7 Real Estate Blog Content Ideas for Your Content Marketing Plan

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Digital marketing is no longer optional for successful real estate agents. Whether you are starting a brand-new real estate blog for your business or looking for guidance to spruce up a blog that’s been a bit neglected, we’re here to help. The right real estate blog content ideas can generate a stream of valuable content that will attract readers and build your local following.

One of the hardest parts of creating content marketing ideas for real estate is getting started. Although real-world communication may feel like a breeze for most agents, real estate blog writing can be an entirely different ballgame. Whether you write real estate blog content for yourself or use a content writing company, here are some ideas to consider.


Why Create Real Estate Blog Content?

The internet is by far the most popular way for homebuyers to find the right real estate agent to help them find their dream home. Real estate blog content can be a hook for hungry buyers. Consider the following numbers from Real Estate in a Digital Age, a 2018 publication by the National Association of Realtors:

  • 93% of prospective homebuyers look online for property information, and 73% did so on a mobile device
  • 65% of prospective homebuyers are millennials, a generation known for their digital prowess
  • 44% of prospective homebuyers search properties online before committing to a real estate agent

real estate blog ideas

Despite the prevalence of internet use among homebuyers, however, the NAR noted that only 9% of Realtors surveyed have a real estate blog, and only 13% plan to start writing real estate blog content in the future. That leaves a significant opportunity for agents who want to fortify their online presence and position themselves as local real estate experts by creating an industry blog.


How Do You Start Writing Real Estate Blog Content?

If you already have a website, the process of starting to write real estate blog content is simple. Add a tab on your nav page specifically for “blogs” and then begin adding real estate blog content. The key is making your blog easily accessible, which can be done with a few clicks. If you haven’t made a big footprint online yet, you can find a website host that can cater to your real estate blogging needs.


Create User-Friendly Content

Once you start posting real estate blog content, try to improve the overall quality of your blog. Holding on to readers can be challenging and frustrating, but a little website optimization to make your content more user-friendly can go a long way.

real estate blog content


With social media booming, most users access your content through their cell phones. No matter how good your real estate blog ideas are, if your website isn’t compatible with smaller screens, you can lose a lot of potential leads. Here are a few ways you can simplify the design of your blog and speed up loading times:

  1. Streamline your navigational bar
  2. Reduce pop-outs and widgets
  3. Use a minimalistic theme
  4. Optimize image sizes

Not only will readers be happier when interacting with your real estate blog content, but you’ll impress them with your exceptionally designed website. In addition, cramped paragraphs, unorganized headers and grammar mistakes can place you in a bad light. On the other hand, having consistent, professional real estate writing can develop your brand voice and increase positive feedback from buyers. Add a style guide that can be used to form each real estate blog post to minimize differences and mistakes.


7 Real Estate Blog Ideas That Can Bring Results

Now that we’ve covered the why and how of real estate blogging, you probably understand how important it can be for your business. However, you may also have an ongoing case of writer’s block on what real estate blog topics to write about. Never fear! With these seven great real estate blog ideas, you’ll be able to hit the ground running and never look back.


1. Build Local Community Pages

Clients want to hire local real estate experts to help them find the right home or market their property for a successful sale. By zeroing in on specific neighborhoods and communities within the towns you serve, you create hyperlocal information that will naturally attract potential clients who are thinking about buying or selling homes in those areas.

You can adapt some of your real estate post ideas to include different kinds of information that buyers would find useful. When writing a blog post highlighting a neighborhood or community, be specific about what makes the location special. Does it have a sense of local pride? Are parks, walking trails and great schools nearby? Does the community host fun events like festivals or parades?

Although you should combine this anecdotal information with demographics and other key stats, don’t lead with boring numbers. Instead, draw your readers in and leave them wondering what it would be like to live in that neighborhood. Readability and design are a big part of a real estate agent’s marketing plan. Here’s a great example from Luxury Big Island, a real estate agency in Hawaii. Their community pages hit a homerun with beautiful photography, links to relevant properties and detailed local information.


real estate blog content


Neighborhood pages should focus on just one small portion of the city you serve, but you can also create a city guide to the area’s best-kept secrets and must-know info. Whether the goal is navigating public transit, ranking the best restaurants or highlighting your favorite hiking trails, a series of broader real estate posts like this can even have an extended life as an e-book or microsite of its own. This type of real estate blog content can establish you as a local expert, while also producing potential leads in that area.


2. Share Timely Real Estate News and Information

You probably already have a pipeline to one of the richest sources of real estate blog content ideas – community groups, local governments and homeowner associations are constantly publishing information about their events, from town meetings to tree lighting ceremonies. Include some of these gold nuggets in your next real estate post ideas.

Not only does summarizing and sharing this information on your blog provide a stream of valuable information for your readers, it also creates and nourishes networking relationships with the groups in question. When you disseminate their news to a wider audience, those groups will likely do the same for you by linking to your real estate blog content, sharing your card and otherwise promoting your content.


blog topics for real estate agents


Check out this example from F1rstTeam Real Estate in Los Angeles County. The real estate team created a monthly events calendar for their blog with links to the sponsoring organizations. If you can make this a regular feature in your real estate content marketing strategy, clients will start to rely on your intel when making plans. This is one of those real estate blog ideas that has a lot of longevity when done correctly.


