5 benefits of content outsourcing

5 Undeniable Benefits of Content Outsourcing

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As the owner of a small business, you want to make every dollar count. We get it. A byproduct of the 2008 recession and once endearingly called “The Little Blog That Could,” BKA Content is comprised of leaders who wholly appreciate what it means to operate on a budget. We also appreciate that the services larger businesses might consider a necessity, smaller ones may view as a luxury. One such service that forever toes the line between the two is content outsourcing.


Is Content Outsourcing a Luxury or a Necessity?

As of right now, you may be of the notion that website content writing services are a luxury that only uber-profitable corporations and entrepreneurs with large bankrolls can afford. The truth is that content marketing is such an effective tool for expanding your reach, attracting and nurturing leads, and driving conversions that it is something you cannot afford to not invest in. Before you call us biased, hear us out:

  • Conversion rates for businesses that blog continue to grow and, as of 2021, were 6x higher than those of businesses that neglect their content channels.
  • Small businesses that blog regularly experience 126% more lead growth than their non-blogging counterparts.
  • Consumers prefer content over traditional ads, with 70% outright saying so and another 41% using ad blockers to tune-out the latter.
  • Costing businesses 62% less than traditional marketing, content marketing is cost-efficient. Not only that, but it generates three times as many leads.

content outsourcing produces more leads

Combine these statistics with the fact that, as of 2019, more than half of small businesses were already outsourcing their content and it becomes clear into which camp, exactly, content outsourcing falls: Necessity.


The 5 Most Commonly Cited Benefits of Content Outsourcing

Though the stats don’t lie, they can be cold, intangible and downright unrelatable. After all, every business and its circumstances are different, so how do you know what worked for those surveyed will work for your business, too? Well, you don’t. However, we can share with you some of the more relatable benefits of outsourcing content, as shared with us by the people who helped turn our small, WordPress site into one of Utah’s 100 Fastest-Growing Businesses: Our customers.


1. Save Time

A wise person once said, “one of these days is none of these days.” If your schedule is already so full that you continually find yourself saying about one task or another, “I’ll do it tomorrow,” it may be time to accept the fact that tomorrow will never come. Don’t beat yourself up for not being able to do it all; rather, give yourself a pat on the back for reaching that stage of ownership where you’re too busy to handle all aspects of your growing business on your own. And then, seek help.

Content outsourcing saves you time

Lack of time is one of the top reasons businesses outsource content. Researching, writing and publishing content consistently enough to generate results is a full-time job in and of itself. Simply writing an article of standard length (approximately 1,200 words) takes the average writer nearly four hours to complete. Articles that see the strongest results, however, are those of 2,000 or more words, which take 20% of writers over six hours to write.

Assuming you publish two to three times per week, as dictated by best practices, you’re looking at spending 12 to 18 hours on writing alone. Add in keyword optimization, formatting, image creation, promotion and other aspects of publishing content, and you’re clocking 40+ hours per week on content marketing.

The bottom line is, you’re already running a business. You don’t have the time to take on the role of writer, editor, SEO expert and publisher as well. With content outsourcing, you can still enjoy the perks of content and have as much input in its creation as you wish, all while maintaining the freedom to focus on other aspects of your business.


2. Save Money

The biggest motivating factor for outsourcing content is monetary savings. It’s a common and costly misconception that outsourcing is more expensive than keeping the work in-house. However, the truth is that outsourcing helps to reduce business costs by between 20% to 30%.

Outsourcing content can help you save money across multiple areas. First, there’s the cost of hiring a writer, which analysts calculate will cost you approximately $4,100. Then there’s the cost of employing that writer full-time, which will run you roughly $53,000 per year in salary. Factor in the costs of equipment, training, benefits and the additional overhead that comes with maintaining a full-time worker and you’re easily paying $100,000 a year.

When you order content from blog writing services, however, you pay for the content and nothing more. Though content writing agencies’ prices vary, you can get professionally written, standalone blog posts for less than $100, with editing and optimization. Subscription services can save you even more, with many coming with topic creation, a content strategy, editing services, SEO optimization, social media posts, and meta descriptions and title tags.


3. Be Able To Scale

Your content needs are bound to fluctuate with the seasons, market changes and other variables. Though there are several perks to hiring an in-house writer, there are just as many, if not more, disadvantages. One of the biggest drawbacks is that you cannot scale your content production up and down as needs and circumstances dictate.

When you invest in content outsourcing, you have access to dozens of writers at any given time. As your content needs increase, you can hire more writers; however, as they decrease, you can put some contracts on hold. If you notice that the quality of work from one particular writer dips, or if the voice grows stale, you can easily reassign the content without having to go through the whole hiring process again.

Each of these benefits contributes to your bottom line in a few different ways. Most notably, you won’t be forced to keep a full-time writer on staff when your production needs are low. You can use the money you save to put toward other areas of your business or to save for an anticipated surge in content needs.

You may also get more bang for your buck when you do need to ramp up your content creation efforts. One writer can only churn out so much content on any given day, no matter how much you pay him or her. However, when you work with a blog writing service, you can order a substantial amount of content for a price equivalent to an in-house writer’s monthly pay. Because several writers will tackle the job, you can expect a quick turnaround time, with some agencies able to deliver large orders within a single week.


4. Have Access to a Variety of Expertise

Speaking of getting more bang for your buck … When you outsource your content to a blog writing service, you don’t just benefit from the expertise of a professional content writer. You also benefit from a content strategist, proofreader, editor, SEO wiz and social media writer. Many agencies offer these services on both a standalone and bundled basis, making it easy for you to put together a package that works best for your needs and budget.

Content outsourcing provides you with experts

Moreover, content agencies employ writers with varying degrees of experience across multiple industries. This could help you address topics on a deeper level than what you or an in-house writer could achieve. For instance, say you sell insurance to businesses and you want to produce a page geared toward electricians. You may be an expert in the coverage itself, but as for the electrical business, you have limited knowledge. To make up for this gap, you can request a writer who may also double as an electrician or who, for whatever reason, is an expert on the subject matter. In doing so, you can deliver more accurate and authentic information to your audience.


5. Have Specific and Targeted Content

When most people think of content, they think of blog articles, and while blogs are the most popular form of online content, they’re far from the only type. Content outsourcing companies like BKA Content specialize in everything from social media posts to e-books to emails. Many agencies contract with writers who can also produce more complex forms of content, such as landing pages, web pages, video scripts, recipes, infographics and product descriptions. When you partner with a copywriting agency, you can build and sustain a far more comprehensive — and, therefore, effective — content marketing strategy than had you relied on a single, in-house writer.


Discover More Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Content Outsourcing

We can go on and on about the benefits of working with a blog writing service, but it may be a better use of your time to explore them for yourself. Though we’re confident that once you receive your first piece of content from us you’ll never question the necessity of content outsourcing again, we make it easy for you to try out our services without having to make any type of commitment. Dip your toes into the wonderful world of outsourcing by placing standalone orders through our content shop. Or, jump in with both feet by exploring our managed services or blog subscription models.

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