How To Perfect Your Skills To Get Freelance Writing Work

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​Professional development is essential in every field, but it’s especially beneficial in freelance writing work. After all, this industry is highly competitive, and you must prove to clients that your skills are one-of-a-kind. To hone your craft further, consider the following tips.

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Take Classes About Freelance Writing Work

What’s the best way to learn? Taking a class! The digital age has made it easier than ever for people to freelance, and various courses have emerged to help them. You can find a class to strengthen specific skills or give you the basics if you’re breaking into the industry. 

Take a Copywriting Course

Copywriting is much different from other types of professional writing, and best practices are constantly shifting with the ever-changing world of the internet. A course can help you control your tone and improve grammar and spelling.

Learn How To Market Yourself

A significant part of freelance writing work is marketing yourself to potential clients. If you want to expand your client list, consider taking a seminar on practical marketing tools for the solo entrepreneur.

Develop Your Proofreading Skills

Every writer will tell you that no first draft is perfect. You must proofread every article and use revisions to polish each one to a high shine. Of course, no one is born a top-notch proofreader — you have to practice, as with any skill.

Study AP Style

AP Stylebook is the standard for online webpages and articles, so every copywriter should be familiar with it. However, it’s very different from the styles used in schools and can take some getting used to. To make things more complicated, the Associated Press releases yearly updates, so freelancers must stay on top of the most recent style guide.

Read, Read, Read

Reading is just as essential to freelance writing work as putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboards). Take time to study popular articles and genre fiction. All writing has something to offer the avid reader, so don’t be afraid to consume scientific papers, news blogs and romance novels.

Get Paid To Write From Home

Do you have what it takes to write for an industry-leading content creation company?

Write Guest Blog Posts

Are you getting bored with your current freelance digs? If so, you can spice things up with guest blog posts. These one-and-done projects let you flex your creative muscles and bring in extra cash. Of course, you can’t wait for these opportunities to fall into your lap — you must seek them out.

Join Job Boards

Job boards are an excellent resource for freelance writing work since they allow you to peruse hundreds of jobs in one place. Companies small and large post opportunities for copywriting, guest spots and more.

Talk To Colleagues

Does a friend or coworker keep a blog? Ask if you can write a guest post while they take a week off! Many writers keep blogs, so it doesn’t hurt to ask around.

Contact Editors

If you want to pursue freelance writing work, you have to be bold. Many online publications accept guest blogs, and pitching an idea is the only way to get on board. Emailing editors you don’t know can be intimidating, but think of it this way: The worst thing they can do is say no.

Start Your Own Blog

If you want to drum up business while experimenting with different topics, a blog is a perfect place to start. Launching a blog is incredibly easy with sites such as WordPress and Squarespace, and you’ll find opportunities to develop skills your freelancing work may neglect.

Write About Something You Love

Copywriting means adhering to your clients’ preferences and topics. While you may find most of them interesting, you probably don’t love every piece. Starting your own blog means you get to pick the subject matter, so you can write exclusively about what interests you. Doing so can help you break free of SEO ruts and experiment with new voices and rhetorical devices.

Post Regularly

Post on your blog regularly to build momentum for your freelance writing work. Search engine algorithms reward regularity, and it helps you keep a following. It’s also an excellent way to practice discipline, which freelancers need in abundance.

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Join a Content Creation Company That Offers Freelance Writing Work

Finally, consider working with a content creation company such as BKA Content. These enterprises connect you with other freelancers who can teach you a thing or two, and most offer additional writing and editing training for those interested. The key is finding a company invested in your professional and creative growth.

When considering a content creation company for freelance work, look at the website. Does it provide helpful information for developing writers? If so, that’s a good sign the business values ongoing professional learning.

What are your tricks and tips for elevating your freelance writing work? Let us know in the comments below. If you’re interested in more freelance content creation opportunities, check out BKA Content today.

Veronica Engler