3. Spotlight Local Businesses

When you share information that provides value to your audience, readers are more likely to return to your site and share it with others on social media. Connecting with and highlighting local businesses on your real estate blog content indirectly promotes your business while offering actionable blog content that readers can actually use.

Let’s say your community is revitalizing its Main Street area, and a brand-new bakery just opened. Work with the bakery owners to promote their business in ways such as the following:

  • Create a profile encouraging readers to stop by the business
  • Provide a coupon code that viewers can use for a discount
  • Spotlight the business in your next real estate marketing email
  • Encourage your social media followers to like and share the bakery’s page

Because this real estate blog idea provides a win-win for both your business and theirs, it also creates a valuable networking relationship. In fact, connecting with local businesses in this way is a great initiative to add to your real estate agent marketing plan, and it doesn’t cost a dime.


4. Teach Real Estate Clients About Financing

Obtaining financing for a new home can be one of the biggest challenges for homebuyers, especially those who are brand new to the market. Consider writing a series of real estate blog posts about the ins and outs of applying and qualifying for a mortgage. Make it local by highlighting special programs offered by your state or municipality, such as 0% down programs for teachers, police officers and other “good neighbors.”

For example, you could interview a local mortgage broker about financing do’s and don’ts for first-time homebuyers. This example from MacNificent Properties answers frequently asked questions about home down payments.


content marketing ideas for real estate


High-quality, informative posts are often the most successful blog topics for real estate agents, and for good reason. Valuable information can create a great brand image and build trust in buyers. If you already have a referral relationship with brokers and banks, writing real estate content of this nature is also a good opportunity to bolster your networking with those contacts.


Engagement With Financial Real Estate Blog Posts

Although effective, your real estate blog content should never appear dull. A blog topic about financing or other valuable subjects can easily be titled something that repels readers. Consider crafting your posts in creative, out-of-the-box ways to deliver important information to your potential clients. Here are a few formats you can customize:

  • FAQs and common concerns
  • Extensive real estate guides for beginners
  • Financial quizzes
  • Illustrations and infographics

Readers are looking for engaging real estate blog content that can help them. If you want to branch out more, consider highlighting a podcast series on your website. Invite guest speakers, comment on hot real estate trends and teach listeners about financing their next home. Any unique spark you add to your real estate blog ideas can be a hook for potential leads.


5. Highlight Notable Properties

Consider a monthly top-five or top-ten list of properties in your portfolio that share a certain theme. Whether they are for fixer-uppers at a great value or homes with a water view, these real estate blog posts target clients who are buying or selling within a specific niche. For best results, use lots of photos and descriptions of the properties currently on the market.

If you want to improve your content marketing ideas for real estate, seriously consider adding virtual tours to your website. These online showings give a complete view of the properties you are offering, making it easier for potential buyers to look at properties they are interested in. A video tour can create rich, shareable content that will get plenty of traction on social media and improve your online reach. This is an outstanding real estate blog idea to generate real sales leads online!


6. Answer Reader Questions About Real Estate

There are hundreds of blog topics for real estate agents to choose from, which means there are hundreds of questions that viewers or potential leads may have. With an active real estate blog, you can use these questions to your advantage.


real estate content marketing ideas


Interactivity is one of the best ways to make a blog “sticky,” which means that readers will keep coming back and share your link with their friends, too. Encourage a dialogue that will build a relationship with potential clients by asking your readers for their real estate questions.

There are many unique real estate blog ideas you can use to answer important queries. Answer one or two of these questions in a weekly series, or host a live video on your social media account. If the questions relate to other industries, bring in some friends to guest post for you. After a few successfully answered questions and feedback, you’ll quickly earn a reputation as a real estate agent who knows the market and is dedicated to educating buyers and sellers on the finer points of the industry.


7. Talk About Yourself

You may feel hesitant to make yourself one of your real estate blog topics, but it’s actually a great way to boost online traffic. Use this opportunity to build trust and brand image as you share who you are. Not only will real estate blog content like this help you seem more “human”, but you give readers a chance to understand you better. Here are a few things you could share:

  • Reasons why you’re in the real estate industry
  • Favorite things about the area you sell for
  • Personal preferences in home-buying
  • Latest transactions and testimonials
  • Specific experiences or education that qualify you

Feel free to get creative with your real estate blog ideas and share hobbies and interests that you love. As you differentiate yourself from the “bland” world of real estate, you give your brand an extra twist of distinctiveness.


Feel Inspired By Our Real Estate Blog Content Ideas? Start Now!

Now that you have a few real estate blog post ideas, start posting. As your web content increases and you begin to build your online reputation, traffic and lead generation can increase dramatically. Consider the needs of your target audience, market directly to interested parties, and seek out more potential buyers. Developing quality real estate blog content can tip the scale for your online marketing strategy.

Maybe you love the idea of starting a blog for your real estate business, but as a busy professional, you just can’t find the time to sit down and write. There’s no need to fear, you can still expand your real estate marketing plan. Check out our content shop to learn more about how we can help you transform these real estate blog content ideas into a lucrative marketing tool.

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