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Everything You Need To Know About Professional Ebook Writers

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The scent of a physical book is an aroma that most bibliophiles find appealing. Whether it’s a favorite novel or an informative pamphlet, there is something special about holding the fruits of a writing labor of love in your hands. While you can still get your hands on physical copies of most writings these days, digital versions are becoming increasingly popular.

In fact, if you’re not making your writings available online, you’re missing out on a significant audience. But even if you are not a writer, your brand still has information to share with the world. That’s where professional ebook writers may come in handy.

If you have considered creating an ebook to share with consumers, clients and other online readers, never fear. Here is everything you need to know about professional ebook writers and how to find them.


What Is A Professional Ebook Writer?

what is a professional ebook writer

You might think of a full-fledged novel when you hear the word “ebook,” but this is not always the case. A professional ebook writer writes an electronic book that a reader can access through an e-reader app. They can do this from a compatible mobile device, such as a mobile phone, tablet or computer. Professional ebook writers learn how to develop ebooks that are easy to read and informative.

Although an ebook could be a digitized version of a novel, many are used for marketing purposes. The main difference between an ebook novel and an ebook for marketing is the length. Novels are more likely to exceed 30,000 words total while a marketing ebook is usually around 3,000 words.


How To Use Ebooks For Marketing

If you’re looking to hire a professional ebook writer, you’re probably not necessarily looking to complete a novel. However, you may need content that is longer and more detailed than your average blog or webpage. Common ways that businesses use ebooks include:

  • Guides: Telling a reader how to do something or what to expect when going through a specific process or experience. This could be anything from buying a first home to finding financial security.
  • Q&A: Providing readers answers to the most commonly asked questions about your business or service. Creating an ebook of these questions and answers gives you more space for detailed explanations to satisfy your reader’s curiosity.
  • Instructions: Walking the reader through the methods of properly assembling or using a product or service. This could be similar to a guide. Many products come with instructions, but if there are a lot of steps and details for the reader to follow, it can be beneficial to create an ebook version that the reader can download in case the physical instructions are misplaced.
  • Tips and Self-Improvement: Offering suggestions on how a reader can get the most out of a product or service. This type of ebook can also be useful for exercise, meditation and other health-related services, but those aren’t the only areas where tips are beneficial. Business and finance are also popular categories that benefit from tips.

Although many professional ebook writers do write digital novels for the purpose of making money, this is not the only reason to create one. Ebooks are also often used as business marketing tools. They are a way to get eyes on your business and promote your services by having potential customers download and read them.


Why Hire Professional Ebook Writers?

hire professional ebook writers

If your business is all about writing and content creation, then sure, it makes sense for you to write your own ebook. The trouble is that there are many businesses that fall outside of the writing industry. Writing just might not be one of your strengths, and that’s okay. You might have a lot of great ideas but struggle to get them down nicely as words on paper (or on the computer screen). If writing does not come easily to you, then getting out a 3,000-plus word ebook can be a daunting task that not only frustrates you but takes up an enormous amount of your time – which could be better served focusing on your business.

Hiring professional ebook writers to write your content offers numerous benefits:

  • Let the writer or company handle all the research and writing (after you provide them with some basic info)
  • Get your content finished faster (within a reasonable amount of time, discussed with your content provider)
  • Send the content back for revisions (if applicable)
  • Promote high-quality content (and worry less about your own writing skill)

You should consider releasing content regularly, so it is a good idea to find professional ebook writers capable of producing quality content for you whenever you need it. The systematic generation of new and engaging content helps your business not only remain relevant but also lets potential clients see that you are actively engaged in your business.


Where Do You Find Professional Ebook Writers?

where to find a professional ebook writer

One of the first steps in finding a professional ebook writer is determining the type of writer you need. This depends on the kind of content your ebook will contain. The approach to writing a novella is different from creating a guide for launching a home-based business.


Types of Professional Ebook Writers

Here are a few of the different kinds of writers you’re likely to encounter:

  • Copywriter: This type of writer tends to specialize in creating marketing or business-related content for the consumer. If you are looking for someone who works with businesses regularly for creating physical and digital content, such as webpages and blogs, then an ebook copywriter may be the way to go. Usually, if you work with copywriters through an ebook writing service, you retain all of the publishing rights to the end product and can attach your name to it once it’s published.
  • Ghostwriter: This kind of writer creates content under another person’s name (usually the person who hires the writer). Ebook ghostwriters create content as if they were the person whose name will actually be listed on it, but they usually work under a contract that prevents them from taking public credit for the work. You may have heard of ghostwriters being used for the creation of autobiographies, but they are sometimes used in other types of content as well.
  • Writer: There may not be much difference at first glance between an ebook writer and an ebook copywriter, but it ultimately boils down to experience and type of content. While copywriters tend to focus more on marketing copy, a writer may have a broader selection of types of content they have written. Not all general ebook writers have a lot of experience, so you’ll want to vet their skills before entering into a contract.


