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Reasons To Outsource Blog Writing

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Running a business is a big undertaking. Managing every facet of operations can be daunting, especially in areas out of your professional comfort zone. This is one major reason to outsource blog writing, but we want to get into it. Why is outsourcing such a great option for a company like yours?

Why Outsource Your Blog Writing?

Digital marketing is an area that can be difficult to tackle alone. Content marketing plans are imperative in this internet age, and blogs have become a huge part of these strategies. If you’re not a writer (or don’t have one on staff), you may quickly get left behind in this crucial strategy. As the digital world revolves faster each day, it may be time for your company to outsource blog writing to professional content creators.

time to outsource

But before we get into that, let’s take a look at the major reasons to engage in blog writing for your business in the first place.

The Far-Reaching Impact of Good Blog Content Writing

A succinct, analytical definition of a blog describes it as an internet document set up in the form of an ongoing diary with the most recent entries listed first. However, its role is far more complicated and important than that makes it seem. Digital marketing guru Neil Patel describes blogging as a long-term relationship that, if constantly maintained, can yield rewards—lots of them:

Blog Writing Increases Brand Awareness

Despite whether you outsource blog writing or write it yourself, when you post quality blog content regularly—at a minimum weekly—your brand becomes more recognizable to potential customers. Blogs are prime areas for using SEO tactics such as including strong keywords to boost your rankings in Search Engine Results Pages. The higher you are ranked, the easier it is for search engine users to find you in the busy world of the internet.

You can use blog posts to explain your product or service, describe how it works, and offer suggestions for the best ways to utilize it. The more people know about your brand and what it offers, the more likely they will be to remember it and think of it the next time they are ready to make a purchase.

Blog Content Writing Helps Build Authority

A blog allows you to set yourself up as a knowledgeable expert in your specific niche. Craft your blog posts well and keep them rich with details and unique information that readers will not find from other sources. Give your audience value and a reason to keep coming back, reading the content you publish, and sharing that content with others.

build brand authority with outsourcing

Be sure to respond in a timely manner to comments, questions, and complaints left on your blog posts. When people feel they are considered important and that their communication matters to you, they are more likely to develop a sense of loyalty to you and your brand.

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Well-Written Blogs Aid in Promoting Products and Services

Customers and potential new clients enjoy unique and interesting ways to interact with you, such as contests, games, and special promotions. They also appreciate informative events such as question-and-answer sessions. Your blog can be the perfect platform for this back-and-forth by including links to contests and promotions and providing space for comments and discussion.

promote with outsourced blogs

Consider posting interviews you conduct with experts in your specialized area or do regular posts of FAQs highlighting the questions you get from customers and answering these common inquiries for everyone who accesses your blog. These sorts of blog posts offer readers added value and can help build an audience and expand the one you may already have.

Blog Content Writing Drives Traffic to Other Pages on Your Website

Blogs can provide a natural segue to other areas of your website. The longer visitors stay on your website, commonly called the Average Session Length, the more successful you will be in engaging them. Interested people may return to your website, which is another sign of success. These people also may share your website with others who could eventually become customers. A good blog provides a great way to tell people what they will find on your website and make it easy for them to reach areas that interest them with relevant links.

Blog Writing Can Help Build Backlinks From External Sites

For this to work to your benefit, you need to communicate with other website owners who offer services or products related to your own. Build a relationship with them and ask them to link back to your website from theirs. A link of this sort is called a backlink. When a successful website owner links back to your site, this helps your search engine rankings and can lead to increased traffic and potentially to new sales.

The only way you’ll get other business owners to link back to your blog posts is if you offer something really valuable and informative to their reader base. You could either write a guest blog post for that business owner to include on their own blog or pitch to them the value of linking from one of their blog posts to yours. The better your blogs are, the easier this strategy becomes.

Why Outsource Blog Writing?

Business managers and owners make an effort to bring in dedicated content professionals because they understand some of the points discussed above. Bottom line: high-quality blog posts published regularly bring the best results. If you are not experienced with current best practices, or if you do not have time for creating well-written, thought-provoking, search-engine-optimized articles, it may be time to hire someone to write blog posts for you.

why outsource blog writing

Hiring an individual or a content company with writing and search engine optimization expertise to produce quality blog material for you can be an important part of a sound business plan. Content veterans with time to research and carefully craft pieces in line with your business persona can help you achieve important sales goals without demanding more of your time. When you outsource your blog writing to the right partner, the benefits quickly become clear:

Outsourcing Article Writing Saves Time

It generally takes 2-3 hours to write a 500-1000 word blog post. Ain’t no business owner got time for that! You need to spend time working on the things that make your business great in order to survive long-term. The answer is to hire someone to write blog posts for you who has dedicated themselves to the craft of writing. They’ll likely be able to say it better than you could while saving you a ton of time in the process.

Outsourcing Blog Writers Saves Money

It makes sense that saving time also saves money, but typically you’re the highest-paid worker you have on staff. Outsourcing article writing to professionals who can do it quickly and expertly will save you money over what you’d have to pay yourself – which is likely much more than you’d pay bloggers for hire.

Not only that, but if you decide to use an agency for content outsourcing, you could also benefit from account management. In this example, you’d likely be able to set the blog writing campaigns on autopilot and avoid the stress, costs and communication that comes from vetting, hiring, training and managing multiple freelance writers concurrently.

Outsourcing Blog Writing Increases Diversity

If you’re writing all your own blog content, you can only ever pull from your own experience and knowledge. When you have large projects, or you have products and services that appeal to multiple target markets, you can benefit greatly from getting bloggers for hire who already have experience or knowledge in those fields.

outsourcing increases diversity

For instance, an outdoor company may sell skis, snowboards, hiking boots and camping gear. To think that all of those things apply to the exact same people would be a big mistake. Instead, you could outsource your blog writing for each of those target markets to individuals who know, understand and have a passion for each of those things. Your ability to reach your audience will be increased by pulling from the diversity of a wider net of blog content writers.

The Biggest Reason To Outsource

Let’s face it: The biggest reason why you should outsource blog writing is that it makes sense. Consider your options today.

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