7 Reasons Why You Should Use a High-Quality Article Writing Service

7 Reasons Why You Should Use a High-Quality Article Writing Service

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You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again: Content is crucial to your marketing strategy and the overall success of your business.

A shift in consumer behavior is the primary driving factor behind this truth. Consumers today are not only more informed than those of the past, but they also expect more from the brands they use.

While there are several ways for businesses to cater to the evolving needs and expectations of consumers, creating and publishing high-quality, engaging and relevant content is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to do so.

But how do you publish and promote content as quickly as today’s marketing needs demand it? One of the most effective and ultimately cost-saving ways to do so is to use a high-quality article writing service. Not sure if this is the right path for you? Keep reading to understand what exactly a writing service can do for you and if it is a good idea for your company.


What Can a High-Quality Article Writing Service Do For My Business?

In 2018, more than half of the 200 leading Fortune 500 companies maintained a corporate blog. Approximately 55% of marketers of organizations of various sizes named blogging as their top priority, while a whopping 90% of enterprises claimed to use content marketing tactics. Up there with video and eBooks, blogging is the third most commonly used content marketing strategy.

Do you need a high quality article writing service

Companies use content marketing because it works. The internet is a place to learn new information, find answers to questions and improve daily living. With a little SEO and high-quality writing, your business can provide helpful information to interested readers and potentially find new clients and customers.

High-quality article writing services can give you the quality content you are looking for. Instead of taking the time to blog themselves, many companies outsource content that is useful and interesting to their readers.


Informative Content for the Win

Although advertisements have their place in any business’s marketing plan, companies can benefit greatly from producing helpful blog posts on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. There are two main reasons why this kind of strategic content can help you:

  1. Informational content can convert leads. Once a reader finds the answer to a question or learns something useful, they may recognize the need to buy a product or service you offer. For instance, if you are a makeup company sharing a morning routine guide, you may convince your readers that your under-eye cream is necessary to improve their skincare routine. With the right buttons and links, they can find the product on your website quickly.
  2. Informational content can build brand authority. Almost every business can be found online, but in reality, only a few dozen brands in each industry stand out. This is because they are seen as experts in their niche. Your content can help you become an expert in the field. If your blog posts are what readers find to answer their questions about relevant topics, they’ll begin to trust you. As your search engine ranking rises, so does your website traffic. If you manage to answer search queries well, your credibility will also increase.

With these points in mind, it makes sense why top brands choose to work with high-quality article writing services. With informational content, you are not only building your customer base, but you are building brand loyalty as well.


Why Is High-Quality Article Writing So Important?

Because content marketing has the potential for great success, there is a large difference between high-quality content and low-quality content. If you’re not careful, you may risk hurting your business more than helping it.

Expert writing takes time and strategy to be the most productive online. That’s why a high-quality article writing service is so useful – these kinds of services know exactly how to write content that meets both SEO and writing standards. Here are few things you should know about effective content marketing articles:

  • No one likes reading a giant block of text. Use headings, bullet points and media.
  • SEO plays a big part in helping your content get seen. Learn how to use SEO techniques to improve your articles.
  • Error-free writing is necessary.
  • Each article needs to be relevant to your target market. This requires research and careful organization. Catchy titles and meta descriptions are key players.
  • Small articles aren’t enough to compete with other businesses producing informational content. Neil Patel suggests that long-form content that is generally 2000-3000 words gets the most shares and attention on Google.

The list goes on. Unless you have spent years of experience writing SEO content, you may find it a bit overwhelming to create content that does miracles for your business. Outsourcing is a powerful tool, especially if you have a plan to produce lots of content within the next few months.


7 Benefits of a High-Quality Article Writing Service

Fortunately, as with any business operation that requires a full-time commitment, you have options. One such option is to buy content from a high-quality article writing service.

Whether you use our managed services, self-service option or subscription-based model, buying blog articles through BKA Content is as easy as shopping on Amazon or heading to your local supermarket.

Affordably priced, our writing services are designed to help you grow your business on a scale that works best for you and your budget. Whether that means ordering one blog article per month or 100, our team has the talent and resources to fulfill your order and, more importantly, realize your goals for blogging sooner rather than later.

Below are seven compelling reasons to put your trust in a high-quality article writing service like ours.


1. Save Time

According to the findings of a HubSpot survey, it takes the average experienced writer one to three hours to complete a 500-word article from start to finish. This time does not include topic research, keyword research, article research, optimization or editing, each of which can be full-time jobs in and of themselves. While you might be thinking to yourself that a two-hour time commitment doesn’t seem that bad, remember that content marketing success is the result of consistent efforts.

Save time with high quality article writing services

Statistics show that brands that publish 16 posts per month see three times the amount of website traffic as brands that publish only one or two times per month. Bearing this data in mind, ask yourself, do you have 32 hours to dedicate to writing each month? Chances are, you don’t, but we do.

When you invest in high-quality article writing services, you can outsource all of the time it takes to write quality, engaging blog articles while you focus on other business matters. Moreover, you can count on our team to optimize your content for search engines and run it through editing, all for one fixed cost.


2. Reduce Spending

Speaking of cost, money is one of the biggest concerns business owners have regarding outsourcing. It is a common misconception that outsourcing is cost-prohibitive, but the truth is that outsourcing tasks such as article writing is affordable. Not only that, but outsourcing can actually be easier on your budget than keeping the work in-house, as it eliminates administrative costs, HR expenses and other overhead costs.

