9 Reasons Why You Should Be Using a Blog Service

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It doesn’t matter if your company sells artisanal pickles or offers ghost tours of Savannah. When it comes right down to it, almost all brands have similar blog content creation goals.

What separates the Vicky’s Very Mediocre Pickles from the Vlasic Kosher Dills of the world is engagement, and blog writing can be an indispensable tool for driving traffic to your business. Of course, blogs can also be a maddening vortex of time crunches, keywords, and comma splices, which are just three of many reasons why it might be wise for your brand to buy blogs from a blog writing service.


9 Reasons Why You Should Use Blog Services

Blogs are a direct representation of your company. They educate. They inform. They’re the online distillation of your brand’s voice and image, and the best way to build a faithful readership and client base.

In other words: Yeah, blog writing is kind of a big deal.

Blogs create buzz for your brand by expertly mixing informative yet appealing content with skillful SEO strategies. Here are nine reasons why your brand’s smartest move may be to buy blog posts from experienced blog services.

Blogs are a direct representation of your company. They educate. 👩‍🏫 They inform. They’re the online distillation of your brand’s voice 🗣 and image 👀, and the best way to build a faithful readership and client base. #ContentMarketing Click To Tweet


1. You’re not a blog writer.

It can be difficult to admit that you’re not good at everything. It took me years to admit that I couldn’t fold a fitted sheet if my life depended on it. Once I did admit that, though — and once I outsourced laundry folding duties to my husband — our linen closet started looking a whole heck of a lot better.

blog service

If writing blogs isn’t your jam, keep your company’s metaphorical linen closet tidy by hiring a blog service. You have endlessly better uses for your time and resources than staring into the void of a blank word processing document.


2. You are a blog writer, but grammar and spelling aren’t your forte.

Sharp ideas and savory supporting details are only half of the equation when it comes to creating engaging blog content. If your prose is littered with spelling mistakes, errant commas and — gasp! — the wrong form of “there,” “their,” or “they’re,” it can be a disaster for your brand.

At best, blog writing errors make your messaging difficult to follow. At worst, they make your brand look amateurish, sloppy and untrustworthy, and they send your readers running into the carefully proofread arms of your closest competitor.

When you buy blog posts from a blog service, you’re not just hiring a team of blog writers, you’re also hiring editors. In some instances, the writers will also do the editing.

With many blog services, however, writing and editing are carried out by two different people, meaning that you’ll have two sets of fresh, qualified eyes on your blog content before it’s delivered. You know what that means: Say goodbye to misplaced modifiers and “to” when you clearly meant “too.”

blog services

3. Hiring blog writing services lets your employees focus on what they do best.

Right about now, you may be thinking: Fine. I’m not a great blog writer, but I’m sure somebody on my staff is. I’m pretty sure Chris is writing a novel, and Devon has, like, 900 Twitter followers.

Fair point. Here’s the thing, though: Blog posts aren’t novels. They’re not code, they’re not clever tweets, and they’re certainly not “Tiger King” fan fiction. Blog writing is a specific discipline within online content writing as a whole, and as such, it requires its own skill set.

Unless you hired staff members specifically for their rad blog-writing abilities, tasking them with the business of blog creation will divert their attention away from what you actually did hire them to do. To wit, your butcher may slice roast beef like a champ, but you probably don’t want him to cut your hair, too. Leave the blogging to the experts found at a blog writing service.

Blog Services Help Reduce Stress

What’s more, your employees are busy and stressed out. Foisting blog-writing duties on one or more of them will likely increase their stress as they learn the ins and outs of blog writing on the fly while juggling their other job responsibilities. This can cause their primary projects and workflow to suffer, and possibly result in subpar blog posts.

Ultimately, there are only so many hours in the day, and your staff is likely stretched thin. The American Institute of Stress found that 46% of Americans reported their main source of workplace stress isn’t their finances or that one guy who crunches his chocolate-covered pretzels incredibly loudly; it’s their workload. Instead of piling more on your employees’ plates, consider hiring a blog writing service and maybe bringing in some donuts once in a while, too.


