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Incorporating Artificial Intelligence in Business Marketing

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When you hear the phrase “artificial intelligence in business,” what first comes to mind? Maybe you thought of futuristic, life-like robots rolling around the office, generating reports and telling terrible jokes. Not surprisingly, that’s the kind of thing many people have come to mind when considering artificial intelligence in business.

In today’s world, however, artificial intelligence isn’t some far-off goal that science may or may not achieve. It’s real and already used in everyday situations. Its applications vary and are applied to a wide range of projects. Any time you use a voice assistant like Siri, get movie suggestions on Netflix, use customer service chatbots, or get a call about possible fraudulent credit card charges, those are interactions with artificial intelligence.

How and Why Is Artificial Intelligence Used in Business?

how AI is used in business

On a basic level, artificial intelligence uses programs, software and computers to complete intelligent tasks. It mimics humans’ natural decision-making and problem-solving abilities. In some fields, AI is better at certain tasks than human workers. This is why it is attractive to so many business owners.

Here are a few of the main reasons people are starting to use more artificial intelligence in business.

Save Time and Money

Often, artificial intelligence can find more efficient ways of doing things. This is because AI automizes routine processes and tasks and can perform certain functions more consistently or faster than humans.

It may even wholly replace humans for some types of work. Many companies are finding that although the initial investment may be high, the company saves money long-term by automating certain processes with AI.

Increase Sales

increased sales with ai

Artificial intelligence is playing an increasing role in marketing because it can analyze your target audience and their actions, leading to better sales opportunities. It’s a warmer approach to sales versus contacting cold leads.

It’s valuable for marketing because it can give fantastic insights into your target audience, gather third-party data and predict future user purchases or actions. This data is invaluable when creating a successful marketing strategy for your business.

Increase Quality of Product or Service

Some tasks naturally come with a margin of error. Humans can make mistakes, can be biased, or can just not care about the task at hand. Artificial intelligence in business can eliminate some of these elements and leave a smaller margin of error. In many cases, this is the path to a better product.

Product quality is increased with excellent customer service, as well. AI is perfect for chatbots, for example, and it can learn from every customer interaction. This makes customer service more efficient and effective whenever someone chooses to chat.

Is AI in Business Always Effective?

does ai always work

Artificial intelligence in business is growing rapidly and is increasingly applied in creative fields like SEO optimization and content creation. AI for business is more prevalent now than ever, thanks to its many benefits. But does it work for content creation purposes?

If you’ve had a lousy chat with your bank chatbot lately, you’ll know that artificial intelligence in business is by no means perfect. When dealing with human language or emotions, for example, AI might not be as effective as hoped. SEO optimization and content creation are great illustrations of this.

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

In short, SEO is a digital marketing strategy that helps a website rank higher in a browser’s search results. This is achieved through different techniques, including content creation.

Look at this example. Let’s say you own a pet shop in Atlanta and have invested in creating a website to show your services and highlight customers’ experiences. But there are hundreds of similar shops around. So if someone searches for ‘pet shops Atlanta,’ how can you ensure your company is at the top of search engine results? One of the most powerful ways is to work on your content marketing.

When you add well-written, informative content to your website that also includes common search terms or keywords, you are more likely to come up in the search. The better your content, the more it appeals to the customer and answers their questions and needs, and the more accurately placed your keywords are, the better your visibility will be when people search for pet shops in Atlanta on Google.

AI Application: SEO Content

Creating content is now one of the trending applications of artificial intelligence in business. After all, if you’ve ever sat down to work on your website’s content, you know it’s not as easy as it sounds.

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Generating ideas, choosing your angle and writing the post, selecting keywords, and getting them positioned in the right spots and headings and linked to the correct URL requires time, brainpower, and creativity.

This is where artificial intelligence in business often steps onto the scene. For the content to be effective, the keywords and topics must be helpful to the user. AI is great at figuring out what your target audience is looking for. It can analyze current trends, go through millions of web pages and social media sites and figure out what people are searching for that is relevant to your business.

It is also able to learn as it works, making it more efficient at this over time. The longer it works, the more accurate it will be in generating relevant keywords and content ideas for your business.

Another interesting AI application in content is writing the actual articles. There are AI tools out there that can generate content for you. You give an idea of the tone, keywords and ideas, and it will spit out an article based on those specifications. As mentioned before, over time, it becomes more fine-tuned to what you like, as it learns from your feedback on its work.

Besides writing articles and generating ideas, businesses can also use artificial intelligence to write marketing emails and other materials.

Who’s More Effective: Humans vs. Bots?

Man vs artificial intelligence

Although AI has made tremendous progress in the past few years and is becoming a more significant part of SEO and content creation, it isn’t always the best option. Why? It just can’t substitute for a human. Yes, AI can learn over time. Yes, it’s helpful when generating ideas or analyzing trends. But can artificial intelligence in business completely replace the human touch in SEO and content work? No.

First of all, AI can’t achieve content creation alone. It needs human input to get the ball rolling. Second, any field that works closely with language and expression will have a more challenging time incorporating AI. As impressive as artificial intelligence in business is, it can’t always accurately replicate the correct tone of an article, use phrases or words correctly, or understand and utilize the human emotions of the target audience.

Think about the auto-complete that pops up when you’re texting, for example. Artificial intelligence pulls phrasing from a data set and can make it sound fairly natural, but it doesn’t understand nearly as many word combinations, synonyms, connotations and contexts as the human brain with life experience can.

It has great suggestions based on commonly written phrases, but often, it just doesn’t offer you the words you’re looking for. Why? Because, as a human being, you have the ability to think outside the box, not be stuck in a mold, and create and invent. You aren’t limited to specific phrases from a database of everyone else’s essential terms and words.

It’s impossible for a computer to accurately predict 100% of the time what the human mind is thinking. Even when artificial intelligence is used to generate content, a human must proofread it!

It may be more efficient overall to let professional writers generate your content. Humans are able to more accurately capture tone, use phrases and words precisely, and come up with topics and possibilities that artificial intelligence may never be able to do. In addition, human writers are better at identifying with your clients and writing from the heart.

To AI or Not To AI?

to AI or not to AI

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence in business has many benefits. This technology offers tons of companies the chance to save money and time, increase sales, and improve the quality of products and services. As a result, artificial intelligence is becoming ingrained in many aspects of daily life.

However, AI for business is undoubtedly best applied to fields relying heavily on logic, computations, numbers, and algorithms. When it comes to using AI in a creative context, the human brain fares better. That is why blog writing services and content creation work will never disappear. Professional writers get you, your company and your audience like a computer never will.

Companies like BKA Content know that no matter how advanced artificial intelligence in business becomes, it will never be able to accurately replicate the human emotion and perspective that makes content writing most effective. So, don’t plan to go all-in with AI quite yet for your content creation and SEO needs. Instead, hire a reputable writing company with SEO experience that can help you achieve the best digital and content marketing results possible.

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