Moreover, if you buy high-quality articles from the right copywriting services, the ROI potential is significant. For instance, you may spend $200 on blog writing services each month, but, depending on what you sell, just one new client can offset that cost with a single purchase.


3. Publish With Consistency

In content marketing, consistency is key. According to McKinsey & Company, consistency is the secret ingredient to a happy customer experience. Forrester backs this claim, stating that consistency is at the heart of any trusting relationship between a brand and its customers. When your brand does anything with consistency — whether it be answering the phone the same way or publishing a new article every Tuesday at noon — you further establish your credibility, build trust and strengthen your reputation.

Whether you choose to write blog articles yourself — or you delegate the task to an existing employee — your content schedule is dictated by your or your team member’s schedule. Some months you may have time to write and publish 20 articles, while other months you may only have time to publish two. The point is, you may struggle to maintain a somewhat rigid schedule on your own, which can harm your brand’s image and reputation.

When you buy content from our high-quality article writing services, you never have to worry about consistency. Whether you order two articles per month or 200, you can count on our team to deliver your order in full and on time, every time.


4. Acquire Higher Quality Articles

Because you want your content to be both readable and engaging, investing in high-quality articles can give you the best results. Your employees may know a lot about the industry, but it is can be difficult for them to translate that knowledge into writing that attracts and persuades readers. This is where a high-quality article writing service can greatly improve your content strategy.

Get content from high quality article writing services

With these services, you can expect error-free content that flows well. At BKA Content, writers go through rigorous hiring and training periods and receive quality checks on a regular basis. They must also adhere to strict style guides to ensure consistency across every piece of content they create. The end result is a superior piece of content that is unique and engaging. To have peace of mind that your content is all of these things and then some, you can also invest in add-on editing services for an additional fee.


5. Access Optimized Articles

Search engine optimization is an additional measure you can take to help your content succeed online and to ensure that it lands in front of your target audience at the right time. In fact, Databox suggests that 70% of marketers believe that Search Engine Optimization is even more effective than Pay-Per-Click advertisements. This means that organic search results (which rely on SEO) are even more powerful than search results you pay for.

While you can always optimize your content yourself, a trained writer is familiar with SEO best practices and what steps to take to appeal to both the search engines and your readers. With our high-quality article writing service, we work according to your needs. We train writers to work with keywords, meta descriptions and proper SEO formatting, all while creating energetic writing. Let us know what you want, and we’ll deliver content that can sweep readers and search engines alike off their feet.

The bottom line is that you want to get every edge you can get against your competitors. By strategically using SEO in your content, you can improve your search engine rankings immensely and stand out when readers search relevant topics to your industry.


6. Work With an Organized Business

There are many options when searching for high-quality article writing services, such as freelancers and in-house writers. While both can produce great content at the quality level you require, it also entails more time and attention on your part.

The hiring stage can be the most tiring, especially when you want to get content written ASAP. With freelancers, you will likely go through dozens of candidates before you find one that matches your budget and writing style. You may have to commission samples and negotiate sales prices, which takes even more time and careful planning.

At BKA Content, we do the hiring for you. As mentioned above, we take writers through meticulous training before they start writing base-level content. Once they pass training and get familiar with the style of writing, they have the option to move up to higher-quality teams with additional training. We also give quality checks periodically to maintain the overall writing quality of writers and stop the formation of any bad grammar or formatting habits.


The Benefit of Managed Services

For big content projects, you work closely with a manager who picks qualified writers for your team. The manager will connect with the writers, ask questions specific to the content and make sure the work is completed on time.

Relying on this structured system reduces the responsibility on your shoulders to find good writers and help them understand your content needs. Additionally, you get access to a whole team of original perspectives. A high-quality article writing service is a team of professional writers that partners with you, and that makes all the difference.


7. Never Run Out of Original Content

Because your niche is specific, this gives you the ability to focus on key parts of your industry in each piece of content. This is a great way to attract readers, especially if there isn’t a lot of content out there concerning your industry.

Stocking up on high quality content from article writing services

However, this can make brand topics extremely limited, especially after you cover the basics of the niche. After writing dozens of blog posts, writer’s block can set in, and you may catch yourself writing the same thing repeatedly. This can be a content marketing nightmare, as duplicate content can damage your reputation and Google rankings.

When you buy website content from a reputable article writing service, you get access to dozens, if not hundreds, of experienced writers who are ready to breathe new life into stale topics. You supply the topics and keywords, and in return, writers from a variety of backgrounds craft original content that adds a different perspective to the topic. This gives you a plethora of content that is both useful and original, and you get the benefit of never running out of things to write about your industry. When a team takes on a topic, you can get more content and spark less frustration than you would with a single in-house writer or freelancer.


Work With a High-Quality Article Writing Service Today

Save time. Get fresh content. The benefits of working with a high-quality article writing service can’t be ignored. If you are planning on producing content for your website, get the best quality of work at a reasonable price. Here at BKA Content, we work with businesses large and small and can accommodate all your content needs. Learn more about the types of content you can purchase at our Content Shop.

Do you have questions or additional benefits of article writing services? Drop them in the comments!

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