4. You don’t want to spend time and resources to train your staff to write blogs.

Let’s say you ignore the advice above and decide that Chris or Devon can totally handle blog writing in addition to their other day-to-day duties. Don’t forget that they’ll need to be trained. Successful blog writing demands a particular set of writing skills acquired over a long blog-writing career.

Don’t worry: This skill set has almost zero crossover with Liam Neeson’s famously specific set of skills from “Taken.”

blog writing services


To engage readers, your brand’s blog posts need to tick several boxes. They need to be consistent in topic and tone, for example, and use carefully deployed keywords at an optimal density. Quality blog writing is more than just creating an interesting and informative article — although being interesting and informative is certainly a good start.

When you hire a blog service, its writers have already been trained to write meta descriptions, to avoid keyword stuffing, and somehow to make a blog post about vending machine repair downright riveting.

Yes, you could train your staff (and possibly yourself) in the fundamentals of expository blog writing and SEO. However, the better call may be to leave those nitty-gritty details to blog writing professionals who can handle them in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost of training newbie blog writers, while you focus on growing your company.


5. Your blog writing will stay consistent.

If you’ve ever started a winning blog only to completely abandon it after six weeks of incredible, earth-shattering, high-quality blog posts, you’re not alone. Consistently publishing and writing for a blog is hard work — even if you’re not simultaneously managing expense reports, staff and customer service needs.

Search engines trust business blogs that are regularly updated with fresh content more than they do stale, sporadically updated business blogs. If you want your site to scale a mountain of search engine results, you need fresh blog content.

By working with blog writers for hire at a blog service, you can guarantee that exclusive blog content will keep coming down the pike for as long as you want it to. Gap-free publishing is imperative if you want to prevent readers from pointing their browsers elsewhere and to stop your most important Google Analytics reports from tanking.


6. A professional blog service can help you develop a marketing persona.

A marketing persona is a tool that identifies your core audience and what it wants. It’s essential to creating blog content that addresses said audience’s needs. It’s not the same thing as a demographic profile, though.

A content marketing persona goes beyond cold, hard facts to appraise your clientele on a more human level. It takes into consideration not just where your consumers live or what they do for a living, but also how they spend their free time, what they value, where they get their information from and whether they’re Team Taylor or Team Kanye.

hire a blog service

OK, so probably not that last part, but the point still stands. Understanding your readers is integral to capitalizing on the rhetorical situation surrounding your brand.

If this type of research sounds like a lot of work, that’s because it often is. When you partner with an experienced blog writing service, however, it can do much of the analytical heavy lifting for you. No two brands are exactly alike, but with the right blog service, you’ll gain the expertise of blog writers, editors, and project managers who have played a part in crafting content marketing personas in the past — and who can help develop yours next.


7. Professional blog services know how to hit a deadline.

If blog writers don’t meet deadlines, they wouldn’t have jobs. Seriously. It’s that simple.

Many blog writing services employ independent contractors, a hardy breed of disciplined freelance writers who — not to get all dramatic or anything — practically live and die by the deadline. These men and women are frequently paid on a project-by-project basis. If they biff a deadline or produce subpar content, they don’t make their next mortgage payment.

Both your hourly and salaried employees, meanwhile, have other tasks and projects that need their time. Often, this makes blog writing deadlines a lower priority. For a blog writing service, finishing your company’s blogs on time and to your satisfaction is paramount.

Your blog posts are Rod Tidwell, and your blog writing service is Jerry Maguire. It wants to show you the money, because that’s how its own stable of hardworking blog service writers avoids a diet of Top Ramen and tap water.

blog content writing services


8. Blog services work remotely.

Partnering with a blog service means pulling talent from across the country. Diverse backgrounds, experiences and ways of looking at the world are all part of the remote workforce package.

