Increase Conversions by Improving Your Content Marketing

by | Jun 21, 2016 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

by | Jun 21, 2016 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

One of the biggest challenges that content marketers, blog owners and businesses face today is conversion rates. It may seem like the best approach to this problem is to increase traffic. However, traffic comes from many places and if it is not targeted then you may find yourself struggling while you’re trying to increase conversion rates.

A much better approach is to focus more of your efforts on content marketing. No matter how you look at it, you can’t deny content is king. Consumers are relying on it to influence their shopping and purchasing behavior and businesses are relying on it to sell their products. Copywriting is something you want to take advantage of because it can ultimately make your job much easier, less expensive and pay off significantly for your business.

Research Your Keywords

One important aspect of copywriting is SEO. In order for any SEO marketing tactics to be successful, you have to use the right keywords. If they are not well researched, then you risk wasting your time for a minimal return. According to Search Engine Land, the use of the right keywords can enable you to know what your customers want and deliver upon those expectations. They help to guide your content, improve its focus and attract more of the traffic you want. There are plenty of free keyword research tools out there you can use.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Take a look at your analytics and use them to direct your marketing efforts. It doesn’t make much sense for you to waste your efforts on tactics that are simply not working. Track the behavior of your visitors while they are on your sites. Social Media Examiner reports that the most effective way to measure your ROI is to know where your traffic is coming from and what they are actively searching for. One way to find out is to dig into your site’s analytics. If you notice that a good portion of your traffic is leaving your site after searching for a particular keyword or phrase, you should develop content to capture that audience and to satisfy their need for information.

Google Analytics Data

Compel Your Customers

Consumers tend to better identify with businesses when they create content that comes from their point of view. It helps to eliminate barriers and make consumers feel more at ease and valued. Start writing from your customer’s perspectives to gain their trust, loyalty and sales. Writing your content in a compelling manner that appeals to consumers also allows you to appeal to their emotions. Consumers that feel happy and are in a positive mood are more likely to purchase than consumers who are not.

Promotion is Crucial

Anyone can create a blog, but not everyone can promote it properly to increase exposure and gain a large following. Not everyone is willing to invest in promotion to establish themselves as an authority either. You want people to read your content, share it and come back for more. As the professionals at Search Engine Watch so aptly put it, optimizing your content for social media promotion is a great way to “lure consumers to your websites.”  One of the easiest ways to ensure this is to use social media for promotion. As you create more blog posts, share them with the world. Don’t just share them at random times. Try to keep things on a schedule. Write your blog posts in the early morning so you can share them at times when consumers are more likely to see and share. Consumers view highly shared content as more trustworthy.

Get Straight to the Point

It doesn’t matter how interesting your content is, if it contains too much fluff and not enough substance, you risk losing viewers. Consumers want information. When they search for it, they scan before they read to ensure they won’t waste their time. If consumers have to scan too far into your work to find out if it contains what they want, you hurt your credibility, lose traffic and have lower conversions. With that said, develop good content and incorporate facts and statistical data in the form of pictures, graphs, infographics and videos. If your content is well written, formulated and flows well, you’ll see more conversions because there is more credibility.

By improving your copywriting tactics, you really can’t lose. You’ll gain the conversions rates you want and therefore, gain more traffic in the process as well.

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