How To Dramatically Increase Blog Views

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There’s nothing more frustrating than creating high-quality content day after day, only to have it disappear forever into the billion-byte ether of the internet, like a message in a bottle that never hits the shore. You can post, tweet, share and pin your latest blog. Or you can pay big money to boost it. You can even beg your followers to share it. But there’s one content marketing strategy that you might have missed that’s guaranteed to dramatically increase blog traffic: you can talk about someone else.


How Do You Increase Blog Traffic?

One of the best ways to increase your blog views is to stop worrying so much about yourself and learn to start patting other people on the back. People love to share their opinions, their experiences and their expertise. They love to be recognized as experts and as thought leaders in their fields.

When you feature other people in your content, you boost your own influence and credibility. You also tap into their social networks and increase the odds that the person you’ve cited (and their followers) will retweet what you’ve written. Collaborating with others is a surefire way to increase blog views.

So where do you start? Here are seven things you can do to include others and boost blog traffic.

increase blog traffic



1. Find the Influencers

Before you can reference other people on your blog, you need to know who the influencers in the industry are. These people, businesses and blogs are pre-established members of your niche that have made their way up to the top of the industry. They have authority and specialized insight on certain parts of the niche, and they are considered experts by readers and followers.

The reputations of these influencers were built by a lot of hard work and trust. So, if you reference information created by these big guns, people are more likely to recognize your efforts and trust your words as well. If you’re looking to increase blog traffic, these influencers can be your credibility anchors.

How To Reach Out To Influencers

Maybe you’re already familiar with the experts in your field, but you’re not sure how to connect with them. Maybe you want to include an expert in an adjacent field to tap into a fresh audience. Either way, there are several tools that can help you to identify and connect with influencers.

  • LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram – Determine which platform is the “hub” for this type of influencer, then check who has the most followers, who started the trending hashtags, and whose name just keeps popping up. You can study what they have contributed to the niche and reach out to them.
  • Buzzstream – If you’re serious about increasing link building and outreach, Buzzstream helps you do it all in one place. You can find top influencers and send out emails to your prospects. This can be a much faster way to find people who can potentially help you.
  • BuzzSumo – Study the content that performs best and analyze data points for trends. You can improve your marketing strategy by studying what content is already getting blog traffic.

Once you’ve generated a list of influencers, start compiling links, quotes and other resources that you can use in your own blog writing. Not only will you learn more along the way, but you’ll have a pile of the best resources you can turn to.

resources for blog content


2. Create Lists

Now that you have researched the top-ranking blogs and influencers, how do you increase blog traffic with the information you’ve gathered? Try using lists.

Lists are great because you can include a lot of people all in one post. That translates to a lot of potential shares. Take the time to select the best resources for your list. This builds trust with your readers and establishes your reputation as a knowledgeable and useful resource. Besides, most readers prefer lists over other types of content.

It also means that people will be honored when they are featured on your blog. The search for backlinks is a big priority for any company wanting to improve its SEO and get more traffic. As you start spreading the love, your reputation and ability to build relationships will improve.

How To Create a List That Increases Blog Traffic

So how do you create a list that catches the eyes of readers? First impressions matter, which means you need to pick strong titles. For example, perhaps you are compiling a list of quotes from your favorite authors. To make the content more marketable, try titles like these:

  • 7 Unbelievable Things Mark Twain Said About Public Figures
  • 3 Life Lessons That Jane Austen Teaches Us
  • 4 Timeless Insults Used By Oscar Wilde

Along with your title, keep your headers succinct and interesting. Most readers will be skimming, so you’ll want to keep their attention on your article. Don’t forget to use images and videos to enhance the reading experience, and you can link back to sources and offer additional resources to back up your words and credit others. Along with adding general SEO tactics to boost blog traffic, don’t forget a call to action at the end to help readers take the next step!

Brainstorming ideas, researching and actually creating these lists can take time. Outsourcing this type of blog writing work to a content writing service can be a great way to generate a variety of high-quality content for your site. This type of writing service can also craft eye-catching headlines and expertly written meta-descriptions that can push your posts to the top of a search engine. When you’re looking for tips on how to increase blog traffic, this is one of the most scalable and sustainable.

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3. Include Quotes and Hat Tips

Plagiarism is definitely off-limits, but quoting an expert and giving them due credit is a great way to promote their work and build a connection. Some experts also have conducted research that you can’t find anywhere else, so it’s useful to use their data to back up your own conclusions. If you’re quoting from an online source, include a link back to the original for readers who want to know more.

A hat tip isn’t a direct quote, but an acknowledgment that a certain tip or a general idea came from another person. This is particularly useful if there isn’t a specific page or quote to cite, but you want to recognize that what you’re sharing on your blog was inspired by someone else.

