How Online Copywriting Jobs From Home Can Boost Your Freelance Writing Career

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Life as a freelancer means actively looking for opportunities, which may require breaking out of your comfort zone. For example, if you’ve never ventured into the copywriting space, you’re missing a variety of lucrative, engaging projects. Is it time to explore online copywriting jobs you can do from home? Let’s take a look at what this career path has to offer.

Why Apply for Online Copywriting Jobs From Home?

Though copywriting requires many of the same skills as fiction or academic writing, the purpose is entirely different. While this may be intimidating initially, many writers find they like the challenge and develop their craft in unexpected ways. Becoming a copywriter is a great way to explore your creativity while ensuring steady work.

online copywriting jobs from home

Explore Creativity

Writing ads may not seem like creative work, especially if you’re used to fiction writing. However, it requires a different kind of innovation that can expand your repertoire and offer a new perspective. Though it may not get mentioned often, copywriting requires problem-solving skills. How do you write an article that sells a product without being “sales-y”? How do you balance an authoritative voice with welcoming language? This career prompts writers to stretch muscles they may rarely use.

Get Steady Work

Every business needs copywriting, from international giants to single-person startups. That means there’s a steady line of work, a necessity when you’re a freelancer. With so many projects available, you can stave off boredom by finding something new and engaging.

What Is Copywriting?

Whether you become an in-house writer or take online copywriting jobs from home, the purpose remains the same: using words to help companies grow. What that looks like varies by business, as each organization has unique goals, but that’s part of the appeal — copywriters have to adjust their approach on a client-by-client basis. Of course, everyone in this field must have certain skills, including a firm grasp of written language and a clear understanding of branding.

Written Content Creation

Copywriting encompasses many types of content creation:

  • Landing pages
  • Blogs
  • Metadata
  • Social media posts
  • Ad copy

While all of the above promote a company, they can also establish authority, create a unique voice and appeal to a specific demographic. Balancing these factors takes careful planning and a high level of technical skill.

Branding Support

Copywriting plays an essential role in branding — after all, who’s responsible for the text that greets website visitors? Who creates ad copy to entice consumers? No matter what you’re writing, you must ensure the voice aligns with company branding. Well-done branding builds trust with consumers and appeals to businesses’ target audiences, creating long-term relationships with customers.

Get Paid To Write From Home

Do you have what it takes to write for an industry-leading content creation company?

How Does Copywriting Increase Traffic to a Website?

Most online copywriting jobs from home focus on boosting business website traffic. The higher commercial landing pages rank on search engine results pages, the more likely internet users will click the link. Copywriters can boost SERP ranking through a combination of search engine optimization and content marketing.


One of the most effective ways to boost online visibility is SEO. However, not everyone has the skills to naturally include target keywords in a sentence. Choppy, awkward writing doesn’t rank well with algorithms, so copywriters provide an essential service by fluidly incorporating keywords.

Content Marketing

Of course, keywords aren’t the only factors algorithms use to determine SERP rankings; this software scans for high-value content. In fact, as you look at remote copywriting jobs, you’ll notice that nearly all of them include content marketing, even if not explicitly stated. Effective content marketing requires several elements:

  • Relevant topic
  • On-brand voice
  • High-quality writing

A blog with these qualities appeals to readers as well as algorithms, which can increase backlink building when impressed internet users share your work. These shares further improve SERP rankings, creating a positive feedback loop.

online copywriting jobs

How Can You Get Online Copywriting Jobs From Home?

Finding copywriting jobs that you can do online from home is easier than you think. Many companies are looking for in-house or freelance writers, and the internet is full of places where you can connect with prospective employers. In fact, some of the best ways to launch your copywriting career are by applying to content creation websites and looking at job boards.

Apply to Content Creation Websites

Content creation companies, such as BKA Content, provide businesses with high-quality web content that improves their online visibility. Contractors handle composition, while in-house managers liaise between clients and writers. If you prefer writing over customer service, this may be the perfect arrangement.

Look on Job Boards

Freelancers and businesses alike can post projects on job boards. Some are free to use, while others charge a fee, but all offer a vast collection of potential opportunities. Poring over posts can get tedious, but once you establish yourself in the community, you can work with returning clients.

If online copywriting jobs from home sound like the perfect fit, consider writing for BKA Content. Freelancers can access a wide range of projects and set their own hours. What draws you to copywriting? Let us know in the comments below!

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