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How To Fuel Your B2B Success With a Content Writing Company

by | May 28, 2020 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

How To Fuel Your B2B Success With a Content Writing Company

by | May 28, 2020 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

Content marketing is an increasingly popular channel. For brands, it is an opportunity to engage potential customers more deeply. For the audience, it is a refreshing departure from conventional forms of advertisement. A content writing company can be especially valuable for business-to-business brands that are taking a long and thoughtful approach to sales. Learn how to make the most of your B2B content marketing.


The Value of Content Marketing

Before exploring techniques for effective B2B content marketing, it is helpful to understand how this form of promotion can be valuable — it’s more than just another channel in your marketing mix. Content marketing has the power to enhance the impact of other channels. These are some of the advantages of using content to promote your brand:

  • Increases Brand Authority: Generating valuable content for your audience helps to elevate your brand’s authority. It establishes your business and team as experts in your field. In a business-to-business market, this authority can be immensely impactful. Many B2B customers are far more likely to buy from vendors they perceive as experts.
  • Improves Impact of Other Channels: Content marketing can help other marketing channels become more effective. For example, you can combine SEO writing services with your content strategy to enhance both channels. Additionally, you can design your articles to be shareable through social channels.
  • Accelerates the Sales Funnel: The most effective content is planned with the sales funnel in mind. It can be leveraged to capture leads. It can also be used to deliver timely and relevant information to prospective customers, helping them to advance through the funnel quickly.
  • Offers a Reason To Engage With No Strings: Content is typically offered for free and with no strings attached (except possibly completing a form). This is significant because it gives your prospective customers a way to engage with your brand without having to make a commitment.


Develop a Powerful Content Strategy


Content Strategy

To make the most of your content writing company, it is helpful to have a clear and effective strategy. This should start with establishing goals. For example, focus on delivering qualified leads to your sales team. Alternatively, you may want to increase your website sales or work to get people interacting with your brand.

Those goals should be measurable using some key performance indicators. Because content marketing is typically realized digitally, you will normally have a lot of access to metrics that you can track. Identify which data points are the most representative of achieving your goals. Consider combining several KPIs into a scorecard to help evaluate your progress.

Once you have goals and a way to measure your success, you need to start laying out a plan. It may be worth hiring a content writing company for this. However, if you prefer to set your strategy in-house, create a realistic budget and schedule for releasing content. This channel can be very valuable, but it requires an investment like any other form of marketing to make it work.


Techniques for Maximizing the Impact of Content

With your goals and rough plan in mind, it is time to start delving into the details. Every brand’s content marketing strategy needs to be different because it must be fitted to the audience and the business. Nonetheless, every strategy should focus on delivering value to the audience, integrating with SEO and staying consistent.


Focus on Delivering Value

Your content is more than just a marketing channel. It is a product with a value of its own. Like any other product or service in your catalog, each piece of content should have a clear value proposition for the audience.

As mentioned above, it is helpful to think about the questions that a prospect may raise at each stage of the buying journey. By addressing these concerns, you are delivering value to your audience. Of course, the questions and answers need to be targeted to the correct stage of the funnel. There is no point in addressing why your product is the right choice for someone who has never heard of it yet.

It can be helpful to think about your content in multiple tiers. Each tier is mapped to a different part of the sales funnel. As a prospect advances through the buying process, he or she moves on to the next tier of content. If you have an accounting software product, the first tier of the content may be focused on concerns such as how to run error-free accounting operations. The final tier may be comparing different software solutions or exploring reasons to buy now.


Enhance Search Engine Optimization


search engine optimization

Remember, content marketing can improve your SEO results. If you are neglecting to take advantage of this, you may not be realizing the full value of your content. SEO writing services typically focus on keywords, search topics and link building. Fortunately, all of these fit neatly into content marketing.

Great content should be easy to find through searching. Therefore, it needs to be a topic that prospective leads would search for and include keywords based on preferred search terms. Some SEO research can help to reveal what terms you should be optimizing for. Keywords and phrases are important; however, Google is increasingly putting weight on the topic of the article.

You can also use a content writing company to create articles for off-site blogs and platforms, such as guest blogging for a related website. This can be used to generate links to your website, increasing your search authority. Getting this right can be challenging, but it is easier with a good SEO writing service in your corner.


Stay Consistent

One of the most common pitfalls that brands fall into with content marketing is that they start strong and taper off. This channel relies heavily on ideas, which can be hard to come by if they are exhausted too quickly. In many cases, it is helpful to plan a mixture of topical and evergreen topics to address in your content marketing. This will help you to keep the new content flowing.

Develop a clear schedule for when new articles, videos and other forms of content will be released. Try setting conservative expectations at first. You can always ramp things up once you have the hang of it. Additionally, consider hiring article writing services. It is easier to stay consistent if you outsource.

Consistency is valuable for two main reasons: engaging your audience and improving SEO. Both prior and new visitors are more likely to engage with your content if it is fresh. People are drawn to recent updates and new ideas that they haven’t seen before. Similarly, search engines prefer up-to-date information and reward websites that update regularly.


Types of B2B Content


content writing company

The most effective content marketing strategies typically involve multiple media. This is especially true for B2B brands because the sales process tends to be longer. Prospects at every stage of the funnel need targeted content, in terms of the medium as well as the topic.

  • Blog Posts: Your blog should be a centerpiece of your strategy. It provides a valuable opportunity to address topics ranging from frequently asked questions to how your product or service fits into world events. Typically, blog posts are best for new entrants to your sales funnel.
  • Web Pages: Targeted web pages and micro-sites can also be valuable additions to your mix. A frequently asked questions page is a classic form of this. However, you can delve much deeper. For example, you may create a web page sharing performance data for your product.
  • E-Books: For prospects in the later stages of your sales funnel, e-books and whitepapers can be very valuable. These tend to be most relevant for leads in the evaluation and decision stages of buying. These media give you a chance to delve deeply into a topic.
  • Videos: Although article writing services are the most popular, non-written content is valuable too. Video can be ideal for people who prefer listening and/or watching. Additionally, well-produced content gives your brand a professional image.
  • Infographics: Similarly, infographics are very helpful for sharing data in a more engaging way than just written words. These tend to be best for more superficial topics for wider audiences. Consider using data from an e-book to create your infographic.
  • Webinars: Live broadcasts can also be very valuable. Use a webinar or other broadcast to address common customer concerns in-depth. These can be even more effective if you make them interactive using polls and Q&A sections.

You can get extra mileage from your content by reusing topics across media. For example, you could produce a webinar discussing the top 10 mistakes in accounting operations, then write a blog post summarizing the webinar. Reformatting topics will help you keep your schedule consistent.


Increase Your Impact With a B2B Content Writing Company

For every marketing channel, you must decide whether you want to run things in-house or outsource. The answer may be different for every brand. However, for most businesses, it is worthwhile hiring article writing services rather than trying to take on content marketing in-house.

Creating consistent, high-quality content is challenging and requires dedicated resources. Furthermore, to achieve the optimal variety of topics and media, you need experienced writers. Although you could build up this capacity within your team, in most cases it makes more sense to work with an outside provider. With the right partner, you can reap all the benefits of effective B2B content marketing.


Find the Right Content Writing Service for Your Brand

BKA Content offers managed SEO writing services that can help you ensure the success of your B2B brand. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help your business succeed.

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