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5 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Copywriter

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As the owner of a growing business, you are likely well aware of the potential that website content has to boost your business. Authoritative and persuasive content on your website has the power to convert leads, increase traffic and build your brand. Over 70% of marketers heavily invest in content marketing, so what does this kind of investment entail?

Content. Lots of high-quality SEO content.

Many thriving companies publish informational and sales content on their websites at least once or twice a week. Researching, writing and proofreading content takes a lot of effort, especially if you expect high-quality copy each and every time. Unless you already have a team of employees with SEO knowledge, good grammar and the time to spare, hiring a professional copywriter is the way to go.


What Exactly Is a Professional Copywriter?

What is a professional copywriter

A professional copywriter is someone with the ability and experience to write content that benefits or promotes a business. In general, most copywriters write persuasive content such as product descriptions, service pages and landing pages that help lead potential customers to take action; However, many professional copywriters can also write informational content such as the following:

  • Blog posts
  • Web articles
  • Social media posts
  • White papers
  • Email campaigns

Basically, anything that requires high-quality writing and SEO knowledge can be undertaken by a professional copywriter.


The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Copywriter

Because investing in a professional copywriter or copywriting agency can be a big step, it’s important to understand the reasons behind doing it. There are many benefits of working with professional copywriters. Here are five of the biggest that you don’t want to miss out on.


1. Copywriters Are 100% Focused on Writing and Research

Professional copywriters do research

Perhaps the most significant benefit of working with a professional copywriter is that he or she will be completely focused on writing. This includes all the research and preparation work necessary to produce a piece of great copy. As mentioned above, it can take a serious investment of time to produce high-quality, authoritative content. Therefore, it makes sense to have someone whose job it is to work specifically on your website copy. That focus will also pay off in terms of consistency.

Scale Content Creation

You may be able to have an existing member of your team produce a few initial pieces of content. But what happens when that person’s other responsibilities conflict with the content writing calendar? For most teams, such a situation would mean that the marketing channel takes a back seat. That doesn’t have to be the case if you hire a dedicated copywriter.

The professional copywriter you hire doesn’t need to be a full-time team member. Instead, you can employ a freelance copywriter or copywriting service. Nonetheless, working with a writing specialist means that there will never be other company priorities that conflict with SEO content creation.


2. Copywriters Write Engaging Content

Almost always, professional copywriters with experience can create better quality copy than your average Joe. They know how to craft and convey a message that will engage the audience. For example, knowledgeable writers know how to communicate even the most technical information in a way that anyone can understand. A professional copywriter can also craft a distinctly unique voice for your brand. This will make your business more recognizable and your messaging more impactful.

Mix in the Marketing

Investing in highly engaging web copy is worth it. After all, you can have the most interesting information contained in your content, but if it is not presented in a way where it leads the reader through to action, it will be unsuccessful.

This idea is often reflected in the technology field. Some businesses are on the cutting edge of innovation but are overshadowed by those with stronger marketing acumen. Engaging the audience and getting them excited about your brand can be as important as what you have to offer.

Part of building brand authority is encouraging people to share and link to your content. If your copywriting is more engrossing, your readers will be more interested in telling others about what you have to say.


3. Professional Copywriters Are Audience-Focused

Professional copywriter will write for your audience

Your content marketing should always be created with a specific audience in mind. For example, your enterprise software business may need web copy intended for decision makers at small-to-medium-sized businesses. That target group may be familiar with some technical language, but not intimately familiar with the specifics of your field. A professional copywriter can craft content that is accessible to that audience.

Speak To Customers’ Needs/Wants

Writing for an audience isn’t as simple as just utilizing jargon that the target reader will understand. The content also needs to be relevant and relatable. For example, if your brand is targeted at thrill-seeking outdoor enthusiasts, you don’t want anything written in a corporate or overly professional tone.