Whether you’re including their exact words or just their ideas, be sure to contact the influencer. Let them know you’ve featured them in your blog post and thank them in advance. Odds are they’ll be flattered, and if you’re lucky they’ll retweet your content to their followers. Even a simple retweet can help increase blog traffic to your site and introduce you to a new audience you may not have had access to any other way.

increase blog traffic with quotes



4. Insert Links/Sources

Whenever you’re citing facts and statistics, it’s a good idea to link to a credible source that backs up your claim. Plagiarism doesn’t help anyone, so always give due credit on your website. If you’re writing in-depth content, you might also include a list of links and sources for readers who want to explore the topic at greater length. If a particular person or group is responsible for the links you’re sharing, it wouldn’t hurt to contact them, thank them for their work and share what you’ve done with it.

How To Pick the Right Links

Placing a bunch of links on your website does not necessarily help your link-building strategy; sometimes it can even hurt it. If you want to increase blog traffic, you have to be smart about links.

The key to choosing the right links is relevancy. Your readers are looking for links that are valuable. When linking back to a source, try to find the original source or a trusty website that contains the information.

When linking to other useful websites, there are two things that determine relevancy. Firstly, link to websites that are in some way related to your niche or article topic. Readers don’t want to be surprised when they click on a link. Besides, search engine algorithms may categorize your article as “potential link spam” and you don’t want that. The links you use need to relate to your topic and make sense.

Secondly, try to link back to current and updated websites. Nothing screams irrelevancy more than an article posted ten years ago. Information is constantly evolving and changing over the years. If you’re looking to increase blog traffic, offer your readers additional information that is useful and applicable in the latest facts and trends.

insert link

Make sure your links and sources add to the quality of your blog content and bring real value to your site, and you’ll build a reputation as a savvy and altruistic curator of the best the internet has to offer. 

Content marketing services can help you to research, write and promote articles on any topic. This can be a great way to build a blog content library that is well-written, well-researched and varied. Content marketers have the most up-to-date knowledge on how to best use links and sources to boost an article’s rankings and extend its reach/potential to increase blog traffic.


5. Contribute to Guest Blogs/Allow for Guest Posts Contributions

Linking to an expert’s work is a great nod to their accomplishments, but if you really want to draw their audience in, you want to feature original content that they won’t find anywhere else. Contact someone whose ideas you’d love to feature and invite them to contribute a guest blog that will appear only on your site. If they’re too busy for a full blog, see if they’d contribute a paragraph or two on a specific subject, and use it in a post with advice from several sources.

Asking for someone to contribute to your blog first is a great entryway for you to be able to guest blog on someone else’s site. This is a great way to increase blog traffic for both blogs. The key to this strategy is to create guest posts that really appeal to that blog’s target market and not your own interests. Doing this allows you to provide someone else value while also expanding your branding reach.

You might also consider looking for “news” sites in your industry that allow for frequent guest blog contributors. You’ll raise your own authority within your industry by just appearing on other news sites. Not only that, but you’ll also have access to a much broader reader base which potentially means more traffic for your blog.

guest blogging

6. Conduct Interviews

Sources who are working to build their online following may jump at the chance to guest blog, but many leaders are simply too busy to craft content for someone else’s website. Interviews are a great way to bring a thought leader onto your website without requiring too much of a time commitment. There are several ways to use an interview on your site:

  • Record the interview live and share it as it’s happening
  • Film the interview and share an edited version later on
  • Email a list of questions and share the responses as a written post
  • Record the interview and turn it into a written post
  • Invite your readers to submit a list of questions for an AMA (Ask Me Anything)
  • Record an audio interview and share it as a podcast
  • Invite several thought leaders at once and have a panel discussion

There are many sites like HARO that will even help facilitate you being able to get interviews from multiple industry leaders without you having to do much more than create the pitch. Conducting interviews to help increase blog traffic has never been so easy!

interview guests to increase web traffic



7. Interact With Readers

Do you have a niche that is reader-based? Get the ideas, opinions and advice of your readers by interacting with them. Encourage visitors to comment and take time to read and respond to what they say. Show that you care about their opinions as much as they care about yours.

You can also use social media to your advantage. Share your blog posts often on your social media platforms and encourage readers to do the same. As technology continues to advance, there are more opportunities to reach your blog followers. Consider hosting a live video where you answer questions and chat with readers. You can also feature certain followers, host giveaways or challenge your readers to share or create.


Increase Blog Traffic and Page Views Together

An old proverb says, “To go fast, go alone. To go far, go together.” When you boost someone else’s online reputation by including them in your content, you dramatically increase your own clout as well. By bringing others along for the ride, you can increase blog views and your content will travel both faster and farther.

Get creative as you find influencers, mention their work and interact with them and your readers. The more involved you get, the more opportunities you have to expand your reach and increase blog traffic.


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