How To Create Engaging Content for All Your Freelance Writing Gigs

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As a freelance copywriter, your job is to bring customers to clients’ websites. Playing to algorithms with SEO isn’t enough — you must create content that stands on its own. These may be freelance writing gigs to you, but to readers, they’re the company’s voice. Always strive to create engaging content for every client.

How To Create Engaging Content for Your Freelance Writing Gigs

Content should keep readers engaged from the first line to the conclusion. Of course, you may find that this task is easier said than done, especially if the topic doesn’t excite you. However, certain writing techniques work with any content. The following tips can help you create engaging content every time.

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Organize Your Content in a Logical Way

If you take a lot of freelance writing gigs in a particular industry, you probably write about the same or similar topics. Changing article organization is an excellent way to avoid plagiarism and keep things fresh, but creative structuring can also undermine your work if taken to extremes. When organizing your content, always do so in a logical way. 

One way to ensure logical flow is to create an outline. Write headings for each topic and subheadings that break down its aspects. The following are excellent guidelines to ensure the heading order makes sense:

  • Arrange ideas chronologically
  • Group similar ideas together
  • Move from basic ideas to more complex ones

If some of your points are stronger than others, consider putting your weakest content in the middle. This old trick ensures readers are more likely to remember your best arguments.

Stay Focused on the Subject

Some freelance writing gigs with hefty word counts may seem impossible to complete without persuing tangents. However, unfocused writing doesn’t deliver the stellar content readers expect and clients deserve. Instead, dig deep into your subject to showcase as much information as possible.

Understandably, you may struggle to write 2,000 words when there isn’t much data on the internet. When you encounter this issue, look for applicable information in adjacent but still relevant topics:

  • History
  • Trends
  • Terminology

As you write, keep your audience in mind. For example, a blog post about boat insurance looks very different when you’re writing to reach potential boat owners versus insurance agents. Letting your target audience guide your work ensures you provide valuable information while supporting your client’s business goals.

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Use Varied Language

You must write quickly to get as many freelance writing gigs as possible, but doing so can land you in a rut. Repetitive phrases are a common trap, but readers crave variety, even within a paragraph.

While parallel structure has its place, content writers should vary their sentence structure to create a natural, engaging flow. One way to do so is by switching up your punctuation.

For example, isn’t a rhetorical question a great way to make a point? You can also utilize dashes — though take care not to overdo it. You can even sprinkle in a semicolon or two; this punctuation creates an elevated tone.

Additionally, pay attention to sentence length. For example, if you write a short sentence, follow it up with a longer, more complex one. Don’t be afraid to write imperative sentences to establish a commanding tone. Finally, use transition words to connect ideas seamlessly.

Write Clearly and Concisely

When internet users access a business website, they expect direct writing that answers their questions. That means eliminating fluff.

One great trick applicable to all freelance writing gigs is minimizing preposition use. You should never have two prepositions next to each other — if you do, there’s a better way to phrase the sentence.

Adverbs are another insidious issue. In most cases, you can avoid adverbs by choosing a more specific verb. For example, “he hurled the ball” is more evocative than, “he powerfully threw the ball.”

Eliminating unnecessary words also creates clear writing since readers don’t have to wade through rambling paragraphs. If you struggle to find the line between extraneous and clarifying details, a writing tool such as Grammarly may help. These tools identify wordy phrases and suggest a more concise alternative.

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Proofread Every Piece

If you want to keep getting writing gigs, you must proofread every piece. Doing so ensures your writing reaches professional standards and achieves your clients’ objectives. Of course, editing an article you just wrote isn’t the easiest task. The following are excellent techniques to ensure you catch even the smallest mistakes:

  • Read the piece out loud
  • Read the piece backward, line by line
  • Take a 10-minute break between writing and proofreading

Writing tools can also help with proofreading, as they make suggestions in real time.

Where To Find Freelance Writing Gigs

Getting a steady stream of freelance writing gigs takes hard work. However, contracting with a content creation company such as BKA Content can help you find work opportunities without the stress. That way, you can focus on writing, not onboarding clients.

Do you have tips for creating engaging content? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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