Types of Professional Ebook Writing Services

types of ebook writing services

Not sure which kind of professional ebook writers will be best for your project? Don’t worry; that’s all information you can find out as you go through the process of getting a quote. Any good content agency or independent contractor should be able to answer your questions about their services.

Of course, you will need to find ebook writing services before you can ask your questions. The most common way to find qualified professional ebook writers is to ask an independent contractor or a content company, but you also have the option of hiring your own in-house ebook writer. Here are a few things you should know about the types of professional ebook writers you can hire.


In-House Ebook Writers

An in-house writer is essentially an employee. This option makes the most sense for businesses that plan to produce a lot of written content and that have the budget to hire another employee. It is also much easier to train in-house ebook writers on the nuances of your business so they can truly write like a knowledgeable professional in the industry. However, an in-house writer tends to be one of the more expensive choices as you will need to pay wages plus any benefits.


Independent Contractors

Independent contractors are ebook writers who usually work for themselves or who are paid for their work through another business. Also known as freelance writers, many of these professionals negotiate their own rates depending on how in-depth your project is.

Although hiring a freelancer is cheaper than going with an in-house writer, one of the biggest drawbacks tends to be their higher rates, particularly for the higher-quality, more experienced ebook writers. You should look at the writer’s portfolio and get some quotes to determine if a freelancer is right for you.


Ebook Writing Agencies

Just like when you work with an independent contractor, you should always research a content company before enlisting its services. You can find professional ebook writers through these services, but there are differences between managed content agencies and general content mills that you should be aware of:

  • Content agencies or hubs work directly with clients to create content for their business needs, and in some cases, they even publish and promote the content for them. Agencies usually have a pool of in-house writers or trained subcontractors they work with and oversee. You give the information to the agency, and the agency manages the writing process to get the finished work back to you. Agencies are not always the cheapest option, but they can be affordable and tend to be consistent with writing quality.
  • Content mills are platforms where you can go to either select an independent contractor to hire for your project or list your project for a specified price. In most cases, you work directly with the ebook writers rather than the company hosting the platform, and the writer negotiates the price. However, the quality of content you get through a mill is not always consistent, particularly if you list your project and any writer on the platform is able to claim it.


Ebook Editing Services

ebook editing services

One more aspect of the ebook writing process that you don’t want to overlook is the editing. This service is not always included with the cost of writing. It is important to look over your content before you promote it, but you may want to hire a professional editor to do it if grammar and spelling are not your strengths. Content agencies can often include editing or proofreading in your quote, and most independent contractors can add editing for a fee. For an in-house writer, it is a good idea to go with someone who can also edit their work.


Which Ebook Writer Option Is Best?

Ultimately, whether you choose to go with an in-house writer, freelancer or content company depends on your personal needs and budget. In-house ebook writers are a great investment for creating content regularly but will also likely be the most expensive. Independent contractors may cost more but the quality may suffer if you go through a content mill.

In our opinion, hiring professional ebook writers through an experienced content company is a great way to go. You get the best of both worlds as far as cost and quality consistency when you work with an experienced content agency that manages its own team of trained ebook writers. Many professional writing services offer editing services as well as incorporate SEO practices in the content they create for your business.

Besides, If you go the route of a content company, it becomes easier to browse for and compare services. Many companies list on their websites the names of businesses they have worked with, which can give you an idea of the kind of content they regularly produce. Some content hubs also customize their writing services to meet your needs, so don’t be afraid to ask for a quote fitting your ebook specifics.


What Can You Expect After Hiring a Professional Ebook Writer?

working with professional ebook writers

Once you know you want to hire professional ebook writers, you should gather all of the documentation and information the writer needs to do the job well. Ebook writers and content companies will probably ask you for the following:

  • Examples of what you want your ebook to look like
  • The format you need the file to be in, such as a Word doc, PDF or an epub file
  • Reference materials for the information you want to include
  • Deadline for when you need the finished product

You don’t always have to include reference materials, but the writing service may cost extra if the writers have to do all of the research themselves. You should expect to pay extra if your ebook is for a niche industry or if you need it finished quickly.


Hire a Professional Ebook Writer Today

Avoid the time, stress and energy of writing your own ebook and hand it over to a professional ebook writer or content agency. Under your supervision, they can create digital content that is both engaging and informative.

Be sure to start producing new digital content regularly to keep your audience engaged. Want to learn more about how managed and customized services can benefit your business? Check out BKA Content for more information.

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