How To Get Remote Freelance Writing Jobs as a New Content Creator

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If you want a career with flexible hours and creative opportunities, then remote freelance writing jobs may be a good fit. Of course, finding your footing in the industry takes effort, especially if you’re new to professional writing. Fortunately, you’ve found the perfect guide for launching your new freelance career.

remote freelance writing jobs

Don’t Be Picky About Remote Freelance Writing Jobs

As a freelancer, you’ll come across many job opportunities, but many won’t be ideal. They may be dull or require extensive research. However, taking work as it becomes available is essential in this industry, especially if you’re a beginner.

Write Different Types of Articles

Writing as many types of content as possible is to your benefit, as it gives you a variety of pieces to showcase in your portfolio. Taking jobs as they come gives you the chance to stretch your creative muscles.

Work With a Range of Clients

You can do remote freelance writing jobs anywhere in the world, so you’re bound to work with a wide range of clients. Doing so builds your reputation and creates more job opportunities down the line.

Look at Several Job Boards

Job boards are incredible resources for freelancers, and many established writers have their favorites. However, you should look at several job boards, even if you find yourself taking more work from one. Keeping your options open ensures you don’t miss out on exciting opportunities.

Keep a Steady Stream of Work

All job boards experience slumps now and then. By checking various boards, you’ll have a better chance of taking on enough projects to pay the bills.

Find New Opportunities

Many job boards have a particular niche, which means you may see the same types of projects over and over. However, keeping an eye on several boards ensures you have versatility in your remote freelance writing jobs. Staying versatile is crucial for building your portfolio, and it keeps you from getting bored.

Find Your Preferred Niche

While casting a wide net is an excellent approach for new freelancers, you should search for your niche as you become established. Your place in the freelance writing community will naturally develop as you find your strengths and interests.

Work With a Content Creation Company

Content creation companies such as BKA Content are excellent resources for beginning freelancers. These businesses handle the client-side work so you can focus on writing. That way, you’re free to explore different projects and learn what you like.

Pursue Your Passion

You should have an interest in your niche, or you’ll soon grow tired of it. Don’t be afraid to take on remote freelance writing jobs that spark your imagination, as they may lead you to your true passion.

Get Paid To Write From Home

Do you have what it takes to write for an industry-leading content creation company?

Use Social Media To Generate Leads

Social media platforms are great places to generate leads since they reach such a broad audience. Of course, you need a plan to get the most out of your efforts.

If you have a blog, share new posts on your social media accounts to drum up interest. You can also join writing and freelance groups to learn tips and expand your network.

Network To Build Connections

Networking is essential in any field, even if you work remotely. While you don’t have the built-in network of an office, you do have other ways to make connections, such as:

  • Going to conventions
  • Joining associations and guilds
  • Following peers on social media

A strong network provides more freelance writing jobs since creators in the space will think of you when they need a piece written.

Get Your Workspace Ready

While looking for remote freelance writing jobs, you have to be prepared to quickly take on work that comes your way. If you can’t work efficiently in an organized space, you might lose additional opportunities with that client.

With remote work, you won’t have a dedicated office to visit every day. While this is one of the perks of freelancing, it also poses a problem: How do you find a productive workspace? Depending on where you live, you can either set up a home office or use coworking spaces.

Create a Home Office

If you have space, you can set up a workspace in your home. To start, find a quiet area without distractions. Next, get a desk where you can store your writing supplies and comfortably sit while working. If you can, write near a window, as natural light boosts productivity.

Use a Coworking Hub

When working at home isn’t an option, you can visit a coworking hub. These pseudo-office spaces offer everything you need for remote freelance writing jobs, including the following:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Office equipment
  • Meeting rooms

If you only need access every once in a while, you can pay for a day; if you need a more permanent arrangement, you can get a monthly membership.

BKA Content Has Remote Freelance Writing Jobs

BKA is an excellent resource for finding freelance work. When you write for BKA Content, you join a community of elite freelancers eager to showcase their skills and hone their craft.

What are your best tips for finding remote freelance writing jobs? Let us know below!

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