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SEO Benefits of Blogging

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If you’ve been toying with starting a blog for your company, you’ve probably wondered if it’s worth all the effort. The short answer: Yes! Building a blog is one of the best ways to supercharge your digital marketing and boost your business’s success rate.

Providing pertinent written content opens communication pathways and helps your customers find and connect with you. And with an astounding 83 percent of US customers expecting an online connection, blogging and SEO benefits are more vital now than ever.


How Do Companies Use SEO Blogging to Build Their Businesses Online?

how are seo benefits of blogging used?

Your blog will gain your business more exposure through an improved search engine ranking. A higher ranking in Google leads to more online traffic. Your goal is to guide visitors who seek more information on your topic to the relevant, high-quality content you provide.

How might a business use a blog? The initial act of starting a blog helps you think through and establish a unique position in your market. Your blog acts as a lens through which you can focus your other marketing efforts. As you develop your content, you will build trust over time by giving visitors valuable information they either search for or ask you to provide.

The logical next step for many of your readers will be to take some action you request. This act deepens their bond with your business and ultimately guides them to purchase from you.

Your blog helps your potential customers navigate the process of deciding to buy from you. Those who need what you offer will receive assistance to find you, get to know you, and eventually put their faith in you to provide them with solutions.


Can These SEO Benefits Help My Business Succeed?

Owners of all types and sizes of businesses are discovering the advantages of blogging for business. Some rewards of blogging are immediate, others deferred, so you must understand the potential gains before committing.

Executed correctly, the advantages of blogging keep accumulating. As a result, blogging grows more important to your business over time.

Ultimately, your blog can become the foundation of your entire digital marketing strategy. As your blog continually attracts, engages, and motivates your current and future customers, it transforms into the catalyst to activate your business superpowers.


Activate Attraction Power

attract customers with blogging

Before fully realizing the potential of blogging and SEO benefits, you must first activate your power of attraction. This magnetic superpower creates a pull on potential customers provided by search engines, especially Google.

Search engine optimization strategies for your business include many aspects of your online presence.

These and other factors contribute to your search engine rankings. They are basic-level SEO best practices that help you comply with Google’s algorithms. Therefore, understanding and implementing all aspects of search engine optimization is essential. However, the next phase for you is to gain an immediate advantage in your market by leveraging the power of blogging and SEO benefits.



The first place many people turn to when starting the buying decision process is a search engine. Keywords are the phrases people type into search engines to find information to help them make the right choice.

Picking the right keywords involves using both halves of your brain. First, list phrases that intuitively come to mind when you think about what people would type when searching for you online. Then, get more scientific and use available online tools to analyze which keywords people are currently searching for within your industry or area.

It takes practice, but you will soon develop a knack for selecting high-performing keywords. Next, try to develop a strategy for choosing the precise keywords to help you achieve your strategic marketing goals.


Broadened Range

expand audience with blogging

As you learn to select effective keywords for your blog, you will naturally expand the audience who sees your content. The internet is a global network of networks to which billions of people have ready access. So your potential reach is practically infinite.

By continually expanding your blog, you will enhance your position in Google. In addition, you will start to realize the SEO benefits of blogging as visitors from all over the world come to your site seeking your content.

If you transact a substantial part of your business online, this situation is an immediate win. Everyone who visits your site is a potential customer.


Targeted Audience

But what if you are not primarily an online business? You may offer an in-person service or run a brick-and-mortar outlet. Another power of the SEO benefits of blogging is the ability to attract customers locally.

You bring in a select group of warm potential customers by tying your keywords to your geographic service area and tailoring your blog for tourists and locals. In addition, Google offers geo-specific services that enhance users’ searches for nearby products or services.

So whether you are gathering a global audience for your products or focusing on creating a hyper-local tribe, your blog becomes your central beacon that attracts the people you need to build your business.

You unlock your power of attraction by using keywords in your blogs to shape the type and scope of audience you want to create.


Stimulate Engagement

engage customers with seo blogging

Once you understand how to get an audience, you need to learn to capture your readers’ interest. Then, you get them involved by offering all the high-quality content they can handle. Of course, the meaning of helpful content differs depending on your visitors’ specific needs. But through the power of engagement, you can form deeper connections with any audience.


Promises Kept

You stand to gain the most from the SEO benefits of blogging when you hold up your end of the bargain. Someone who clicks on your search engine result expects the content to match your results page’s headline and lead description. When your content strays from the subject, you lose the esteem of visitors who will likely leave your page. Google will also penalize you if they interpret the disconnect to reflect the overall quality of your site.

