opportunities that can help as a blog writer. Part of the process when you build a better blog is to use knowledge gained from others.

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It’s important to have a tool to take notes while you’re out and about to get all those blog ideas down. A great way to log consistent creative ideas is using a commonplace book. Commonplace books are hubs of information. You can document keywords, quotes and ideas all in the same place. This method allows you to put a variety of thoughts and information together. It can even help you develop a backlog of ideas to use at different times. The smallest interaction can spur a creative solution. If you are always watching, you are always learning and finding new ideas to help you write better blog posts.

If you are working with a team of writers or marketers, you may want to share some of the information you find. Consider having a shared excel sheet or google folder where you can share ideas and potential topics.


2. Ask Questions

Asking questions about the content you consume is a great way to answer questions about the content you plan to produce. In fact, asking questions can be one of the best content marketing strategies to write great blogs and reach your audience. It can help you form new ideas and consider the rhetorical situation of your own content.

This builds a better relationship with your audience by anticipating their needs. Questions coupled with keyword research can get you closer to your niche while activating new ideas for blog content. It can even give you the foresight to answer questions your potential audience may ask. If something doesn’t quite make sense in the content you read, you may be able to clear it up in your own blog post.

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So how do you come up with good questions? A quick way to get started is by going to frequently asked questions from your customers. Whether you find those through email replies, comments on the website or on social media, they can give you a good idea on what your customers have a hard time understanding. These questions can lead to content that informs and educates readers.


Additional Benefits of Questions

You can also question yourself. How do your hobbies and the things you interact with on a daily basis relate to the content you produce? How can you incorporate the things you watch and consume into writing great blog posts? Asking these questions can help add your own voice and experiences to form new and creative ideas. It may enable you to build metaphors and examples in a way that will connect with your audience.

Content doesn’t have to be purely informative; it can be fun and engaging too. Although you always want to be in line with your brand’s voice and image, don’t hesitate to put some of your personality into your writing. Not only will it be easier for you as you’re writing, but content that has a personality is often a little more entertaining to read.

And lastly, when you want to write better blog posts, don’t forget the importance of reader engagement. Ask questions within the blog post that consumers can answer in the comments. Try to engage readers and encourage them to participate with and share your content.


3. Point Out Contrast and Contradictions

Finding a niche is one of the content marketing methods that tell us what to write and who to write for. One way to inspire a creative blog post idea is to find moments of contrast that speak to a particular niche.

We know contrast when we see it. It’s like watching a viral video of two animals on opposing sides of the food chain become friends. It’s interesting, it’s different and people want to find out more. In other words, thinking outside of the box is a good way to build a better blog post that is interesting and exciting.

One way to look for contrast is to create a Venn diagram. Take two concepts that don’t relate and find the things they have in common. This may allow you to explore an idea that no one has explored before.

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Another benefit of creating contrast is that you highlight topics or ideas that are fresh. Topics that seem overly written about can be easily skipped by readers. Write about something that catches the attention of your consumers, and encourage them to read more by using engaging titles and pictures.


4. Branch Out

Another technique to generate new blog ideas is to take a trip outside of your own expertise. Spending too much time in areas that you are an expert in can get in the way of coming up with consistent ideas. If you want to say something new, you must explore broader topics. Writer’s block occurs once you’ve said everything you think you can say about a particular subject.

Exploring broader topics can inspire creativity and add innovation to your blog. For this reason, you should consume a variety of blog content from all different genres. Learning about new things can open doors to help you build a better blog. Allow your imagination to roam and graze in uncharted territory. The things you learn may be relevant to your content. They can help you write from a fresh, creative perspective.

Sometimes, all you need is a fresh pair of eyes. Asks friends or associates for ideas or consider hiring article writing services to help you come up with original content and save time writing it.


5. Look to Your Peers

When we struggle to write, it’s a natural response to peek at our neighbor’s paper for inspiration. This isn’t always a bad thing. When the creative juices refuse to flow, it can be helpful to look at the content your peers are producing. The best blog post writing strategies involve taking what competitors are doing and making it better.

Making improvements to published work isn’t the only takeaway. Reading other blog posts in your industry can spur inspiration for your own ideas. It can also help you keep up with the conversation and ask yourself, “How can I contribute to this topic?” This enables you to create relevant content that also incorporates your own creative spin.

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If your competitors aren’t doing much blogging, then this gives you an edge! Content marketing is a highly profitable way to market to your target market. Keep going, improve the content you’re producing and don’t forget to use SEO practices to get the most out of your content.


Write Better Blogs: Food for Thought

Content marketing can be a tricky feat when writer’s block sets in. Coming up with consistent ideas is a looming challenge, emphasized with every blink of the cursor. Luckily, content ideas lie in unlikely places. By taking note of things that catch your attention, asking questions, and branching out to find inspiration in unconventional conversations, events and content, you can always develop powerful new blog ideas to help build a better blog strategy going forward.

If you simply don’t have the time to write your own blog posts, we can help! Our blog writing services make it easier than ever to get high-quality blog posts fast!

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