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Where To Find SEO Writers for Hire

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It is safe to assume that the internet has forever transformed marketing activities. In the past, businesses would go after the masses. Ads and campaigns aggressively sought potential buyers. Radio, TV, newspaper, billboard and magazine ads shouted, “Come buy from us; we’re the best!” People grew weary of the bluster.

Today’s consumers don’t want sellers to pursue them so forcefully. As a result, most people tend to ignore the advertisements companies continue to pump in their direction. So, how does the honest merchant reach out to all those potential buyers? If you’re smart, you let the customers come to you. And you accomplish this miracle of the modern age with an activity still shrouded in mystery to some extent. It’s called search engine optimization or simply SEO.

When you publish useful written information online related to your offering in the form of blog posts or articles, motivated buyers will try to find and read it. Not only that, but consumers will also factor in your material when they are weighing their purchasing options.


SEO: The Path to Your Doorstep

Use SEO as the door to your strategy

Now, for the tricky part. How do you make it easy for the people seeking information to find yours in the sea of billions of blog posts and other online content? That’s where SEO comes into play. SEO is a special kind of writing. It employs techniques that allow people searching for phrases related to their upcoming purchases to find you, read what you have to say and hopefully become a customer.

SEO is relatively simple to understand, but it’s not so easy to do. It takes a combination of solid writing skills, technical knowledge and a willingness to stay current with all the new trends and search engine algorithms. Since good SEO writing is such a specialized skill, many business owners and marketing directors seek out SEO writers for hire to help them with this crucial part of their business.


I’ve heard a lot about SEO lately. But is it really all that important?

Yes, yes, it is.

You’ve heard so much about SEO because it is a vital component for business success.


I’m pretty busy right now, so is there just a generic turnkey solution I can pay for and forget?

The short answer is “no.” The truth is that SEO will require some thought and work from you, the business owner, to make it work. The good news is that you can find ways to reduce the burden of creating effective SEO content. For example, you can outsource the writing or the technical aspects of SEO, or both. But you still have to be involved in the process.


Your Search for SEO Writers for Hire Begins

search for SEO writers

This next section will look at places where you can find SEO writers. Your pursuit strategy, or combination of approaches, will depend on factors such as:

  1. Size of your venture
  2. Budget
  3. The amount of time you have to spend on SEO
  4. Your experience hiring and managing people
  5. What you are trying to accomplish

So, as you move through the information, remember that a single solution doesn’t exist. Instead, you can hopefully use the knowledge you gain here to create a strategy for finding the best fit for your situation.


Job Listing Sites

Job posting sites have been around since the beginning of the internet, and they are still legion. Today, different sites cater to individuals seeking various employment situations. For example, traditional hiring sites mainly seek applicants looking for a formal job.


Looking for an Employee?

These sites can be helpful in your search for SEO writers for hire if you plan to bring someone into your company as an employee. If your need for an in-house writer justifies it, and your budget supports the notion, hiring a full-time writer has the benefit of offering you more control of your content. Check these sites out to see how their pricing structure works for placing a job notice for your company.

Using these sites to find an employee requires you to spend money, but you get several advantages in return. Primarily, you will get access to applicants who have the qualifications to create top-notch SEO content for your company. You could also use job sites to find someone with less experience and train them to write for your company.


Need a Freelance Worker?

hire seo freelance writers

The “Gig Economy” is in full swing, and many sites have sprung up to help aspiring freelance SEO writers for hire. If you feel that you would benefit more from engaging writers on an as-needed basis, you’ll definitely want to take a look at these and other similar sites.

One drawback to using freelance sites to recruit a writer is that you will have so many to choose from that it can be hard to vet them properly. Therefore, you need to create a detailed strategy and learn as much as you can about SEO.

In addition, you will have to sink some of your time into developing an effective SEO plan for your company. Still, you’ll be glad you did when you learn how to find writers who can supercharge your SEO campaign.


More Sites for Finding SEO Writers for Hire

The list of online hiring sites and freelancer databases keeps growing. Fortunately, the sites are becoming more specialized, and many exist that focus specifically on helping you find writers. Here are a few examples, but there are many more.

Keep in mind that crossover on job types exists on all these platforms. For example, you can find someone wanting to work as a freelancer on Indeed and those who would jump at the opportunity for a full-time position on Fiverr.


Work-At-Home Trend

work at home

Also, remote work has never been more popular. It’s becoming the preferred method of working for many writers, whether they want to work full-time for your company or do freelance work for you. Here are a few examples of sites that serve the work-at-home crowd that you may wish to include in your search.

Hiring sites are brimming with SEO writers for hire. Some are so-so and desperate for work. Some are at the top of their fields, too busy to work for you. They just want to keep their names out there in case a better opportunity comes along.

Using job sites can be a great way to find writers, but you will have to put in quite a bit of work screening applicants to find the ones who can do what you need them to for a price you are willing to pay.


Social Media Sites

In addition to job posting sites, social media sites are an excellent way to find writers. Writers tend to interact with other writers. If you can reach a few with your requirements, they will usually share the opportunity with other writers if it doesn’t happen to be a good match for them. Explore some of the many writer groups on these platforms and see what you find.

Similar to using freelance sites, social media sites will require you to sort through numerous applicants and potential candidates. It’s time consuming, but worth all the effort if it leads you to a website content writer who can create effective SEO content for your company.


Your Personal and Business Networks

use business networks to find freelance writers

Even in this age of access to instant global communications, the old ways still sometimes work the best. For instance, talk to your friends and business acquaintances. Find out if they use SEO writers for hire and, if so, how they found them.

Someone in your circle may even have the name and contact information of someone they think would be perfect for your project. You might be surprised how quickly this method sometimes works for locating the ideal candidate.


Your Competitors

Relax, we’re not talking about doing anything unethical. We’re just suggesting that you look at what your competitors are doing for their SEO content. Do they have in-house writers? Are they posting blogs with a writer’s by-line? Maybe they are hiring freelancers or doing the writing themselves.

Whatever the case may be, checking on your competitors’ actions could help guide you in the right direction. Just make sure that you come up with a plan to best their efforts with your own.


Agencies (From Turnkey to à la Carte)

Hire a copywriting agency like BKA

If you are pressed for time and need to offload the tasks of finding and vetting writers, you may want to consider turning to an outside agency for help. These companies could be full-scale advertising agencies or freelance consultants that can assist you with just the areas in which you need help. The range of available agency types could consist of any related services in between.

BKA Content is a full-service content shop. Our content creation services go beyond offering you a website content writer and can meet you where your needs lie. We offer blog writing subscriptions, managed writing services, self-serve writing services and more to help you with all stages of your SEO strategy. Consider contacting us; we would love to hear from you today to discuss your needs.

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