You help keep the power of engagement working in your favor when you intentionally sculpt your content to the keywords visitors are searching. A successful connection happens when the content you provide matches the intention of the question or phrase they type into the search engine. Additionally, delivering what they expect will strengthen the feelings of reliance your audience has for your content.


Deeper Dives

Once you begin connecting with visitors by meeting their immediate needs, it’s up to your content to inspire them to learn more. Over time, build your blog as a comprehensive library of information derived from your experience and unique perspective on the industry.

Your goal is to answer any possible questions visitors may have. Then you want to spark their interest in your industry, entice them with knowledge and win them over to consider your content valuable to them. Finally, you want them to realize there is much more to learn, and your blog is there to educate and help them make wise decisions both now and in the future.


Current Information

keep blogs updated

Nothing suspends the power of engagement like offering your visitors stale or outdated content. So, as much as possible, you will want your blog posts to be evergreen—covering subjects that never go out of date.

Some subjects require that you include current information that reflects the latest news in your industry. For example, if your blog covers a volatile topic like cryptocurrency, visitors will expect portions of your content devoted to current trends or even daily trading prices.

If the content of one of your posts becomes stale due to changing events, either remove it or update it to reflect the current situation. Or you can note that this post is from an earlier date and link them to more recent information on your blog.

Energizing your power of engagement is a vital step in your blogging mission, but it is not the final one. Once you attract and engage visitors, the final phase of blogging and SEO benefits is persuading your visitors to do something. You ask them to take a step to deepen their relationship with your business.


Motivate Action

encourage action with SEO blogging

The power to motivate your visitors to take action is the culmination of your efforts. Your blogging endeavor is an ongoing cyclical process. Your blog is constantly attracting, engaging and inspiring your visitors to act. As your blog expands, your efforts multiply, and you start to see the SEO benefits of blogging in tangible ways.


Baby Steps

Lead your customers in increments to the action you desire them to perform. Keep in mind that you are acting as their guide. You don’t want your potential customers to perceive you as pushy.

It’s typically best to ask for something small initially. For example, providing a link that lets your visitors bookmark your page in their browser is a good starting place. Then, if they are willing to do this, you know they are open to the idea of acting on your suggestions.

The next step may be asking them if they would like to receive your free email course on an in-demand industry-specific topic. Or it could be any of several actions for them to take that permit you to add them to your mailing list. Ideally, you suggest a movement that transforms them from visitors into warm leads.

  • Download a free case study or eBook
  • Receive regular industry updates by email
  • Hear about specials and deals
  • Contact a specialist to receive a free quote

Be sure not to omit the one crucial step: Ask your visitors to establish a relationship with you, or they won’t know to do it. You must call them to action with gentle yet assertive and direct nudges.


Reliable Resource

As you provide top-of-the-line content with depth and breadth, you will become the go-to source for information for some of your visitors. The ones who take action have usually visited your site one or more times in the past.

They keep coming back to you because the information you provide and your presentation of it resonate with them. These visitors appreciate you and your work to give them helpful information. As a result, they are eventually ready to take the next step.


Exclusive Inner Circle

When people buy from you, they join your inner circle. Your blog’s job is to help them understand their new status. Let customers know they can access exclusive content that can help them even further with their goals related to your offerings.

Once they purchase, they will rely on your blog content even more. Now, customers want to know they made the right decision. In addition, blogging is important for SEO because it leads them naturally into more commitment to your brand. Finally, if you can continue educating them, they will start planning their next steps with you.


The SEO Benefits of Blogging: Foundational Support for Your Overall Digital Marketing Strategy

seo blogging is a foundation for your brand

Consistency and long-term commitment are paramount to a successful outcome. You build your content library in cycles as you grow your business and your marketing plan. And with the help of blog writing services, you get quality content catered to your strategy needs.

You open the communication channel using terms and phrases your customers typically type into search engines. Then, you hook them on your high-quality keyword-specific content and finally convince them to do something.

Your blog content must be able to help guide anyone at any point in the process of decision. It takes time to build a substantial resource that equally serves everyone in your pipeline. So it improves your chances for success if you start your content library as soon as possible.


A Trustworthy, Hands-Off Approach to SEO Content For Your Business

Running a business while handling SEO blogging tasks can overwhelm even the most intrepid business superhero. At BKA Content, we offer a monthly SEO blog writing service to help you enjoy all the SEO benefits of blogging while remaining able to devote the time needed to operate your business. Look over our plans for high-quality, keyword-rich blog posts to help you rank high in the search engines, outperform your competition and increase your ability to build the business you want.

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