Content Marketing Tactics for Increasing Traffic

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Whether your business is relatively new or it’s been around for awhile it’s imperative that you find the time to focus on your digital marketing strategies. Every second that you spend improving your content counts. If you are trying to increase your success while expanding your business’ online profile then you can’t afford to neglect your content strategy.

There is a huge demand for content. Consumers and decision makers at businesses look for resources to provide them with information to strengthen their buying decisions. According to Demand Gen Report, there was a big increase in the use of presentations and inforgraphics last year. Consumer use of video content to drive their purchasing decisions also rose from eight percent to 58 percent.

Consistency Matters

You need to get out of the habit of treating your blogs and content like they don’t matter, because they do. They are so important that you need to develop a sense of urgency with them and update them regularly. Set aside time each day, week or month to devote to your content. Don’t just choose some random time either. Basically you are setting deadlines for yourself, and if you can abide by them, you’ll see a bigger payoff than if you continue to do things in a random manner.

Narrow Your Focus

While your goal may be to increase traffic, you have to be realistic about the kind of traffic your blogs and websites are getting. All traffic is not good traffic and it is certainly not created equally. People who are not genuinely interested in what you are offering are very unlikely to become followers, let alone customers. Think about what your target niche is and focus more of your marketing efforts there. By developing content that directly pertains to your niche, you can increase exposure, gain more followers and convert more visitors.

Upgrade Your Credibility

While you are in the process of narrowing your focus, take some time to establish yourself as an expert. As more consumers look for content to influence their buying decisions, you need a way to gain their attention without coming across as every other marketer and business owner that’s out there. Consumers want information that is not watered down and easily available. They want information that can be backed by expert testimony, online reviews and fact. They want products and services that others have used and had good experiences with.

A study by Search Engine Land revealed that many consumers rely heavily on online reviews to influence their shopping behavior.

Customer Reviews Study

Marketers who continue to deliver information, lack good reviews and who are not very knowledgeable about the services and products they offer run the risk of being seen as opportunists and untrustworthy.

Know Your Visitors Needs

Pay attention to the type of visitors your blogs attract. Invest heavily into keyword research and create content that uses them. Have you ever wondered why some people make purchases and others don’t? The answer lies in you being able to understand your visitors’ needs. It doesn’t matter how much of an expert you are, how well your content is written or how hot your products and services are, everyone who reads your content is not going to bite. There are plenty of reasons why they are not pulling the trigger and getting out their wallets. Regardless of what those reasons are, you need to remember that your visitors have different needs and they may not all be at the same part of the buying cycle. By developing content that caters to different stages of the buying cycle, you can capture more of your audience and encourage them more effectively to purchase and become loyal customers.

Developing an effective content marketing strategy takes a lot of research and hard work. However, as long as you develop an effective and consistent approach, the traffic will come so you can reap the benefits.

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