The more the target audience can relate to a piece of website copy, the greater effect it has. For any promotional or informational content, directing the content towards the target market is crucially important. Accurately understanding the needs and wants of the people you’re writing to is crucial to establishing trust and authority down the road.

Take On Multiple Brand Voices

In many cases, brands need content written for multiple audiences. Juggling and catering to the needs of each of those groups can be challenging. Fortunately, professional copywriters are skilled at doing exactly that.


4. They Utilize SEO In Their Writing

Your professional copywriter can incorporate SEO

With a professional copywriter, you get both engaging and target-focused content. That’s good, but not good enough. If you hire a professional copywriter who is also well-versed in SEO optimization, your content marketing strategy can skyrocket.

SEO is a huge part of any content marketing strategy, simply because it is how potential customers find you. With billions of searches every day, search engines use a specialized algorithm to find websites that best match users’ search queries to valuable content. Search Engine Optimization is how you manipulate these algorithms to your advantage.

Integrate Top Keywords

Quality writing is a big part of SEO, but a professional copywriter can do more than that. They can strategically use keywords to help boost your search rankings. Whether the search query is “mechanics near me” or “how to tell the difference between mold and mildew,” the keywords you use in your web copy can help direct traffic to your website. A professional copywriter can develop a landing page with keywords that will help prospective buyers find you. They can also write articles and blog posts that give readers answers, which ultimately build their trust in your brand.

Along with the actual content itself, professional copywriters can include meta descriptions, keyword-specific title tags and proper formatting to make sure your articles are optimized for search engines.

If you want to give your content its best shot in Google’s algorithms, hand it over to a skilled copywriter.

5. Copywriters Are Cost-Effective

Finally, it is almost always more cost-effective to outsource to a professional copywriter than to task someone in-house with your content writing. There are two reasons for this: opportunity cost and efficiency.

Lower Opportunity Cost and Maximize Efficiency

If you have one of your product engineers write a whitepaper on the latest innovations in your field, it is likely that he or she will need a lot of time to do so. Chances are that the opportunity cost (and salary) of that engineer doing the writing is significantly higher than the cost of hiring a professional copywriter to do the job. The same is true if a business owner writes his or her own SEO copy. It simply isn’t cost-effective.

Furthermore, professional copywriters work a lot faster than people with less writing experience. They can craft great copy in a fraction of the time it would take a business owner or product engineer to do the same. Typically, professional copywriters can also outpace other marketing professionals significantly.

In other words, based on the impact on your budget, it makes the most sense for you to hire a writer or writing service.

How Do I Engage With a Professional Copywriter?

How to find a professional copywriter

As you can see, there are real benefits of working with a professional copywriter or copywriting agency. If you need quality copy for your website, you can hire a professional copywriter to get the best quality and expertise available.

But how do you get started? First, you need to know the parameters of your project. When determining what exactly you need from a copywriter, plan out what kind of content needs to be created. Some things you may want to consider include:

  • Type of content
  • # of pieces
  • Length of copy
  • Timeline
  • Consistency of copywriting project
  • Level of expertise needed to write the copy

What Are My Options for Finding Copywriters?

If you are looking for only a few landing pages, you may want to hire a freelance copywriter just for those projects. If you are planning on publishing informational content 2-3 times a week, you may need to hire a team of professional content writers or copywriters to get the job done.

Typically, companies that offer copywriting services have a network of writing experts in lots of different industries. Unless you have access to specific writers in your industry already, this is a great option to consider in order to get started quickly.

Not only that, a copywriting agency is a great option for buying high-quality content at scale. You have instant access to multiple copywriters to tackle lots of different content projects. If you have a tighter deadline, or just want to get more writing done, then going with a copywriting agency is the way to go.

Hire a Professional Copywriter Today

Need web page copy? Head on over to our content shop. Need informational content on a consistent basis? Use one of our blog subscription plans to make it easy. Whatever you need, our team of professional copywriters can provide you SEO content that persuades, informs and boosts your company’s brand.

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