Enhance E-commerce ROI With SEO

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It is no wonder marketers are excited to establish a new web-based campaign. There are tremendous benefits over traditional campaign media, including:

  • Beautiful content – those using the Yellow Pages were limited to – you guessed it – yellow and black
  • Cost-effective publishing – web page marketing is not much different cost-wise than print media, and much less expensive to produce and distribute than either radio or television ads.
  • Dynamic content – once you published a Yellow Page ad, you were done for the year. Online marketers can refresh web content as often as they like.
  • Selling portal – it takes little development to turn an advertising site into a point-of-purchase. Try doing that with the Yellow Pages!
  • Metrics – advertisers that use print or broadcast media do not have a direct method of determining customer response. In comparison, web pages register the number of visitors. Selling portals even register conversion rate. Determining ROI for a site is straightforward and accurate.

Get Your Foot In the Door With the Domain Name

Since you can change web content easily, there is nothing wrong with jumping into the game quickly and refining as you go. Perhaps the most important part of setting up a new webpage is reserving the domain name. This name is your brand and is as important as your company name. In 2000, Hewlett-Packard spent an entire year choosing the name for their new design house, Agilent. You should choose a name with brand recognition and appeal, make sure it is short and easy to type, and then reserve the name. Try for the familiar .com version first, take the .net version if necessary, and avoid the other extensions when possible.

Take Your Baseline Metrics

Learn how to gather the metrics from your website provider. Calculate the base line ROI as your monthly revenue divided by your monthly costs. Include one-time fixed costs by amortizing the amount over the first year after they are incurred.

Improve Your Metrics

In the words of the fisherman, as far as your customers are concerned, you need to “hook ‘em and land ‘em”.  You hook customers by getting them to your website, and you land them with engaging, compelling content that leads to a purchase.

The Art of SEO

One of the most effective methods of maximizing your website traffic is the effective use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Website designers use SEO techniques in partnership with the main search engines – Google, Bing, and Yahoo – to make sure that online browsers who are searching for an online store like yours are directed to your site rather than to one of your competitors’ sites.

Keywords Are the Key

The goal of search engines is to take the search phrase that users enter, and return links to the websites that are most relevant to those users. One strategy is to use the number of times the keywords in a search phrase are used. For instance, a customer may enter “where do I find children’s clothing.”  The search engine will focus on the words “children’s clothing” and then return websites that contain copy with those keywords.

Professional SEO Writers

SEO writers create fresh, compelling copy on a regular basis. They also include the keywords smoothly and seamlessly. This is a very cost-effective service. As a new website owner, you can begin by replacing your site copy with professional SEO copy, then tracking the improvements of traffic and revenue.

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