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5 Ways To Make Your Blog Content Hit The Spot in 2023

by | Apr 18, 2023 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

In 2023, if your business doesn’t have a blog content strategy, you are behind your competitors.

Content marketing is the future of marketing (for both brick-and-mortar and online businesses), and it makes a lot of sense. You can reach customers all around the world from their Google searches. With the right blog posts, your brand name can find its way into the living room of potential customers while they are scrolling. It’s genius, and it’s not too hard to get started.

Although anyone can blog, it is important for businesses to use strategic SEO and engaging writing strategies in their blogs. This is hard to accomplish on a consistent basis unless you invest in high-quality blog writing services. However, it is possible, and we are here to give you the tools to create the best content your website can offer.

Understanding that you need to invest more time and resources in developing your company’s content is one thing, but effectively implementing a plan that engages your potential customers and keeps them engrossed in your subject matter is quite another. You have to start by asking yourself some fairly existential questions. What is your purpose? Who do you serve? Why should anyone care to look at your content in the first place? When you start seriously delving into these fundamental topics with your team, a picture of your content strategy should begin to emerge.


Ready, Aim, Fire

The concept of beginning with the end in mind will take you farther along the path of developing successful blog content ideas for your company. Set goals. It sounds simplistic on the surface, but when you skip the crucial step of defining what you are hoping to accomplish with your content program, the tendency is to blast out content pieces that are unrelated to each other.

blog writing goals

What you are seeking is to build a whole entity; a library of knowledge that will position you as a leader in your field and a trusted source of reliable information. Some possible benefits of viewing your content as a complete body of work instead of individual pieces include:

  • Meaningful brainstorming sessions – When you are constructing content all aimed in the same direction, everyone involved naturally challenges every new idea for content with, “How does this fit into the goal?”
  • Reusable content subjects – Once a content idea passes muster for applicability, you can recycle it time and time again in different formats designed specifically for various devices and micro-moments.
  • Razor-sharp focus – Searching for themes that come under the single “big idea” that you develop for your business can transform the way your company operates. By continually communicating your purpose to the world, you and your team ingrain your objective into your collective cerebral cortex.

Once you see the big picture, you can get to work on creating single blog posts that contribute to the greater whole. Keep in mind that writing all these pieces takes a lot of time and skill, which is why collaborating with a content expert like BKA Content can be a smart solution.


5-Step Action Plan To Get People More Involved With Your Blog Content

Since each piece of content you publish should work within the main idea, the pressure is off to make each article sell something on its own. Stay committed to the idea of building a knowledge base for your customers, and the blog content will come easier. The following tips make up a 5-step action plan to get you started producing blog content that your customers will crave.

Step 1: Understand Your Audience

Doing the proper research on your audience is vital to creating compelling content. Identifying their pain and pleasure points helps you to see how what your business offers helps them improve their lives. Your relevance to their individual needs keeps them consuming your information and buying your products.


Step 2: Plan To Give Away Value

You know how the free samples they give away at the store come in tiny little paper cups? In the content marketing world, imagine the free samples in 55-gallon drums. Slight exaggeration aside, the more valuable information you can give away for free, the more your customers will appreciate and trust you. Those positive feelings will translate into action when they turn to you when they decide to buy.


Step 3: Get Your Facts Straight

Make sure you check and double-check for accuracy in all the content you publish. As you build your reputation as an authority, the last thing you want is a sloppy inaccuracy creeping in and setting you back. Never forget, you are helping your customers build their own reputations when they share your content with their peers and superiors. The idea is to make them look stellar for trusting you, so don’t let them down.


Step 4: Mix it Up

In today’s world, limiting yourself to just blog posts is like ordering vanilla every time you visit an ice cream shop. Nothing wrong with vanilla, it’s fantastic, but with so many choices why limit yourself? An assortment of targeted pieces can help keep your fans coming back for more. Here are a few ideas:

  • Videos: Anything in the “How To” genre is huge right now.
  • Infographics: Turn any presentation, research or lectures you’ve given into readable infographics. These become easy to share on your website and social platforms.
  • Interactive Polls: Most people love an opportunity to share their opinions.
  • Listicle: A list plus an article equals a listicle, and their easy-to-read format with lots of useful information make them super-popular.
  • More Options: Podcasts, white papers, case studies, e-books to name just a few of the ever-increasing content vehicles available to keep your customers satisfied.

Having so many choices makes it easy to reuse key subject ideas without seeming redundant. Also, the best part, all of these content types are sticky—just like ice cream!


Step 5: Keep it Real

Arguably, the most important thing you and your team can do is create an authentic voice for your brand.  Keep your content on a human level to establish a genuine connection between buyer and seller. Continually stress your voice guidelines to anyone who produces content for your brand. You want to keep striking the same emotional cord with your audiences, and just like in music, one sour note can have a jarring effect.


Perfecting the Plan Over the Long Run

Committing to enacting an effective blog content strategy plan is not a single endeavor. To obtain any success, you need to be ready to stick with it. Your goal is to reach your desired customers, connect with them and add value to their lives with the purpose of building relationships.

Finding out what people want and giving it to them is an obvious path to success. Once you have won their trust and patronage, live up to your claims. Follow these guidelines, and your customers will undoubtedly view you as a valuable asset worthy of their patronage.

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