Who Let the Blogs Out?

by | Nov 12, 2015 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

Thanks to the modern-day “content is king” mantra, many companies have upped their SEO content writing. For some, this translates into a revving of the engines so as to crank out as many blogs as possible as often as possible. While this may seem like the “write” thing to do, it is not necessarily so. Let’s just say there’s a big difference between “write” and “right” here.

Be Consistent

Certainly having an active blog is important if you’re going to have one at all. And, yes, an active blog by definition should be updated with some level of regularity and frequency. Notice that I said both regularity and frequency. That means that simply putting out X number of blogs per week should not be your goal. Instead, focus your efforts on putting out blogs in regular intervals.

Your readers will come to see and learn that timing and trust your consistency in it. That can be worth as much as the actual content of the blogs themselves because it helps to create and retain a loyal following. Without that, it really doesn’t matter what you write about if nobody comes to read it.

Quality Counts

Ok, of course you knew this had to be in here because, well, um, it’s true. In fact, I would like to argue the point that quality content matters far more than quantity of content ever could. The old saying “less is more” could not be more appropriate here.

I realize that it may at first seem odd that a content provider would appear to tell people to stop or slow down the writing. However, that is not really what I am saying so much as I am telling you to put the quality of writing at the top of the list.

If you really can put out five fresh, engaging, relevant and exceptionally well-written blogs in a week, go for it. But, quite honestly, that is not something most businesses can do. Posting however many blogs that are poorly written will hurt you more than posting fewer blogs that are truly of good quality.

Cut the Fluff

What determines quality in a blog? A topic that is appropriate for your business and your customers? Sure, that’s important. A blog that is well organized, written and presented? Yes, that matters. But, even if you have all of these things in place, you could still be posting content that honestly does nothing for your readers.

Blogs that offer only very superficial content, things that almost anyone would know, are of no use. They only tell readers that you are lazy and almost advertise that you are using your blog as a quick way of boosting SEO, similar to old-fashioned (we hope) link building techniques.

People can spot fluff and, when they do, not only will they leave your blog but they will not come back. In addition, Google’s crawlers can spot fluff and that will be factored into the algorithm that affects your SERPs.

Make it Matter

Don’t worry about “giving something away for free”. It is far better to offer information in a blog that is actually newsworthy or helpful to the people who read it than it is to bore them and watch them go away. Similarly, don’t shy away from spending a little time to do some research for your blogs.  Put time and effort into your message and its delivery and publish consistently and then you will see the results you want from your blog.

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