How To Attract Links With Your Blog Content

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Do you feel like too much of your content marketing budget is going toward blog articles that don’t seem to be helping your page ranking? If so, your posts might be lacking the high-quality links that search engines are so fond of. But how do you get external websites to pay attention to your blog? Keep reading to find out how to make your content more linkable with basic SEO strategies and rich, well-written blogs.


SEO Content Marketing and Attracting Traffic to Your Blog

In the past, SEO and content marketing have been placed at separate ends of the digital playing field, but the truth is they are on the same team. Without SEO, content creators would be casting aimlessly in the dark for keywords and topics. Content marketing, on the other hand, is built around a book of plays that centers on SEO, but as head coach, you have to put them into action.

So how does this affect your website ranking, and what does that have to do with getting links? First, it is crucial that you recruit SEO as a player for your team. Trying to market content that is not optimized is a bad play, and the search engines will bury your posts in no man’s land if you try. Instead, use SEO as a tool to select keywords and optimize your content. This is the first step toward better page rankings and increased traffic.

how to attract traffic to your blog

Source: http://bangdigital.com.au/2015/07/why-link-building-is-still-important-for-seo-in-2015/

Unfortunately, some people abuse the parameters of SEO by overusing keywords or working with disreputable link directories. That is where content marketing comes in to take the pass, giving your blog posts the momentum to reach more people. If you rely on a blog writing service for fresh posts, check to make sure that SEO is a foundational part of their content development strategy. In some cases, these companies use outdated techniques to acquire links, and your website could be blacklisted as a result.

With SEO content marketing, however, each post is planned around careful research and delivery to maximize credibility and exposure. As you solidify your online presence with engaging, authoritative content, you can expect to see more links coming in from reputable sites, such as media outlets and local organizations.


The Link Building Checklist

Now that you know how SEO and content marketing work together, it’s time to put this knowledge to good use. Here is a basic checklist you can use to make sure your blog features link worthy content that is modeled after current SEO standards.


Fact-Based Content

common topics for content writing

Source: https://ibruk.wordpress.com/2012/05/02/characteristics-of-effective-technical-content/

Whether you are writing a blog post that discusses the features of a product or describing the benefits of investing in a service, fact-based content is a must for your website. Even if you are trying to persuade your audience to agree with a certain viewpoint, you’ll need valid arguments to support your position.


Optimized SEO Content

Learning how to master SEO might seem overwhelming, but it actually simplifies your life by zeroing in on the things people really want to know. Once you have identified the main keywords in your post, you can also optimize the title tag, meta description and URL to give search engines more information about your content.


Long-Form Content

When it comes to blogging, long-form content usually attracts more links than short, generalized posts. In a 2012 study conducted by serpIQ, the highest ranking articles exceeded a minimum length of 2,000 words. These numbers suggest that longer blog posts give you more room to draw logical conclusions based on the research you have conducted. In addition, long-form content provides plenty of opportunities to insert keywords without fear of overuse.

how to attract people to my blog

Source: http://blog.serpiq.com/how-important-is-content-length-why-data-driven-seo-trumps-guru-opinions/


Informative Lists

Like long-form content, list posts should be no less than 1,000 words. This allows you to fully develop each item on the list with facts, images and suggestions. If you are working with a common topic, such as SEO tactics or content marketing tips, try incorporating newly released data or case studies to differentiate your list from similar posts.

If you do not see these characteristics in your blog posts, don’t expect to get too many high-quality links. In the end, there are no shortcuts to success, and the only way to draw attention from the right websites is to produce content that deserves to be recognized.


Making Valuable Connections

Although stellar content practically sells itself, that doesn’t mean you just sit and wait for links to roll in. You still have to build sustainable connections in order to compete with other businesses. This is where you get to flex your marketing muscles by targeting specific influencers and putting your content center stage.

Some SEO friendly content writing services will handle this kind of outreach for you, but you will still need to reciprocate regularly to continue building links. If you are tracking down prospects on your own, here are three easy techniques to help you connect with influential people in your industry.


Leave a Comment

seo post a comment

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One of the quickest ways to open the lines of communication is to leave a comment on the blog or profile page of a prominent influencer. Start by offering a compliment or pointing out your favorite part of the post to establish common ground, then contribute to the discussion by asking a question or sharing an opinion of your own. This demonstrates respect for the content as well as a desire to explore new avenues of information.


Write an Email

Writing an email is also an effective tactic for outreach marketing, and you can personalize each letter to address the needs of the influencer. Like cold calling, email outreach lets influencers know that you have something they want, like submitting a resume for your content. You can even identify any shortcomings you might have noticed and explain how your content could provide a convenient solution to the problem.


Collaborate on Content

post a comment seo

Source: http://www.bloggingwizard.com/drive-more-traffic-to-your-blog/

The last two techniques revolve around new relationships and connections, but sometimes turning to your existing contacts is the best way to tackle outreach. Take a look at the people in your network and try to list them according to their level of expertise. The individuals and companies near the top of your list are the ones you want to link to in your content. Furthermore, influencers in your network are more likely to collaborate with you on future projects, creating more opportunities for high-quality links.


Conclusion: Attract Traffic to Your Blog Through Links

In the end, SEO content marketing provides a structure for your blog posts that is guaranteed to earn links. All you have to do is nurture these relationships to encourage future growth, visibility and exposure. Just remember to follow these guidelines with every piece of content you publish and don’t be afraid to connect with fellow marketers based on outreach and communication.

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