4 Entry-Level Freelance Writing Jobs To Consider

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Making a living as a writer takes hard work and perseverance, but the internet has your back with plenty of resources. If you’re new to the writing field, there are hundreds of opportunities to learn new skills and promote your projects. The first step is researching entry-level freelance writing jobs.

entry-level freelance writing jobs

What Are the Best Entry-Level Freelance Writing Jobs?

When you understand the various jobs available, you can choose projects that align with your strengths. Blogging, email outreach, copywriting and transcription jobs abound, providing the footholds you need to gain experience and build a customer base.

1. Blogging

Have you ever thought about who writes blog posts? Most commercial blogs feature pieces by freelancers, creating thousands of writing opportunities. If you love studying new things, life as a blogger may be the perfect fit.

Personal Blogs

Writing personal blogs may not generate income immediately, but it can help you get entry-level freelance writing jobs by building your portfolio and increasing your online visibility. If you don’t know much about web development, you can use an out-of-the-box site such as Wix or Squarespace to create your blog. These services provide webpage templates, automatic updates and scalability so you can easily add pages as your blog grows.

Guest Blog Posts

Maintaining a blog by yourself is a lot of work since you must maintain a regular posting schedule and manage promoting it. An alternative is writing guest posts for blogs managed by other writers or companies. If you choose to do so, you must take the initiative by:

  • Pitching ideas to blog managers
  • Joining a guest blogger group
  • Searching for guest blogging callouts

2. Email Outreach

Writing an email may not seem like a difficult job, but when there’s money on the line, companies bring in professionals. Email outreach describes sending formal messages to third parties. In some cases, you’ll create a template for future missives; in others, you’ll tailor pre-existing templates to your needs.

Partnership Requests

Brands may work with influencers or other companies to promote products. As a result, email outreach entry-level freelance writing jobs can include partnership requests. In your message, you’ll have to explain what the company does, what the product is and how the recipient can benefit from a working relationship.

Backlink Requests

Backlinks are essential for increasing online visibility since search engine algorithms favor them. While organic backlinks are ideal, generating them is more luck than science. However, companies may link to another entity’s webpages upon request. Companies often hire freelance writers to create backlink request emails.

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3. Copywriting

Copywriting is a broad umbrella, so it’s an excellent fit for people who don’t want to get stuck in one niche. All businesses use copywriting to some extent, primarily for marketing. They either employ in-house writers or hire managed writing services, such as BKA Content, with the experience to produce quality content quickly.

When starting as a copywriter, you’ll encounter many ad copy and metadata projects. Honing your skills in these arenas is an excellent way to build your career, as many industries utilize them.

Ad Copy

Many entry-level freelance writing jobs involve ad copy. Print and digital ads need copy that achieves a lot with very little and accomplishes some of the following goals:

  • Highlights product features
  • Appeals to the target audience
  • Reinforces branding

Meta Descriptions and Tags

Search engine optimization isn’t just for webpages — you can also use it in material that describes webpages, such as meta descriptions and tags. This content appears on search engine results pages and significantly increases online visibility. Many companies hire freelancers to create SEO-friendly metadata to boost their websites’ place on SERPs.

4. Transcription

Of all the jobs on this list, transcription writing stands out because it requires different skills. When copywriting, blogging or crafting email outreach templates, writers must create something new. Transcription entry-level freelance writing jobs, on the other hand, require writers to accurately convert audio to text. Transcription writers must have a keen ear and impeccable typing skills.


Among all the jobs on this list, medical transcription may be the most unique. It requires knowledge of the medical field, and employers may demand licensure or certification. Since medical transcriptionists document healthcare information, mistakes can be costly.


General transcription covers a broad range of projects. For example, you may work on business meetings one day, then video captions the next. You don’t need special training for these projects, so general transcription is an excellent place to start if you’re interested in the field.

Where Can You Find the Best Entry-Level Freelance Writing Jobs?

As a freelance copywriter, you can utilize job boards to find work or contract with third-party content creation sites such as BKA Content. Job boards offer a wide range of projects, with details varying from client to client. In contrast, content creation companies have a more streamlined process; you still choose your work but enjoy a standardized writing and editing process. If you prefer to focus on writing, working for a content creation company could be a good fit.

Are you hunting for entry-level freelance writing jobs? BKA Content is looking for passionate freelancers who want to grow in the SEO industry. If you’d like to write for BKA, get in touch today. Comment below with other tips for finding entry-level freelance opportunities.

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