Hiring remote workers also means that you don’t have to dedicate any additional resources in your office to your blog writing team — not even an extra stack of K-Cups in the break room. If your company is small, saving cash anywhere and everywhere you can is crucial.

Blog writers for hire


9. You don’t know how to generate traffic with blog posts.

A steady flow of interesting, original blog posts is key to filling your website with the critical keywords that will rocket your site up the search results page. There is a myriad of metrics for gauging the success of your blogs:

  • Link traffic referral
  • Deep link ratio
  • Visitor paths

Don’t know what those words and phrases mean or what to do about them? It may be time to search out a professional blog service.

When you bring the right blog writing service into the fold, you’re not just paying for well-written and carefully edited work; you’re coughing up a small fee for content that bolsters your brand image and boosts your readership.

Need on-site blogs to strengthen your brand? Not a problem. Maybe you’re after off-site blogs or guests blog posts for content marketing? A blog writing service can do that, too. More importantly, its project managers and writers know that different types of blogs require different SEO approaches.


Reasons Why Blog Services May Not Be for You

Hiring blog writers is a game changer for most brands. You may not be “most brands,” however. From budgetary concerns to technical constraints, here are a few reasons why buying blog posts from a blog service may not be the right choice for your company right now.


Your content marketing budget is tight.

blog content strategy

Professional blog services aren’t free. However, the good news is that most blog services aren’t expensive. What’s more, when you consider the time, money and other resources you’d spend training someone in-house to write blogs and to wrestle with SEO stratagems, hiring blog writing professionals may ultimately save you money in the long run.


You don’t want to forfeit any control.

When you buy blogs posts, you have to cede at least a small slice of control over your content. It’s unavoidable. Bear in mind, however, that you’re still the boss. You can provide the blog topics, keywords and any other components and/or constraints that you desire. You have the last word on the final draft, too.

Before you contract with a blog service, discuss its policy on edits. Does it have a cap? What happens if you’re not satisfied with the product? Most blog writing services are willing to listen to their clients and to guarantee their satisfaction. That’s how they secure repeat customers.


You don’t know your brand’s style or voice.

Trusting your brand’s voice to a blog writing service can be intimidating at first, particularly if your brand is your “baby.” That’s where brand voice guidelines come in. They’re the gift that keeps on giving.

Before you partner with professional blog writers, put your voice down on paper. Describe your desired tone, your goals, words to use and phrases to avoid. Get it all out, and then give it to your blog service.

By clearly illustrating what you want in concrete terms, the best blog writers can better nail your brand’s voice. What’s more, the very act of having to describe your company’s voice in detail to a blog service can help you identify its strengths and weaknesses so you can make improvements.


Why Blog Services Remain a Useful Branding Tool

Blogs are the Swiss army knife of content creation. They’re a well-defined expression of your brand’s voice, values and image. You can use them to ascend Google’s ranks, to heighten your visibility, and to develop a loyal following.

Blogs are the Swiss army knife of content creation. They’re a well-defined expression of your brand’s voice, values and image. Use them to ascend Google’s ranks, to heighten your visibility, and to develop a loyal following. #Blogging… Click To Tweet

There’s little that a well-written blog can’t do — except maybe open a can of beans or whittle a twig into a toothpick — and maintaining a successful blog takes a triumvirate of talents. You need writing ability. You need solid SEO skills, and you need a laser-like knack for spotting the difference between past perfect and present progressive verbs. The best blog writing services can provide all this and more.


Hire Blog Services Today!

Alternately, if grammar isn’t your bag and you’d prefer to leave keyword concerns to the pros, you need the help of an experienced blog service. If you want an easy, yet dependable way to produce excellent blogs, look into our blog subscription plans. It’s important to find a dependable blog writing team that thrives upon delivering outstanding results for brands just like yours. Contact us today to see if BKA Content can help you find the right blog writers for hire.

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