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Use These Internet Tricks To Grow Your Beauty Brand

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The beauty industry is notoriously cutthroat, and small brands looking to flourish have to create a solid game plan. You may wonder how to grow your beauty business with such fierce competition. The answer is surprisingly simple: take advantage of the internet.

The world wide web is your number one resource for brand visibility; after all, billions of people log on every day. Of course, to target those most interested in your beauty brand, you must understand your resources and use them effectively.

1. Start a Business Beauty Blog

how to grow beauty blog

A commercial blog could be just what you need to jumpstart a new line of products or boost lagging sales. While companies generally host blogs on the same sites as their online stores, blogs play a different role from landing pages. You’re welcome to use posts as opportunities to showcase products, but these pages are most useful as informative articles rather than sales-pushing product descriptions.

The more casual nature of blogs offers a wide range of benefits, especially if you include them in a broader digital marketing campaign. Check out the following ways regular blog updates can help with beauty and salon lead generation.

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Position Your Company as an Authority

When considering how to grow your beauty business, think about your role as a beauty expert. When clients need help with their hair, nails or makeup, they trust you to provide the best advice. You can create this same effect with a well-written blog.

The first step is choosing relevant topics. For example, if you sell nail polish, your articles should be about nail care and adjacent subjects. This approach brings in the consumers most interested in your products and illustrates how well you know your field.

Increase Brand Visibility on Search Engine Results Pages

Search engine algorithms are always on the hunt for content that answers user questions. Creating a blog gives you more chances to rank on SERPs, boosting your business’s visibility. Additionally, you have the opportunity to target consumers at different stages of their purchasing journey. A lipstick product page appeals to visitors ready to purchase makeup, but a blog post about how to pick the perfect lipstick shade can net individuals researching their options.

2. Promote Your Products Through Influencers

how to grow beauty business with influencers

Want to know how to grow your beauty business the quickest way possible? Get a well-known influencer to recommend your products. Beauty influencers have an immense impact on the industry; they set trends, give reviews and encourage followers to purchase certain products. You can work with influencers in several ways:

  • Send PR packages and hope your products make it into a video
  • Sponsor content
  • Hire a company that specializes in pairing influencers and brands

No matter which route you take, you’ll see a significant difference in consumer engagement.

Expand Your Audience

There’s bound to be some audience crossover when you partner with an influencer, but for the most part, you’ll be reaching a brand new demographic. Working with niche influencers is the perfect way to branch out, as their followers are less likely to know your brand. The more people see your products, the more purchases you’ll see.

Demonstrate Your Product’s Value

Today’s beauty consumers aren’t satisfied with a static ad — they want to see products in action. Influencers can demonstrate your makeup’s benefits and offer application tips. Online consumers can see for themselves how your products fare, giving them the boost of confidence they need to click “buy.”

Strengthen Your Brand’s Voice

When figuring out how to grow your beauty business, don’t forget about branding. Your brand has a massive impact on every aspect of marketing, so you must carefully consider whether a decision strengthens or undermines your company’s unique voice.

Partnering with the right influencer can solidify your brand and lend it legitimacy. To achieve this, look for the following in influencer partnerships:

  • You share the same values
  • You have similar aesthetics
  • Your products fall into their realm of expertise

3. Connect With Customers Through Social Media

how to grow beauty social media

Remember, you always have the option of becoming an influencer yourself. Beauty brands generate thousands of hours of content on Instagram and other social media, efforts that appeal directly to consumers. Unlike traditional advertising, social media marketing lets you build an engaging community of loyal followers.

However, doing so takes dedication and flexibility. If you want to get the most out of your social media presence, you should follow these strategies.

Post Regularly and Often

When learning how to grow your beauty business, you probably figured out early on that consistency is key. Familiarity breeds trust, which means more sales.

Of course, consistency has another meaning on social media: regular posting. Algorithms reward creators who generate a lot of content, so the more posts you make, the more you’ll pop up in users’ recommended sections.

Share User-Generated Content

User-generated content can be a huge boost to your products’ popularity if you manage it right. First, look for innovative posts that haven’t gotten much attention. Second, reach out to the creator and ask permission to use the content. Third, make sure to shout out creators and link to their accounts.

Seeing real, unsponsored use of products boosts consumer confidence and encourages your followers to make their own content in the hope of getting featured. Recognizing members of your community in this way strengthens loyalty and gives you more content to post on your accounts. If you’ve ever wondered how to grow your beauty business without burning out, utilizing UGC may be the answer.

4. Showcase Products On Your Webpages

how to grow beauty products on webpages

If you’re wondering how to grow your lash business in the most efficient way, consider revamping your product pages. Remember, your website is your online store, and consumers expect a certain level of polish. Refreshing product pages every few months can boost SEO results and show visitors that you care about their experience. To optimize these web pages, incorporate a variety of media, focus on diversity and don’t be afraid of creativity.

Create a Multi-Media Experience

The beauty industry is highly visual, so include photos and videos on your product pages. There are plenty of ways to incorporate various media without overwhelming site visitors:

  • Make a carousel of photos
  • Embed videos under tabs
  • Give a preview of products with an option to “view more”

Include Diverse Skin Tones

Consumers want to see how products work with their skin tone, so ensure you have a diverse array of models. Doing so also illustrates your commitment to inclusivity, which many in the beauty community highly value.

Write an Intriguing Description

Finally, don’t be afraid to flex your creative muscle when writing product descriptions. These small blurbs are the perfect place to show your brand’s playful and fun side. Of course, you don’t want to muddle important information, so try to strike a balance between informative and performative.

Now that you know how to grow your beauty business, it’s time to launch your first strategy. Of course, keeping up a blog while running a company is no easy feat, which is why BKA offers monthly blogging services. Our experts know how to incorporate SEO with high-quality content to boost your SERP rankings. If this sounds like the perfect fit for your needs, inquire about our blogging services today.

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